The Aspen Adventure: Casting Lace Sculpture & Kickstarter

Passion Podlace sculpture test-Rachelle Gardner

The lace work of Kansas City fiber artist Rachelle Gardner is gathering notice. Her work recently was accepted into juried art shows in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Kansas, and Arkansas. This fall, one of her works will decorate a Kansas City Arts Board billboard in the Crossroads art district.

Rachelle continues to work on technique and ideas. She was accepted this summer to study under Lynn Richardson, fiber installation and sculpture artist at the Anderson Art Ranch. Rachelle’s goal for this workshop is to turn her two   dimensional lace into large three dimensional installation works. 

Rachelle says, “This project has already been backed financially by the ArtsKC Fund of The Arts Council of Metro KC (Inspiration Grant) and The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Through the generosity of local residents, I’ve even acquired free housing for my stay. I’ve hammered project costs down as far as they will go, but the budget nail still threatens to stub toes…and snag my lace to bits.”

Like many young artists, Rachelle works part-time to fund her full-time vocation: her creativity.

This is where Kickstarter comes in. is a funding platform for artists and other creative types. In just learning about Kickstarter, I see it as an opportunity for independent artists to become self advocates. Artists must submit a video explaining their projects and how the money will be used. This video is included on the artist fundraising site as an introduction to possible patrons. More of my impressions about Kickstarter are:

  1. The artist and project must be approved by the committee before it goes on line for fundraising.
  2. The campaign is usually never over 30 days.
  3. Patrons are not charged unless the goal is reached.
  4. The campaigns remind me of type of  PBS fundrasing. The patron gets something from the artist for different levels of support. The more money you give, the cooler stuff you get.

Here are a few of the thank you gifts that you could receive.

Tree of Yours-stitched work for $10 level
Bookmark-$15 level
Lace Brooch-$40 level

There are many more levels and rewards. Check Rachelle’s    campaign out here (again) at

And Thank You for your support if you decide to become a patron. 


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