Poodle Time!-The Sculptural Poodle

It is time for another Poodle Art Wednesday. I have gathered a few sculptures inspired by Poodles.  There are the traditional to the modern styles represented.  I hope you enjoy my picks.

Pink Poodle sculpture that can be found at the Palm Springs Humane Society



Standard Poodles, by Louis Paul Jonas, Bronze, 1948
Black metal sculpture by Keith Bradley. This artist works out of Florida.
Poodle marionette created for April 2008 editorial for British Vogue, photographed by Tim Walker.


Kind mit Pudeln (Baby with Poodles)


sculpture | plaster, foil, polyurethane, and paint

Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/collection/artwork/17435#ixzz28u6yfPPE San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
This one, to me is very interesting.  I have included a link to the museum discussing the installation. 

A Poodle Topiary-This could be used as a sculpture.  The cost would be more reasonable that a fine art
art sculpture.
Add lights to have more fun.  These topiaries can be found at Pampered Paw Gifts.
But does it play?-face it Mom, a real Poodle is a a whole lot better than some sculpture!
(Don’t worry, I know that Niko)


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