Turquoise, Coral and Orange For Summer Style

Turquoise, coral, orange with a little brown and golden tan: these colors evoke clear skies, desert, sun and heat. Add a bit of turquoise jewelry and I feel an American southwestern vibe. This look wasn’t instant but fell together one element at a time.


The Dress

The Rachel Kate lined chiffon dress is from a friend’s boutique (unfortunately the shop no longer exists). I’m not sure why I grabbed this off her last chance clearance rack. The dress is made in the USA and maybe that influenced me. Anyway, the chevron stripped purchase languished in the back of my closet for quite a while. Honestly, I think I forgot about it.

The Necklace

Ever so often I go window-shopping for Stella and Dot jewelry on eBay. While quickly scrolling offerings, this Cortez Turquoise necklace  popped up on my feed. My mouse came to a screeching halt.

I’ve always admired turquoise jewelry from the American southwest. I know the Cortez is not genuine turquoise but its coloring paired with the suede lace ties and wooden rings created such a nice look. And I could see how the suede ties allows me decide how high or low my neckline can be. So the necklace hopped into my cart without much effort.


This is a versatile necklace but I didn’t think about teaming it with my chevron dress until last week. In the end, they make a great pairing.


Putting It Together

After figuring out that the Cortez and my dress looked fantastic together, things just came together. I had a pair of turquoise, fabric and cork sandals by Italian Shoemakers. Rachelle, my youngest had found them at DSW, but never never figured out a way to style them and was going to give them away. I begged her to let me play around with them for a bit.

They don’t match perfectly, but they are way down on my feet and my dress is a little above my knees so there’s enough space for it not to matter.


necklace closeup

The Cool Sunnies

I have to throw in the sunglasses for show and tell. By Freyrs Eyewear, if you look closely, the lens are partially detached for the pink frames, such a creative approach. 

I actually won my sunnies in a raffle at Lillian’s, a locally owned chic boutique in the Northland. That’s Kansas City speak for north of the Missouri River. Angie, the owner of Lillian’s graciously invited a few of Kansas City area bloggers and their friends to her boutique for a wonderful evening of socializing and networking.


The Chevron

The Chevron is an inverted triangle and has been around a few thousand years. The chevron first showed up around 1800 B.C. in cave paintings, made it way onto medieval heraldry and, of course, is an important indicator of military ranks.

Then there is the Italian design house of Missoni, who has firmly planted the Chevron in the modern design iconography. Google “chevron printed fashion” and see the thousands of images that pop up.

Inspiring Color Moods

Color combinations can inspire different moods, cultures and regions. In the beginning, I mentioned how today’s color palette reminded of the American Southwest. During my research, these colors also popped up in the Eastern culture.

I found so many beautiful photos and objects, I was inspired to create two mood boards for turquoise, orange and brown.




That wraps it up for this week. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll have another blog bit next week. You are certainly welcome to leave a comment or two or three. I love to hear from you.

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Husband Michael gets credit for the photos of me. He also does some editing; if a male-type person can understand this stuff, then it may not completely be gibberish.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


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29 thoughts on “Turquoise, Coral and Orange For Summer Style

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like the mood boards-I have never published one before. I will admit that there was an overwhelming amount of Southwestern images. The Asian influences were there, just not in greater number so the board is a tad sparser than I would like.


    1. Thank you. You make jewelry too? Well, I’m really just a stringer but it’s satisfactory after I’ve done it. I’ve always loved turquoise and brown together but this is the first time wearing something like this but left it in the closet far to long and now summer is almost over.


  1. The dress is cute, the print is precious. I love your necklace turquoise, is spectacular and very beautiful and looks perfect in the look. Beautiful sunglasses. A beautiful and delicate outfit.


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