My Sew-Sew Life-A New White Shirt

Hello dear friends, 

I’m back today to chat about white shirts. Yes, white shirts, which at first seem so boring. However, with their wide range of styles, they are anything but and can open up many a new style adventure. A few months ago, I published the Baker’s Dozen of Closet Necessities. First on that list was, yes, the white shirt.

Over the years, I’ve had more than my share of white shirts; bought a few and made a few. This last one I stitched up is just an eye-catcher and will be on my “wear a lot” list for quite a while. So far, I’ve worn it to artsy events but can’t wait to try it out with some jeans for something a little more casual. It’s easily a three-season worker so there will be plenty of chances to experiment.

First of all, I think this particular shirt is a hybrid between a shirt and a swing jacket. It definitely has to be worn “as is”, no adding a belt, vest etc. Not much is needed with a piece like this because it’s a statement all its own and that is what drew me to this pattern; just an easy piece to throw on, go and look fabulous.


I finished this piece sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. By the time I finally decided what to do with my pattern (it always takes me a very long time to make these decisions), the thing had been discontinued! Once upon a time, Vogue Patterns carried Vogue 9089 by Marcy Tilton. I probably bought this pattern in 2015 but now you can’t find it anywhere. It’s a shame because it’s quite a shirt and a classic design (IMO) that could have been worn in 2015 and still wearable in 2025!

The pattern line art gives you a chance to see the lines and details this shirt has.  I made View A with View B’s sleeves. I wanted every detail I could get. The collar has a pin tuck to set it off and I definitely wanted that notch in the turn up cuffs. The extra panel in the back adds a real swing to the thing!

The fabric is a white on white pinstriped cotton by Rag and Bone purchased almost two years ago from Mood Fabrics in New York. Mood Fabric has quite a bit of designer deadstock. For me, it makes a project a little more special if I use some fabric that someone like Calvin Klein or Carolina Herrera has used. It’s not necessary but I have to admit that I get just a little excited putting it in my shopping cart!

Have you ever watched Project Runway? Mood Fabrics is where the designers all run madly around for a few minutes picking the fabrics for their designs. I don’t madly run around, I just order mine online in peace of my living room.


The look today is all black and white (with a bit of gold and blue), which is a timeless classic.

Everything but my shoes (Marc Fisher) is homegrown. I made my stretch bamboo pants a couple of years ago. My hat with the gold tassel is by KC hat designer Amina Marie Millinery.

As far as jewelry, it’s the same thing. The large blue ring is Cheryl Eve Acosta; pendent by Gorgina Hererra and bangle by Jennifer of Janesko. I guess after hanging out with these ladies for a few years, I have managed to add a few of their pieces to my collection and end up wearing them quite a bit.

The back with its panel

Knitting Anyone?

I decided to double up here and add my newest knitting work because it goes perfectly with this whole look I have going today. It’s all black and a highly textured Rows of Many Colors shawl that I just finished. I know, there isn’t any color in this particular piece, but usually there is.

I developed this technique about a dozen years ago, to help alleviate the rather large pile of yarn that I was collecting (didn’t work). I’m not going to elaborate about the “Rows of Many Colors” technique, because I’ve done a full blog post about it HERE.

The First Time

My shirt made its first debut in Joplin at an art gallery where daughter Rachelle was showing some of her drawings. Style wise, I changed a few things here, mainly adding my crazy conspicuous pearl bowed tapestry slides by John Madden. They take up so much visual space; I have to be careful with what I pick to accompany them.

What kind of Mom would I be if I didn’t show off my Hummingbird earrings? I’d been after daughter Rachelle for a while to create some lace earrings for me and she did these for my last birthday. She designed Hummingbirds and it’s to bad we couldn’t show both earrings because each bird is doing something different. I thought they were a perfect with the flowers on my slides.

Finally, a word about my hair for that night… this is Jon Renau’s “Heat” in Palm Springs Blond. Sometimes it’s just fun to go blond and I’m all about the hair adventure!

                                         A close up of those pearl bows.

Do you ever go with the classic black and white look? There are probably some who just love color so much they would never cross over to the B/W side. It seems I’m the opposite. I love my black and white and like adding a bit of color for a little contrast. Are you yea, nay or just in the middle?

A Bit of Sewing-My Heart Sings for French Seams


I love French Seams. Nothing makes a garment more finished (unless lined) than a French Seam. Sewn in a two part process, they are easy and gives your garment professionally finished look. I don’t have a good way to do videos found a good instructional one on  YouTube by Jeniffer of Work Room Social.

I’ve reached the end of my story today. That’s what I’ve been up to: sewing, knitting, going to art shows, teaching a bit and a little bit of Instagram and just trying to be creative in general.

Take care, everyone and until next time…stay creative.

I would be remiss if I didn’t list my friends’ online sites for their art:

Amina Marie Millinery

Cheryl Eve Acosta

Janesko Designs



                                  Just Happy in Black and White (from a couple of years ago)


29 thoughts on “My Sew-Sew Life-A New White Shirt

  1. I was just wondering if you were okay since I hadn’t heard from you in SO long. But with all of this knitting and sewing…I can see how you’ve been busy!!
    Now that is a white shirt to make all other white shirts jealous. The lines and the flare—it’s so gorgeous Terri!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jodie, I have been fine. I just found that I was a lot happier, blogging less and creating more. Thank you for dropping by. Yes, it’s quite a shirt and that’s probably why it took me so long to make the pattern. I just had to find the exact fabric to make it in.


    1. Hi Sally. Thanks, I thought the least I could do was blog about it. Thanks for dripping by. I love watching your jewelry adventures on IG. The new enamel kiln looks like creative fun. I bet you’ve been out in your workshop already today. I’m trying to learn a Serger sewing machine and that has my mind busy. This one also does chain stitches and cover stitches and I am determined to learn them all. Again, thans for taking time to read my story…XOXO Terri


  2. It is lovely to see you blogging again Terri. I love your white shirt. It is a real classic and beautifully sewn. The shawl is gorgeous too and makes a very elegant outfit. Sadly, black does not suit me at all. Your hair looks terrific too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Brigid, Not everyone can do the black. I just fell into the habit when I was teaching art for decades. Even if I wore an apron, I would usually splatter something on me and nothing showed up on black; it was really a matter of wardrobe necessity.
      Now, I guess, I just like it because the last two things it bought were, yes, black (a dress and spring swing jacket).
      I had wanted that shawl for years and we were on the road a lot during November and December and it was a perfect time to get something like that done. I hope you are doing well. I was determined to keep up on my blog readings even thought I’m not writing but know that I fall behind.

      Take care Brigid
      xoxo Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for dropping by Emma. I knew this shirt pattern was a winner and could be worn by anyone. And I know there are swing white shirts out there on the market and would be easy for people to find if they wanted to.

      The Hummingbirds are special. I can wear my daughter’s art in miniature around and that does make a mom happy. I will try to drop by your linkup this week. Even not blogging my phone pings at me reminding me of your linkup. This time I will have something to contribute!
      Terri xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Iris, I love this shirt too! It just takes me so long to finally get something done. I use to sew like a mad demon but now I am like a turtle. But that’s OK because anymore I really don’t need to much. I’ve offered to make my youngest daughter a top (which she took me up on) so I can still sew but not stuff my closet. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of stuff I need to make to use up my material stash.

      I hope you are feeling better and you are south enough to miss this miserable weather we’ve been having here in Missouri.
      Take care, Iris
      xoxo, Terri


    1. Thank you, Reni
      I think these are the kind of posts I want to do; mixing creativity with style. However, that means that they will be far and few between because I’m a very slow seamstress . I am not surprised that you also wear black and white. We usually seem to be on the same wave=length when it comes to style.
      Take care, love that you took time to come by and read my story.
      xoxo Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Carmen

      I am always happy to hear from a fellow seamstress, even if they haven’t moved the needle in a few years. It’s just hard to find French seams in today’s clothes isn’t it. I guess that’s one reason I went back to sewing; quality control :-))

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a truly fabulous white shirt! You’ve taken an already classic piece and given it an extra level of chic and sophistication! Your talent level never ceases to amaze me, Terri! Obviously your daughter has inherited your gift because those lace earrings are absolutely lovely! Stand-outs to be sure!
    And those pearl-bowed flats…. I may have swooned at the sight!
    It’s great to have you back! I’ve missed reading you, though I understand needing to step back. I haven’t been posting as much myself. We will happily take what we can get! 🙂


  4. Hi, Ronnie

    I knew we took a little va-cay at the same time. I still try to keep up with my favorite bloggers even though my stories will be far and few ii between. I already have my next dress planned out to make and am itching to start it. If Mother Nature plays nice, I’m going to Joanne’s tomorrow to get a few things that I need.

    Yea, I’m pretty proud of those earrings. The kid can’t sew a straight line but man, can she create art on a free form machine. I’ll have to admit, those slides never fail to get mentions every time I wear them. Honestly, I think they are a bit over the top, but I absolutely love them!
    So, I will probably see you tomorrow on IG. It seems that we both still do that regular. Take care.

    XOXO Terri


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