I was busy on Instagram last week. So busy I didn’t have time to work on my blog. A few Instagram bloggers hosted a weeklong thrifted style challenge. Most of my readers know my love of slow fashion and finding fantastic second-loved pieces is very important to my style philosophy.

I’m not sure how many follow me on Instagram at @terri_meadowtree. So today’s blog is for sharing the styles that I put together last week for this thrifted style challenge. I’ll include my Instagram descriptions with the photos. I now think of my IG account as my mini blog and find it another way to reach others with similar interests. It is a rawer, less edited and more “of the moment” format.

Day #1-Monday, August 14

Day 1 of #thriftedchicstylechallenge. This is not the first time that these black and white gingham pants, picked up from Goodwill in early June, have been on Instagram. They have been a big favorite of mine this summer. They were one size too large for me and to the sewing machine they went. I originally had planned another shirt to go with them, but just this Friday night, at Salvation Army, I ran into this Apt. 9 sleeveless peplum and just knew the two would make a great pairing.

The bag, a pre-loved Eric Javits Squishee, was found on eBay last summer.

Finally, this summer I got the bug to own some Grasshopper shoes and found my new black and white Windhams on eBay.


 Day #2-August 15

Day 2 of #thriftedchicstylechallenge
Summer finds me attracted to bold, eye catching prints. This mid-century influenced printed cotton skirt from Goodwill is no exception. I could have paired it with a white top, but I went with a bolder statement. I think this Style & Co shirred top, also from Goodwill, is perfect. Be assured I don’t feel like a big bumblebee.

My shoes were not thrifted. They are by Nine West and I bought them sometime during the late 80’s (yes, not a typo). I did wear a lot of yellow in the 80’s and I never had the heart to get rid of them. Wise decision, I think.

The small zippered pouch/clutch was found at TJ Maxx this past spring. With three compartments, it is perfect for cards/Money, cell phone, comb and lipstick.

The last small addition is a vintage Vera yellow and black scarf around my neck. It just seemed to suit the style of this look. The motif, which is Poodles, is a shout out to one of my favorite canines, (I have three). Vera fun fact: she and husband George started making silk scarfs using surplus WW2 parachute silk; the government had to get rid of a lot of silk and the Neuman’s took them up on it.


Day 3, August 16

Day 3 lets me show my favorite thrifted top of the summer. I have worn and worn this stretch lace top from Goodwill. The Ann Taylor Loft white cuffed flairs also from Goodwill have been work horses this season. I am starting to get a little bored with skinnies and jumped when I saw these.

Although, I like both pieces, when I paired them together and looked into the mirror, BORING, screamed at me. So I pulled out the biggest bag I have, my YSL Downtown Bag, also pre-loved and from Yoogi’s closet. The luxury resale market is pretty popular right now, and certainly the only avenue I go down when I want like LV, YSL and lately Judith Lieber.

This look needed another pop of color, which was solved by tying one of my Elaine Gold vintage scarfs to the YSL bag. I finished off with Franco Sarto’s summer suede espadrilles and various silver and blue jewelry.


Day #4, August 17

I remember telling you that I was soooooo bored with skinny jeans! What do I have the next day but my favorite thrifted item of the year? Of course, a pair of jeans labeled “All Most Famous” from Goodwill.

When I tried these on, I really thought they qualified as one of the craziest things I have ever gotten but was so smitten with them, I brought them home anyway. I remember telling Michelle that they looked like I had taught art in them for thirty years. I have so much fun with these, especially playing up contrasts such as with lace and in this case satin and sequins kitten heels.

My top is Mossimo and came from Savers. It has some design ribbon play on the front but it’s the back that is so different for me. I included a second photo today just to show the back.

Two items for today’s style is pre-loved from eBay and they are my Stella and Dot black and gold tasseled necklace and the my gold leather bag which is a Fatto a Mano by Carlos Flachi.

Finally, everyone in my family knows of my love for my bags and shoes. My sister thrifted these satin and sequin Nina’s in Florida and sent them to me. She knew I would love them and she was so right!


Day #5, August 18

Day 5 of #thriftedchicstylechallenge.
Has everyone had fun with the Thrifted Chic Style Challenge? This has been my first time participating and I have had a blast!

I have saved my best deal of the summer for last and is something that I feel is a great transition piece to go from late summer to early fall. I picked up this 100% silk Kasper jacket at Salvation Army on a day it was at a 50% discount, which came to $2.50.
At first glance, you would think it is a cheetah print, but it’s not. I’ve included a second photo to show its interesting graphic. It seems to me as if it is brown and tan rock formations peeking through irregular holes on a black foreground.

My flared cropped pants, by The Limited, were bought new from TJ Maxx around 2004. I decided they were worth keeping around and they have gotten to come out and play this summer.

My bag is another of my pre-loved Eric Javits collection from eBay. Rarely do I find shoes at the brick and mortar resale market but my Nine West cheetah patent leathers were the exception. Unfortunately, they never show up well in a photo. Lastly, my Chico multi strand necklace was found earlier this summer at Goodwill.

silkKasperThat is my five day Thrifted Challenge roundup. I always ended each post with a shout out to the fabulous and boutiques who sponsored it.

I had a great time participating in the challenge and I will end my article today as I did last week on Instagram.

A big thank you to our hosts @chele_clark, @jtouchofstyle, @pixieandcurls, @the brown closet and the sponsors @farmhousechic and @hellofancyboutique
This is the last day (sad face) and I hope everyone had fun as I did.
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That wraps it up for this week. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll have another blog bit next week. You are certainly welcome to leave a comment or two or three. I love to hear from you.

I link up with some great blogs every week. To see who they are go HERE.

Husband Michael gets credit for the photos of me.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


It’s time for the August 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup which stays open until August 31st.

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One item is quite OK—a hat, skirt, pants, shoes, purse, or a piece of jewelry.  That item (or items) can be from a thrift shop, eBay, consignment shop, vintage boutique, one of the online consignment shops such as RealReal–or even something a friend gave you because they didn’t want it anymore.

When you do post, I would appreciate a description about your 2nd Loved item (or items), what type of shop you found it and what drew you to it. Tell as much or as little as you want. To be featured in my collage, which I will put on Instagram along with your links, you have to say what item is second loved. That is a “have to”.


If you have never participated in a linkup before, no fear. Go to Linkup 101 guide that is found on my 2nd Loved 1st Friday linkup page (also found at the top in the tab section).

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19 thoughts on “#thriftedchicstylechallenge

  1. It was so great to see your outfits everyday, Terri!!
    And congrats for being one of the winners—you really showed how thrifting can still look so fabulous!!
    I added another post to your linkup, with my post on camo and denim! I wasn’t sure I’d love the camo print, so I started out by buying these shorts at Clothes Mentor!! It’s amazing how much I’ve loved them!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful outfits, I especially love the skirt you are wearing. I recently went to a free church clothing give away and found me some nice things Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nancy, I also suspect that there is more to choose from here-consumerism is shoved down our throats-people buy too much and have to get rid of stuff so they can buy more stuff, but that gives people like me more to choose from, I suppose.

      I know Europe has Vestiare but it’s like our The RealReal-lux brands which still cost a few coins, even on the resale market.


  3. Thanks for sharing your week of charity buys. You make such great outfits from the pieces. Your artist’s eye must be always at work. Loved your arty eclipse shot too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mary. I don’t know how i missed that you left me a comment. Thrifting is just so much fun for me. I think I’m addicted to it some times but only let myself go about once a month. I was down to Joplin on Thursday and came home with some more things.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the shots-I was just amazed by those patterns. Michael says we are going to have another big eclipse in seven years and it will be the best viewed in Joplin.


  4. Terri,
    Hi! A good fashion challenge, thrifting! My faves from each day:
    Day 1: the gingham pants
    Day 2: Yellow Print Skirt
    Day 3: YSL Tote
    Day 4: Jeans, OMG!
    Day 5: Jacket -superb

    Your style philosophy -right on point with slow fashion and sustainability. Thrifting is the ultimate upcycling-well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You have a fantastic eye for great finds. I am still finding my way at thrifting (used to do it a lot when I was younger) and in the Linky outfit I’m wearing a thrifted cream lace blouse that was soiled – I took the chance of buying it to see if I could remove the stain and I did. So pleased with it now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it takes patience and no agenda when I go to any consignment or charity shop. If I go with an open mind but still an eye for quality in fabric and label, I do pretty go. There are some brands that I won’t even buy thrifted such as anything from Walmart (up to this point). When I don’t have to spend so much on a garment, I will also take more design chances. The original maxi dress didn’t work out for me but I only paid $3 for it, so cutting it up didn’t bother me, even with the chance the idea didn’t work out.
      I’ve only been seriously doing thrifting for 3 years. After we read, Elizabeth’s L. Cline’s book Over-Dressed, the Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, both my oldest daughter and I did the no by thing for a year. We made that decision about one week before the Rana Plaza disaster and when I came back to buying clothes, I made the decision to go more with charity and consignment. OK, that’s enough…..I can talk too much sometimes. Take care and good luck with the thrifting.


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