A Dahl of a Wrap

Earlier this spring, I featured my very versatile Shawl Dawl. It’s fun coming up with different ways to style it. For spring it was more of a dramatic style statement. For summer, it’s going to have more of a utilitarian function: just a simple wrap.

June nights are cooler here in Missouri. Its handy to have something to throw on. Even in the heat of the summer, our cinemas and restaurants think they need to keep us so cold  I sometimes feel icicles  forming on my nose! The Shawl Dawl will come in handy.

The summer version is the same garment; it just looks a lot shorter. There is a trick to putting it on this way and I have some “how to” photos at the end.

Drama versus just pratical simplicity

My style today is very simple, just a white top and jeans. OK, the jeans are just a tad distressed. I found these at Goodwill and quite honestly, I would have only tried this style with a minimum outlay of cash. Distressed jeans are probably on one of those lists of things classically aged women shouldn’t wear (who makes these lists-some of them are laughable). But I love these jeans! They look like I wore them to teach art for every jean Friday during the past twenty years. I think these jeans look pretty cool and they fit my personality and it’s a good hunch they will pop  up again before summer is done.

My accessories are white. I love white for the summer and always have since I can remember. I don’t really care if white is in or out as far as a trend. For me, white is clean, refreshing and means hello warm weather. There is more of a challenge to keep it clean. When out on white my rule is, “Wearing white drink white”.

Note worty accessories: my Rebecca Minkoff laser cut MAC bag  was the first RM I ever bought. My feet are enjoying a pair of Clarks Artesian sandals and my necklace which is cubes of semi precious stones was stung by me. Are there any other stringers out there?

And the white knit top? It’s been hanging around for a while. Here it is last summer.

How To Make the Long Shawl Dawl Into a Short Wrap

Grab the bottom of the arm holes and make them the top. Slip your arms through the armholes. It’s that simple.


Just a little bit of adjusting on the shoulders…….


And you have your wrap.


Sophia and I relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes she is  camera shy but  Jay Jay, as usual has managed to sneak into the photo! Can you find him?


When we got back to the house, Sophia settled  into her favorite chair which is my chair. I guess we share the chair.


I am not affiliated with Shawl Dawl but just think they are pretty nifty to style. Here is the LINK to their online site for all the syles they offer and I will add that they are made in the USA.

That wraps it up for this style adventure. So adieu until the next time …….

Happy Styling!



Remember, you can still link up to June’s 2nd Loved 1st Friday until the next 1st Friday in July. It would be great to tell us what you have used that is “not new but new to you such as things from thrift shops or on-line consignment shops, etc. So if you have found that second hand gem, get it on, snap a picture, post on social media and linkup HERE.

The blogger feature is going to change a bit. I will create a collage of some of my favorite posts from the link up and will have it on the July Linkup.

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My Grandson William gets credit for the blog fashion photos today.

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14 thoughts on “A Dahl of a Wrap

    1. Thanks Jodie, and I wish I could say I was the smartest woman ever but the instructions are on Shawl Dawl’s website complete with diagrams and even a video. So I am just normal!


  1. Love the clever restyle for the shawl. Doubled your wardrobe options! i think the reality of ‘people over 40 shouldn’t wear distressed jeans’ is REALLY ‘people over 40 don’t waste money on overpriced distressed jeans’

    Liked by 1 person

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