Love Those Dolmans

Eons ago, when I was in my early twenties, I fell in love with dolman sleeves. There are reasons for this, I suppose. Being enthusiastic about old movies and fashion history, it just was a natural for me to love this elegant style hearkening back to more romantic days (well, more romantic in my eyes, I guess). I thought it was finally time to talk and give a retrospective about them here on MeadowTree Style.

I’m trying something a little different. Rather than having two separate sections on history and my dolman style, I’m going to intertwine the two. Also, I’m going to divide this subject up into at least three different posts. There’s just to much for a single post. This record might be stuck in the same groove for awhile! So, let’s get going with today’s story.

Bordeaux Red

I’m going to start out with my newest dolman in Bordeaux Red. This lovely was bought during a live Saturday Facebook sale that one of my favorite boutiques, Scout and Molly in Leawood, Kansas was having when all the shops were closed last Spring.

This sweater shows the dolman style in all its glory; sleeves that are full and roomy, cut deep and wide at the shoulder, with armholes extending almost to the waist and taper to the wrist. When the arms are held outward the fabric hangs in a long wing. Unlike set-in sleeves, dolman sleeves are usually cut as one piece.

This lightweight sweater, by Kerisma, has a horizontal rib and the yarn has a slight fuzzy texture making it very homey to wear. You can find this Kerisma sweater on sale at Leela & Lavender for $54 (unfortunately, my color is sold out). Amazon carries a similar style by Gaberly. At $25.99, it’s half the price.

Finishing Out the Look

My thrifted Talbot’s trousers have a mini houndstooth pattern. Also, there’s a wonderful waist detail which you can’t see here. I’m wearing plaid flats with dark silver buckles by Stuart Weizman that I picked up at The RealReal.

Of course, The Real Real has a lot of luxury merchandise, but if you look diligently, very reasonably priced things can be found. I’ve started refining my searches from low to high and work my way up in the price range. When I get things on there, I’m pretty confident that what I get is authentic; that is their moniker.

I’m wearing my favorite home made necklace; parts courtesy of Joanne’s. Honestly, I keep checking when I go to Joannes but have never anything that I have liked as much as this one. I really want some more super long single focus necklaces. The long line that it creates is very appealing to me.

And finally, we have the very old bag, that I’ve had for about fifteen years. By Tom Thomas, it is called The Spiral. The family, still makes it, along with other unique and original pieces down in Texas.

What do you think about these toes? I thought that after the middle “00’s. I would never touch anything that resembled a square toe. But these are sort of rounded out and I thought they went with the plaid and the squarish buckle.

And Finally, the Hair Affair

I’m platinum blond today and this is the first time I’ve worn this hair.

It is Le Bob in 23R Platinum Blond. I got it from Heather of CysterWigs, but found it on her Wig Close Outs site. This is where she has her returns and can’t sell them as new and where I have found some fantastic deals. Le Bob is a high end wig. It has a mono-top, which is called such because the top of the wig is hand tied and looks super realistic.

It was steeply discounted. WCO is one of those places, that if you see it you better get it because it might be gone tomorrow.

And Now a Little History

Where did the dolman originate?

The term ‘dolman’ is a Turkish word meaning ‘robe.’ It is named for a loose-fitting garment that was similar to the cassocks commonly worn by Catholic priests. It was worn in the Middle East and Turkey during the Middle Ages.

Europeans adopted Eastern styles starting in the sixteenth century and also used it as a model for a military jacket, which they in turn called a dolman.

by Henry Edridge, pencil and watercolour, 1808

On the left is Sultan ahamed III and two of his ministers wearing the original dolmen. To the right was the first western interpretation; the Hussar Dolemn military jacket.

Back to the 21st Century

For my next dolman rendition, I’m wearing a sweater by Relipop, which I found on Amazon a couple of years ago. The yarn is polyester and is just a little bit on the shiny side (hard to describe). When I first took the sweater out of its package, I think I put a bit frown on because of this. But, the big big plus is that it’s very lofty and super lightweight. I would hate to think how heavy this would be if it was cotton.

I always wear something underneath. If it’s cold, that something has sleeves and if it’s warm, a cami. It’s still on Amazon in six different colors! I would buy this one again in a different color.

Completing the Look

My America Eagle jeggings were thrifted. I bought the black B. Makosky bag new over a decade ago. That was back when they were good. They slid in quality a few years ago.

The suede sneakers are very new. I checked out Marc Fisher’s winter extra 25% off clearance and these were in my basket in no time. The Summa Sneaker is cozy and warm and there are a few sizes left (but, unfortunately no extra 25% off).

The Hair Affair

I thought my Pipper in Rose blush went perfectly with this style. She has been on here before and is one of Heather’s original designs.

And Just One More Blast From the Past

American Dolman sleeve jacket from 1879-This is gorgeous!

That ends this first edition of the dolman adventure. I hope you enjoyed it. How do you feel about this style? Have you ever tried it or is it just to much fabric for your taste? I was happy that I could actually write about items that are still available. It does make me think this is a style that’s not going anywhere.

And finally, just how do you keep warm wearing a dolman sleeve? They don’t go into sleeves of a normal jacket. Well, a shawl, poncho or cape works just fine. Until next time…

Take care and stay creative!

23 thoughts on “Love Those Dolmans

  1. You look fabulous!! OH YES!! I love dolman sleeves too and have several tops. Yours are beautiful and the Bordeaux one is one of my favourite colours. The white one has a unique design. I wear a cape or poncho with mine if it’s cold.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well throughout this lovely post I kept thinking , yes but you can’t wear a regular sleeve overlay with a dolmen sleeve. Then BAM, you mentioned that at the end and gave some great solutions!
    I have just the one dolmen, which I rarely wear. I knitted one in the 80s in cream cotton which I loved and wore lots. I absolutely adore the second jumper, maybe because it reminds me of that one. The stitch pattern is so interesting. I’m so tempted to go hunt one out now!
    Hugs, Mary x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Mary-What to wear over one has been something I’ve grappled with. I figured if it had been a problem for me, it had to be for others. I would love to see your knitted one-they were the rage in the 80’s weren’t they.


      1. Sorry to disappoint, Terri, my 80s knit isn’t something that’s made it into the 20s. I don’t know if I even have a Photo of it. My current dolmen is similar, same colour same style, which is probably why I bought it a few years ago, nostalgia.

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  3. Hi Terry,
    I love how you combined your bordeaux red dolman sweater with these houndstooth pants and the checkerded shoes. I once had a quite similar black sweater. I always struggled to get the sleeves in a jacket or coat. The idea of a poncho is great. Btw. the shape of the shoes is lovely! it´s very interesting to learn about the history of dolman, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the posts to come!
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    XOXO Reni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Reni, I have been planning this post for such a long time and it seemed that I would never get around to doing it. It wasn’t until last fall when I finally solved the “what to wear over” problem. I just have never had a light weight poncho type garment but now I think I want to knit one too-like a Ruana (or sew one in a lofty sweater knit). Someday, LOL
      XOXO, Terri

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    1. Hello, thank you-Finding out about the orgins of clothing makes them so much more meaningful and fun to wear. There so many interesting and historical sleeves, but this is one of my favorites.


  4. Such lovely outfits, Terri. The dolman sleeve sweaters look so great on you! And I really like both outfits very much. The white sweater is so good for this time of year. And that 1879 dolman jacket is amazing! So, so beautiful. Thanks for linking with me.


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  5. I think dolmain sleeves are so versatile for all seasons and all kinds of weather. And both of your sweaters are beautiful, especially the second one with the beautiful scalloped pointelle detail. And your hair is looking great!

    Welcome by Thursdays and link up with me!

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