The Sari Scarf

For my birthday a few years ago, daughter Michelle gave me a Sari scarf. Wonderfully colored, Sari scarfs are made in India from strips of vintage saris silk sewn together. Each scarf is its own, unlike any other. She liked my present so much that she has since gathered a few sari scarfs for herself.

But for me, there’s always been a problem: I have never worn my scarf. Wanting to encourage me to at least think about how I could wear it, Michelle decided we would showcase them for our April collaboration.



I’ve wanted to do this post for so long where should I start? Hmm, let’s begin with the dress since I finally get to showcase my skills as a seamstress. I’ll never be as talented or as meticulous as Mom, but I’m not half bad either. This is Burda #116B from Fall 2015, modified with a higher neckline and lower hemline using thrifted navy crepe material. Yes, you can actually find decent fabric at thrift stores with a bit of digging past the polyester double knit. And don’t forget to check out the curtains rack for cool jacket or tote bag fabric, but that’s another post for another day. This particular fabric was procured at the Joplin Salvation Army, a favorite haunt of mine for just such purposes.

The simple design features full raglan sleeves finished with shirred elastic at the wrists and an elasticized yoke over a gathered A-line skirt. I envisioned this very comfortable dress to be a blank canvas for dressing up or dressing down as the occasion necessitates. Maybe in a future post I’ll wear it with a faux fur vest or a colored moto jacket and Converse sneakers for a casual street style look!

Today I’m dressing it up with a very special scarf, a Wrapunzel Sari scarf in the green colorway. These scarves are ethically sewn in India from recycled Sari silk for Wrapunzel. Although there are several colorways in addition to green such as purple, aqua, and blue, each scarf is a unique creation and a joy to own and wear. When ordering you can detail pattern, texture, and shades preferences. I especially enjoy wrapping my Saris to highlight different patterns and undertones of the fabric strips depending on my outfit. Although these scarves do not require an accessory, I did add a thrifted pin to today’s wrap for extra oomph. Speaking of oomph, my under scarf shaper is a half-filled Wrapunzel Wendy. Again, my shapers can be future post all on their own.

Finally, let’s talk shoes because I love, LOVE these lavender, peep toe pumps decorated with rosettes that I discovered at the new Joplin Goodwill. Thrifted good shoes are not usually three words that go together, but our rebuilt Goodwill will occasionally oblige with some amazing finds.

Mom’s Sari scarf is actually from my very first Wrapunzel order and gifted as a birthday present to her.



Since they are thicker and a little slippy, I feel Sari scarfs can’t be treated like a normal scarf. In the end, I think they just need to hang, gracefully loose and untied (except when you are putting them around your head, of course).

That sounds easy but finding the right combination for this look took me three tries! Finally I came up with something I felt comfortable with and would wear out and about.

In the end, I went with the uneven points of the scarf as a jumping off point and added an asymmetrical cardigan and patterned top. One of my girlfriends loves Lagenlook which is a layering of pieces. What I ended up today reminds me of Lagenlook.

Everything for this look is from my closet, nothing new. The cardigan and printed top are Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls. My jeans are DKNY and shoes are Ellen Tracy. My favorite thing in this shoot is my bag (imagine that) which I found at a small Kansas City Boutique. There isn’t a label, but it is leather inside and out (even the lining) and it was steeply discounted. The fun tassel is a late addition. Blush pink seems to be a timeless favorite for spring and I feel you can’t go wrong keeping shoes and a bag in this color around.


If interested in one of these unique scarfs, may I recommend visiting Wrapunzel.They have divided their sari scarves into general color categories for easy ordering. You click on a color from the drop down and a photo will pop up to display a sampling of that particular color category.  This company does their best to find the perfect sari scarf for you from their stock. But, as mentioned, each sari is absolutely unique and the one you receive will not be identical to what you see in the photo.

Close up-ten strips-each a different pattern-instant pattern mixing!

With all the fun challenges I had with this styling, it occurs to me again that dressing can be a creative experience. Creative folks are willing to try new things, make a few mistakes, go back and try again. You can’t be too afraid of making a mistake because that’s all part of the  process. I’m aware that there are a lot more important things going on in life than deciding what to wear–but it sure is fun, isn’t it?

2nd Loved 1st Friday Blogger Spotlight


This week’s spotlight is on Jessica of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Jessica is always styling gorgeous looks and she sources some of her clothing and accessories from Poshmark. Both her Ann Taylor skirt and Zara blouse that you see above were found there. Jessica’s gorgeous look made me want to check out Poshmark and I made my first order. I really like the personable feeling of Poshmark. Besides what I ordered, I have a few more think on my Wish List. I encourage you “posh” a little and check their site out.

Remember, you can still link up to 2nd Loved 1st Friday until the next 1st Friday. To be featured, your contribution must tell us what you have used that is bought “not new” such as finding things at thrift shops or on-line consignment shops, etc. So if you have found that second hand gem, get it on, snap a picture, post on social media and linkup HERE with us!

And the next 2nd Loved 1st Friday is this coming Friday, May 3rd!

Links To Places and Designers Mentioned in This Article

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Wrapunzel (link is to the Sari Scarf page)

That wraps it up for this style adventure So adieu until next time and in the meantime….

Happy Styling!


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11 thoughts on “The Sari Scarf

  1. I still need to practice tying a scarf on my head–it’s such a beautiful look! And Michelle—- I had some shoes like this in the past. In fact, I wore the heck out of them and ended up throwing them out (but not before I removed the rosettes to use for something else!!)
    And Terri—I do think this is why some women don’t wear scarves. I certainly don’t mind playing around a couple times to get it right, but I know my stepmom gets frustrated when it doesn’t look great the first time!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know and that’s a shame. Scarfs can add such a dramatic look to any outfit and they can make a simple dress look fabulous. I think I need to start showing more ways to wear scarfs. I will admit, this one just took some experimentation because it is so different.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I just finally let it hang, which wasn’t a very creative answer but the best for me. It’s a great scarf and deserves to be worn more. I am so glad I decided last year to go natural with my hair. The dyed color is finally all grown out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Mary! Nice to hear from you. I like these colors together too but for some reason just don’t much light grey and pink. Michelle sewing skills are getting pretty good. We worked on sewing when she was at younger.But it was when she took a Craftsy class about couture sewing techniques that her skills really took flight. We now have fun talking about patterns, fabrics and all that good stuff.


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