Turquoise, Black and Sometimes a Yellow Cat for SIA’s Frederick Edwin Church’s Aurora Borealis

Welcome to my interpretation of this round of Style Imitating Art.

A Little Background

Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, Daenel of Living Outside the Stacks and me. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of us selects an inspiration image and we each post the image on our blogs. The following Monday we share our art-inspired outfits. The following Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

This Round’s Curator

Today, Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey is the curator.

The Inspirational Image
Aurora Borealis by Frederick Edwin Church

My Take on This Painting

My challenge for this painting was to take a winter looking image (it probably can get pretty cold up there, I’m guessing) and make it springtime ready. I decided to do this by concentrating on the turquoise and still giving due to the dark, which for me was using my beloved basic black.

The first thing that went into the mix was my 2nd hand turquoise Juliana Collezione blazer. Everything else was kept simple, which is what I do most of the time when I have something bright. The black cotton Caslon jeans and white Halogen Modal T-shirt are both Nordstrum in-house brands.


My two main accessories are black also. My vegan crossbody bag is the Zola by Jules Kae. I just received it in a new adventure I’m trying ,which is a subscription box (I will probably do a post about all the how and whys on that one someday). I usually don’t go for anything but leather in my bags, but this design is pretty cool and the material is so scrumptiously soft, I’m really liking (and wearing) it a lot. It hugs the body in a way that I really appreciate.

My sandals are Rana’s by Mark Fisher, which I found at DSW. I had to replace a very old but beloved pair of Clark black wedge sandals last summer and these were the only ones I half way liked. Nothing will ever really replace my first pair. But, after sixteen years, they were falling apart.

I’m adding the hat, well, just because I wanted to wear my hat. It also came in my subscription box. This hat makes any outfit look very up to date. It’s adjustable and I can wear it with my wigs, if I want. However, here, I just went with my regular hair (which I do occasionally) and there is Fred photo bombing.

I did add some orange and more turquoise with a beaded bracelet that I picked up on eBay years ago. This photo also let me zero in on one very cool button. Buttons are always important.

Will You Join In the Fun?

I hope this art inspires you to create a look and that you will join us. Send a photo of your SIA inspired outfit along with a small blurb on how you were inspired to Salazar whose email is 14shadesofgreyblog.com by April 20th (tomorrow). She share the submissions on her blog on Wednesday April 21st.

Anyone can participate and you certainly do not have to have a blog.

If you do share your inspirations on Instagram use the hashtag #StyleImitatingArt so we know you are there. You can also tag us in the images. Our Instagram names are: @terrigardner_meadowtree, @daenelt and @14shadesofgrey.

That wraps this SIA up for me. Take care and stay creative!

Some Background on Juliana Collezione

I’ve collected quite a few pieces of this older in-home sale brand and in the past have done a bit of research about it because it isn’t around anymore.

Juliana Collezione was started in 1994 and was a bridge between lower cost and luxury brands. Pieces ran between $300-$1000 and were sold at in home private viewings by about 350 nation wide representatives. In January, 2008, the brand was bought out by Worth. Then, it eventually just disappeared. My gut feeling is that the recession that year just wiped it out.

Everything I have by JC has high quality construction and excellent fabric selections. All the jackets are lined and have inside pockets. Also, many of my items are made in the USA. I mainly have jackets but also have a silk blouse and a silk/linen skirt. I found all my pieces on eBay but bet Poshmark and other second hand sites have quite a few too. These pieces can still be pricey, even second hand, so I recommend taking your time and really looking around. Gems can still be found for decent prices. OK, now I’m really done!

16 thoughts on “Turquoise, Black and Sometimes a Yellow Cat for SIA’s Frederick Edwin Church’s Aurora Borealis

    1. Thank you, Shelbee, I just was in the mood to go simple, and quite honestly am itching to wear this whole outfit somewhere. Last week was just plain cold and rainey here, so I didn’t get to-this week is a whole different story, though :-))


    1. What do they say, “great minds think alike”, LOL. Given the all over darkness of the painting, black just made sense to me. Of course, it helps that 1/2 of my wardrobe is black. It’s just a color (or non-color) I feel very comfortable in. I can’t want until tomorrow to see everyone’s. Take care, Terri


    1. Hdllo, Mireille I do have quite a bit of turquoise in my closet, especially in accessories (includes way to many colors of nail polish, too). There’s nothing I like better than framing it against black. It is such a gorgeous color. Thanks for coming by and take care, Terri


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