Poodle Time! The Colorful Abstract Poodles

It is time for another “Art Wednesday”.

I have wanted to do a collection of modern abstract art inspired by Poodles for a while. My criteria for selection was that an artist made a personal statement which was inspired by Poodles.  Use of design and color was also considered   

 Links have been added if pieces are available for purchase or if there is information about the artist. May these Poodles brighten up your day. And Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s Gallery

By Sandra Cointreau. I don’t think this is available at this time.
Her website has many other wonderful works by her.

Collage Poodle by Amanda Beckman. This image is from Spread-shirt.
Amanda Beckman’s website can be found here

Pop Poodles by Laura Sotka-This work can be purchased at Dog-Art

Whimsical French Poodle by Jo Lynch. This print can
be purchased at Fine Art America

Prize Poodle by Peter Clark. He is represented by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.
Examples of other works can be found there. 

This looks to be a fun time on Photoshop. It is along the Warhol theme. I
might try this with one of my Poodle pictures.

The Flower Power Poodle-This can be found at Deposit Photos

Sort of a modern folk art take on the Poodle. This artist’s works can
be found on Ebay

And speaking of color Mom, it is time for my mani. Look at my nails. I want to
look good for Thanksgiving!

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