One Hard Working Top

My official photographer (aka Michael the Hubby) is up in Canada fishing this week with our nephews. With my in-house photographer not at home, I went on my own expedition and went photo hunting in my files for today’s post.

Fortunately, May and June have been busy months and we took quite a few pictures.  I found three photos taken at different places but they have a running theme, my Peek-A-Boo top from Covered Perfectly. Without a doubt, during the past month, this has been a hard working top.

Style #1-High School Graduation Reception

I wore this outfit to the high school graduation reception for our nephew’s son in May. The bottom flair of my Peek-A-Boo top inspired me to add a belt and create a small peplum.After this decision, I tried it over a dress; an idea which was inspired by Sacramento of the blog Mis Papelicos.  She is such a creative with her style and has such a genius combining the unexpected.

This sleeveless sundress has been in my closet for close to seventeen years. I loved the pattern mix but never felt it paid my body any complements and I guess you could term it one of those bad buys. It has been in and out of the Goodwill donation bag so many times but in the end I couldn’t part with that pattern combination. Finally, I  decided to cut the bodice off and turn it into a maxi skirt. In May, I was finally inspired to cut and restyle but, as mentioned earlier, I was inspired by Mis Papelicos  and plopped my top over the dress.

I looked in the mirror and saw that the curves of the necklines matched and  loved it! How could I cut?  The two pieces were made for each other.

The reception was on a fairly cool day (70F) and I don’t think I would wear this for the summer because of the heat. But it was a nice surprise that I could finally wear my old dress. What do you think? Have you ever started in one direction and ended up another for the better.

Belt-Chico’s (old), Black peep-toed heeled Espadrilles-Moda from DSW (old), Rodo vintage straw clutch-eBay, Necklace-Sydney Ross, Sunglasses-Marc Jacobs from The RealReal

Style #2-Birthday Dinner for Our Youngest Daughter

On May 28th, our baby turned 36. We took Rachelle and her husband Lark out to eat at Elsa’s Ethiopian Restaurant located in downtown Overland Park. The whole family loves Ethiopian cuisine and if you live in the Kansas City metro area, I recommend this wonderful little restaurant.

I enjoy big abstract prints for summer. When I spyed these cotton Piqué pants at Goodwill last summer, I knew they would be fun to wear.  Again, the bottom flair of my top came into play. I feel it balances out the curved pattern of the pants. The whole look has this emphasis on curves and flow and I like that.

Look at the yarn bombing! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to yarn bomb installations but this was the first time I had seen one in person. I was thrilled and made Michael take a picture of me with those colorful trees.

Beaded sandals-Kelsi Dagger (old), non-leather bag-vintage Rodo (eBay), white cuff watch-Target (old)

Style #3-First Friday and the Opening of April Madden’s New Studio

On June’s First Friday, Rachelle and I were busy hopping around from Kansas City’s West Bottoms District to the Crossroad Arts District. When I was thinking about what to wear, I wondered if the flair of the Peek-A-Boo would go with some of my favorite new white jeans. Earlier this spring, I mentioned that I had started wearing some wider flairs to mix up my pant selection. These thrifted Ann Taylor’s are my latest addition.

I was afraid that the Peek-A-Boo’s bottom flair would be just to much with the wider pants. But, I felt good about what I saw in the mirror and went with it.  I do wonder if this would work for someone a bit shorter. At 5′ 5 1/2″, I think I’m just average height but I had on 2″ heeled sandals that gave me a bit more stature and my black straw Stetson Stratoliner lengthened my line even more.

I added a scarf for my hat band because Stetsons don’t come with butterfly printed chiffon hat bands. My Dad always had a Stetson and it occurred to me while I was working on this post, I may have picked up his love for them because this is my second one. Dad has been gone for quite a few years, and it’s pretty cool that this post runs on Father’s Day because when I wear one of my Stetsons, I think of him a little bit.

Wrapping up the style session, the bottom flair of this top had to be considered for everything I wore. This is the only top I have that has this type of line and I enjoyed playing around on what it could do. Hanging loose, the flair top can camouflage the tummy or that bulge I sometime get with lower cut waists. What do you think about flaired tops and do you own any?

Black heeled multi strapped sandals-Nine=West (old), Yves St. Laurent Downtown bag (Yoogi’s Closet)

Covered Perfectly

I have to admit that until Covered Perfectly contacted me, I had never heard of them but appreciate what they are doing. Their tops are made in the USA and I have been trying to buy  more products made at home. Craftsmanship and over all quality of Covered Perfectly is top notch; another important point in my style book. These tops won’t fall apart after two washings. 

Does Covered Perfectly have trendy cutting edge designs? I would say no although the Peek-A-Boo is close. But many times I go for simpler pieces and let my accessories do the talking to tell my style story.

Getting a Deal on Covered Perfectly

I am an affiliate so when you use my sale code MTS20, you get a 20% discount. But, honestly, I think the buy two and get one free is a better deal. The trick is to find two other girl friends to make an order with and divide the total by three. That makes it a really good deal.

Being an affiliate means that I get a small commission when you get purchase something from a link on my blog. This is one way I can make a little money to help run my blog.  If you don’t care for what they have, that’s fine. If you do buy something, thank you. I appreciate it.

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That wraps it up for today. Thank you for stopping by to read what I have been up to and please come back next week. Leave a comment because I like to hear from all of you. Take care……..



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My Grandson William gets credit for the blog fashion photos today.

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23 thoughts on “One Hard Working Top

    1. Don’t you think restyling pieces makes it look like you have a lot more clothes than you do? I do have a lot of bags, but I collect vintage bags. I probably have too much black for some folks, but it lets me do a lot with little.


    1. It’s not a maxi skirt yet. I don’t know if I want to cut it off now. I need to think about that one. I like the double neckline look to much. Thanks about the shoes. They are actually the only shoes I own that has bows on them!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The top looks so different in each pic. I’m very in favour of working the closet and you’ve done that beautifully. We don’t have covered perfectly in the UK sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Us girls LOVE value for money and you’ve got that sure enough! All these styles look good and work well together – nice one Terri! Jacqui


  3. Love seeing how you have worked the top to create three totally different outfits. Probably the dress outfit is the most outstanding as it’s taken something you’d never use and created a slick and stylish outfit for a special occasion. Love the Stetson, BTW. That top has become an instant workhorse! A creative post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The addition of a scarf to the brim of your Stetson adds such flair, and offers so many possibilities! You always show how the pieces we own are just waiting for us to style them in new and unique ways. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    Liked by 1 person

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