Golden Casual

In the past, I have never been a big sneaker (or tennis shoes, trainers or whatever you prefer) lady. When we had  “Jeans Friday” at school for charity, I  was probably the only teacher who either had on flats or loafers rather than sneakers. Admittedly, I have a pair of black Pumas in the closet … More Golden Casual


Four years ago I volunteered to model for a Kansas City Fiber Guild show. I had never modeled before but it was my first year of being retired and I thought a new experience might be fun. The modeling went fine. I didn’t stumble or fall down.  We were assigned what to wear and my … More Color+Neutral

Lions in Four

Power, Pride, Confidence, and Courage Good words to live by and the meaning behind the logo of Lions of Four, a Kansas City based luxury brand with a social conscience. Lions In Four is a mission-based company empowering women. It was co-founded in 2014 by designer Julie Martin and Sheila Martinsen as a way to … More Lions in Four


Happy New Year! Is everyone rested from Christmas and ready for 2017?    I have one word for today: Tomboy! Tomboy is a fashion label out of Kansas City created by Laura McGrew. Laura has been a constant on the Kansas City creative scene since 1999. She studied painting at The Kansas City Art Institute but … More Tomboy

Want a Change-Its a Snap With Bejeweled By Sheree

Christmas is right around the corner and I have an idea for a fun gift. Bejeweled by Sheree has jewelry that can change with your mood and whim. My friend Sheree, who introduced me to this line, calls this snap jewelry. I was immediately intrigued and asked if we could collaborate. She said, “of course,” … More Want a Change-Its a Snap With Bejeweled By Sheree

Welcoming November

I am a woman of few prints. When I find one that I adore, I am ecstatic! One of those moments happened at the clearance rack at Tulip, a locally owned boutique in Kansas City.  With its fall colors on the black background, this dress just seemed perfect for November. It didn’t hurt that it … More Welcoming November