Poodle Time!-Liz and Poodles

Liz Taylor and Poodles

Liz Taylor’s love for animals is renown. I will be the first to admit that her major dog love was “Sugar”, a Maltese who passed away in 2005. After “Sugar”, she fell for “Daisy”, a descendent of Sugar. 

 Liz also had Poodles, especially during her earlier years. Some of these pictures could possibly be studio orchestrated. The studios took advantage of her obvious emotional connection with animals.

Most of these photos were difficult to put a date and place on. The second one in this grouping was the only definite date I found. On others, guesses were made based on clothing and interior design. 

Judging from the coat style, I would put this photo during the late 40’s.

Taken in 1950
I don’t think Liz ever did her own grooming, but I love the Poodle print shirtwaist dress she is
wearing. The hair and dress says mid 50’s to me. 
I think this is a bit strange looking (painting). The little dog looks so unkept. The style and interior colors are very 50’s.

Major Diva picture-one of my favorites. I would put this photo around early 60’s.
Until next week, and Sophia firmly believes that all Poodles are stars!

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