Love Those Dolmans-Edition II

I thought it was about time to get around to my second dolman sleeve article. When I left you, as far as history, I had gotten up to the 19th century and only covered sweaters. If you have not read it yet, it can be found HERE.

I’m going to start out with a low key dolman. This is a top I made this summer and a very subtle dolman look. The original post describing my sewing experience with this Paco Peralta design can be found HERE. The post is really two sewing articles rolled into one, with the dolman top being the second part. I now wish I had divided them into two separate posts, but a bit late for that.

These dolman sleeves are very closely cut to the arm but still has that flattering look. Being as subtle as it is, I’m pretty sure this type of stye can be worn under a jacket quite successfully. After making this top, I have worn it a lot. I find that it’s classic and simple shape is easy to wear.

I’ve chosen black and tan which for me is a four season color combination. As my trousers are a very fine wool, this particular ensemble would be a go to for fall, winter and spring.

Around 2009, I was always looking for Macy’s Katherine Fit pants (probably long discontinued) on eBay and this is one of the pairs I found. I’ve haven’t worn them much since retiring but I’ve been reawakened to wearing wider legged pants occasionally. I love my skinnies, but decided that once in a while, I just need a change. I admit, they look a bit more formal but do add some polish that skinnies just can’t. Has anyone else found themselves wearing wider legged pants too?

I tied the two pieces together with a simple brown leather belt by Marni which I found second hand on The RealReal. My pendent is something I put together myself using elements that I found at Joannes. My cuff is something that my daughter Rachelle made for me using her 3-D pen.

Catching Up on the History

Let’s get to the 20th century. Dolman popularity grew after the turn of the century. This was mainly led by Paul Poiret out of Paris, who made a large impact on modern fashion. This was mainly to his successful dismissal of the corset. He put women into freeing, imaginative and beautiful clothes. Many times the dolman was included in his designs.

Sorbet by Paul Poiret-evening dress designed in 1912

Paris-opera coat-1019

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute has a large collection of Paul Poiret’s creations. To view more go HERE.

Boho Dolman

I found out that Anthropologie had a back clearance room last month. I had no idea! But it was only the second time I had been in the store. Looking for a piece of furniture that I saw on line, I walked into what I thought was a hall way and it was a jam packed clearance room! I found this dark red dolman for $20 that was originally $100. Now, I think their clothes are way over priced but Still thought this was a fine. It is 100% batwing and I love it. I reminded me of a pattern that I had back in the 70/80’s and I loved that shirt! Oh, and they they didn’t have the table I was hunting for.

This called for something that you don’t usually see me in-huge earrings. I’ve had these for quite a while. The were $2 in some clearance basket somewhere, and I thought, “some day.” That day has arrived. I also have my American Eagle skinnies on, an older ostrich embossed leather tote that is years old and my Heidi Lifestride wedges that found last summer at DSW. These aren’t available anymore but DSW has a pretty large collection of other blush pink wedges.

Over the years, Anthropologie has come up with many dolman sleeve designs. A good place to find quite a few would be Poshmark. I also found two on their website, and one of them is on sale for $19. It is gorgeous.

Back to History-the Roaring 20’s

When we think of the 20’s, the over the top beaded and fringed flapper dresses spring to mind. When there are parties along that theme, that’s what we mainly wear isn’t it?

However, for day and work wear, it was a different story. Women still would sport dolman sleeves, although I think they lost a lot of their popularity.

In this early 20’s dress we have some gorgeous draped dolman sleeves but we see the long waistline and longer necklaces starting to appear.

Next are a couple of later 20’s everyday dresses that label the dolman as Troubadour sleeves. This is from Butterick’s Delineator magazine. This photo from the magazine was found at Witness2Fashion’s blog. If you want to read and see more about these styles, read the post HERE.

That finishes this edition out. Part three will probably come along sometime next month. Here’s to the 40’s and beyond!

One last thing-Finally we can go out with our friends and I just happened to wear my deep red top. Along with it this time, however, I mixed in a pair of Nic + Zoe mules that I found on sale in September ’19. I didn’t get to wear them last summer because I didn’t go anywhere. Finally, they are on my feet. The are called “Padma” and you can actually find these 2nd hand in quite a few places. I love their round heels.

My bag is an Anthony Luciano, that I got 2nd hand also.

This was the only good photo I got of Debby & I. Don’t know what the guys thought they were doing (being plain ornery)…oh well….

That’s it.

Take care and stay safe-better days are getting closer,

Hair Notes

For those of you interested in wigs, here is the information on what I am wearing today.

In style #1, I am wearing Jon Renau’s Ignite in Palm Springs Blond.

In style #2, I am wearing Le Bob in Platinum Blond by TressAllure.

15 thoughts on “Love Those Dolmans-Edition II

    1. I was probably the only one who had no idea they had a back room! But that was only my second time of being there. Next time, I know immediately where to go! Those earrings are a trip. When I bought them, I figured I probably wouldn’t really wear them and didn’t for two year. I guess, I just needed the right vibe to go with. Thanks for dropping by. XOXO Terri


    1. You have a valid point. That’s why I like the very subtle sleeves that my black one has-it’s very doable with jackets. With dolmans, at least you don’t have to put in sleeves!
      This red blouse is the first big batwing that I’ve worn since the late 70’s and I enjoy wearing it so much. I just wear it on a warmer day. Take care, XOXO Terri


  1. Beautiful dolmans! That’s a real find in the back room for $20. I have checked out the back room, but I usually find something I love that’s not in the back room.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I only have one or two dolman sleeve tops, but I do like the style. Nice and comfy, I think. Nice necklace put-together. I’m not sure I’ve seen that red top before… bit of your just made it last summer, Covid is to blame! 🤓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hate to disappoint, but I did buy it at Anthropologie’s back sale room. But, I do have a pattern somewhere very similar that I wore before you were born. I keep meaning to go and look for that pattern.


  3. I have a tab open to learn more about the origin of the Dolman sleeve. So interesting. I have always liked the turn of the century (20th) flapper fashion with the elongated waistlines and sleeve interest. But don’t think I have ever had a piece myself in that style. Your top is lovely. Beautiful berry color, so pretty with your complexion and what a bargain on those great earrings. Thank you for haring with us on the #AgelessStyleLinkUp.


  4. Terri, I really like the burgundy top! The dolman sleeves really give it a nice bohemian flow, in my opinion. My trouble with dolman sleeves is that I am always cold and need to layer and they are difficult to layer with all the bulk under the arms. I also really like your black and tan outfit. I do love my skinny jeans, too, but wide legged trousers are a nice change! And I am dying over your 3D pen bracelet! I have to show my kids. They love their 3D pens and also love making things for me. I have a pair of fish earrings that Archie made for me. They are so fun! I never even thought to wear them on the blog. Now I will! Thanks for linking with me!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will admit that you need a fuller jacket such as as a poncho or cape to wear with really full dolman (batwings). My daughter has also made me rings but that’s a trick as far as getting the size correct. Thanks for having the link up. I’ve done one before and know how much work it is.


  5. HI Terri!
    A steal at Anthropologie! I havent been in there in an age, but have quite a few pieces from Poshmark. The color is lovely on you and I love those striped sandals in the last picture. This was interesting as I like to say, “I learn something new every day.” I wasn’t aware of Dolman sleeves being from the 20s, so this was interesting to read! I enjoy the history of fashion as well.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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