The Square And Triangle

The Square And Triangle
 I made a special page for these two. When people see some of my knitting and ask me how I do it. I say, “it’s just squares and triangles”. Here they are.

These two patterns have been around since the 19th century. I first found them in Mary Walkers Phillips book Knitting Counterpanes-Traditional Coverlet Patterns for Contemporary Knitters.
I’ve changed the edge work just a tad to make them work better in garment construction. 

Knit them as large or as small, thick and thin and use them for jackets, scarfs, mitts and more. I think their possibilities are endless.
The Square
The Eyelet Square
This pattern can be combined with the triangle to create scarves or by itself for mittens, wrist warmers, or decorative flowers. Knitted on a larger scale, three squares can become a shawl. Using larger needles and lace weight yarn, a very airy garment can be created.
Special Note: Each line of instructions is repeated 4 times, once on each needle.
Cast on 8 stitches and distribute evenly on 4 needles.
Rnd. 1 and all odd-numbered rounds through 15: Knit
Rnd. 2:  (YO, K1)2x
Rnd. 4:  YO, K3, YO, K1
Rnd. 6:  YO, K5, YO, K1
Rnd. 8:  YO, K7, YO, K1
Rnd. 10: YO, K4, YO, RLD, K3, YO, K1
Rnd. 12: YO, K3, K2TOG, YO, K1, YO, RLD, K3, YO, K1
Rnd. 14: YO, K3. K2TOG, YO, K3, YO, RLD, K3, YO, K1
Rnd. 16: YO, K3, K2TOG, YO, K5, YO, RLD, K3, YO, K1
Purl 1 round. Cast off, purling.*
*For a wider border, Purl 2 rounds, then Cast Off. This all depends on your preference.
The Triangle
Eyelet Triangle-companion piece to eyelet square.
Cast on 4 stitches, placing marker after 2ndstitch.
Row 1 and all odd-numbered rows: Purl
Follow directions for Square pattern for rows 2-16, repeating directions twice for each row.
Row 17: Knit
Bind Off using a Purl Cast Off*
If you are using the triangle to create a scarf, bind off all stitches on the needle. Pick up 25 stitches on the finished edge on right side, Purl 1 row. On wrong side knit one row. Bind off.
If the reverse socknette stitch is not needed, transfer half of the stitches to a second kneeled and using a 3rd needle, pick up 19 stitches along the two outer edges.
If a wider border is desired:
Row 18:Purl
Bind Off using a Knit Stitch Cast Off

Here’s a sampling of projects that I did using only the square and triangle. The first two have some added lace edgings.