Poodles in Culture, Design & Fashion

  My love for Poodles started when I adopted my beloved Sophia in 2010. After a long fought battle with dementia, she finally passed January8th, 2020. She inspired so much, from starting a pet blog, a dog accessory design company and just the overall loveliness of Poodles. In fact, she has made an appearance in many of my fashion shoots over the years.

My Poodle articles are spread over three different blogs, depending when I wrote them.

Sophia, Niki and me.
  1. First Edition -Some of My Favorite Photos
  2. Vintage Ads and Design
  3. Notables Who Hung Out With Poodles
  4. Poodles in Fashion Photography
  5. Art That Has Been Inspired by Poodles
  6. Poodles and Movie Posters
  7. Poodles and Cola
  8. Back To School,
  9. Poodles On Wheels
  10. La Gimblette, the lost painting
  11. Poodles In Fashion, celebrating all NY Fashion Weeks
  12. Poodle Fabric at Spoonflower
  13. Liz Taylor and Poodles
  14. Happy Birthday Poodle Style
  15. Sophia’s Birthday Brownies
  16. The Sculptural Poodle
  17. Poodle Out This Halloween
  18. The Poodle As A Duck And Bird Retriever
  19. Vintage Poodle Posters
  20. Poodle In The Kitchen
  21. Modern Art Inspired By The Poodle
  22. Miscellany
  23. Poodle Christmas Cards
  24. Deck The Tree With Poodles
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