Poodle Time! Christmas Greetings

I am about to send out a few Christmas cards. In reflection of this, I have rounded up a few vintage cards. Some can’t be found anywhere. Some can be bought on Ebay for a price and a few vintage looking cards can be  purchase from a couple of Internet companies.

(which means even if you love it, you still can’t
get it. )

Vintage Cards on Ebay
(which means they can be yours for a price)
Buy Now at $3.99

Buy now at $19.99 or best offer
Buy Now  for $6.99

Current Vintage Looking and Modern Cards From Current Companies
(which means that they are pretty affordable)

Zazzle and Cafe Press both have a nice selection of cards. Here are a couple of samples. 

A sample from Zazzle-there are many more. I
will have to say that I am partial to this one
because of the different color of Poodles
that are featured.

A sample from Cafe Press-again there are more Poodle cards to choose from.

A Little Shopping Extra

We like helping all rescues. Sophia and Niko get things from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. To help raise money, Cornel Potter has a nice
 little shop on Ebay. Stop by and see if you would like to buy a gift for your favorite (or favorites) fur baby.  

Just a Few of the things you can find at Col. Potter’s

If anyone has other Etsy or Ebay sites that support rescue efforts and items are animal oriented, please let me know and I 
will share them at Poodle Time. 

Sophia is always ready for nite-nite on Christmas Eve wearing
her jammies from Col. Potter

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