Trina Turk Silk Top: August’s Slow Fashion Linkup

Do you listen to podcasts? I do. I especially enjoy listening to fashion and fashion history podcasts. Charles Beckwith’s American Fashion Podcast was the first podcast that I subscribed to and still is one of my favorites.


Generally, he works and broadcasts out of New York but occasionally goes on the road. Earlier this summer there was a series from Los Angeles. The June 29th podcast was an interview with Trina Turk, who has been know for her California inspired designs since 1996.

I’ve know about Trina Turk but never seriously looked for her designs. Intrigued after listening the interview I went on a little hunt for something of hers to add to my closet.

What I found was a second loved little top that shouts “summer is here”!  It has a little California vibe with a little 60s mixed in. I was also drawn to the small ruffling detail on the front.


This print has almost all the tints of the main hues of the color wheel: red, blue, green, violet with orange and yellow being combined into a yellow orange. There’s also a little bit of tan and grey. If done right, quite a few colors can be combined in a design.

The top’s fabric is silk and it was manufactured in Los Angeles. Trina mentioned in her interview that she had as many things made in LA as she could. She usually keeps to simple shapes and lets the fabric print do the important work and these simpler shaped garments can be made in LA. I feel double lucky that I found a very reasonable priced top on eBay and that it was made in the USA.

Are any of you Trina Turk fans? I really would be interested because this is my first time wearing her.



White accessories pair fabulously with this top. I have my pair of white summer cotton trousers on that I sourced two years ago from Target. This is the second time they have been on the blog, just this summer. Honestly, I will wear these until they fall apart.

I found my laser cut MAC bag by Rebecca Minkoff  the first summer I was retired. I’ve worn it more this summer than ever because, well, I never get tired of this bag

There’s about 34 MAC bags on RM’s site in different textures and colors. When she has one you really like, it’s best to get it because when it’s gone it’s gone. I can tell you that this particular bag gets attention!


My pink smoking flats are Mercanti Fiorentini from DSW and again something I  picked up the summer after I retired.

For fun, I’ve added a very busy and highly beaded thrifted bracelet. Finally, I have on one of my pieces from Cydney Ross. I love this young woman. She is a sculptor and Gallery Coordinator for the Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City. She also makes jewelry and as I now have four of her pieces, you could say I’m a fan.

I’m also a fan of the Belger Crane Yard Studios. They have fun date nights where we can go, make, create and paint ceramics. And there is always great art and ceramics to see in their galleries! While I was painting my Santa, Michael was throwing a pot on the wheel.

This finishes my part of this August Slow Fashion Walk.

Now it is time to have all of you share any Instagram or blog photos of anything you think is slow fashion. Here are just a few ideas: thrifted, locally made, Fair Trade, DIY, traded, borrowed and just been in your closet forever (or a least 10 years). I look forward to see what everyone been up to.

To get in the spirit of things I created a collage the wonderful slow fashionistas that linked up in July.


If you don’t follow any of these ladies, you are missing out on great inspirations. They are:

It’s now time to start our new Slow Fashion Walk for August. It starts today and stays open until August 31st.


To link up, Just click the blue button below and it will take you to a new page. Copy your URL, crop your photo and that is just about it.

Visit some of the other bloggers and above all else have some fun.

I link up with some great blogs every week. To see who they are go HERE.

Michael gets credit for the photos of me and editing. If you spot a mistake, it’s his fault.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


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26 thoughts on “Trina Turk Silk Top: August’s Slow Fashion Linkup

  1. You’re looking super summery in your pretty top, Terri, it reminded me of the Target top I’ve worn this summer, then I scrolled down and it featured in your collage! Thanks for the mention, my sweet. And I have not one, but TWO geniune 2nd Loves for this month – and both rediscovered in my wardrobe after many years too, so 2nd Loved 2nd Loveds!!
    Wishing you a cool and colourful weekend, hugs x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought the same thing when I was doing the collage and wondered if I had that top in the back of my mind when I saw this one! Well, anyway, we do look pretty similar in our tastes there.

      I love closet lurkers and they are going to be on my blog a lot because I’m not shopping much the next few months, not even thrifts.

      Keeping cool is another thing. We’ve been really lucky the past week, a little rain and some cool weather. But the mercury is starting to creep up so I’m bracing…….

      Take care, xox Terri


  2. I love this top Terri. It is right up my alley! I am with you on white trousers for summer. They are so useful. My own wardrobe is full of brights and white accesories are a must.
    Your bag and bracelet look amazing with this outfit. 🌼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A bright top and white pants is the perfect summer uniform isn’t it. That’s why these poor pants get overused. These pants might be the kind that you take apart when they wear out and make a pattern because they are about the best fitting white pants I’ve had.

      Thanks for saying something about my bag. It has to be my favorite summer one. The daughters eye it all the time, but I won’t lend this one out-not quite yet.

      Take care, xox Terri

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    1. Emma,

      Same here! Patti wears a black Trina Turk jacket frequently in her posts and that was all I ever knew until I listened to the interview. I had no idea she did this really colorful So-Cal vibe styles and really specializes in swimwear.

      xox Terri


    1. And made with leftover fabric is a double win! Thanks for linking up. Your consignment shop in Cherry Creek looks wonderful and I love the hat that is on you, but I probably wouldn’t buy it either because its just wouldn’t be in my comfort zone to wear-always will be a Fedora gal, I guess.
      Take care Jodie,
      xox Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and yes, I like the pink flats a lot. I found out, thought sometimes I don’t wear a 40 in Euro sizing but need a 41 (I think) and that has cooled my jets about ordering anymore European shoes on line and I love my online shopping. Take care Trina
      xox Terri


    1. It was such a lucky find and so reasonable for a Trina Turk, but that the 2nd loved market for you-you never know what treasures you are going to find or at what price point.
      Take care, Bonnie

      xox Terri


  3. Awesome Terri! I LOVE Trina Turk! Unfortunately I have yet to acquire any of her pieces, but I drool over them on ThredUp on a regular basis! This top is fabulous! I love the bright, vibrant colors she uses and the wonderful 60’s vibe that seems to weave through most of her designs! Just so fun! I’m hoping to have a new post up and running on the new site in time to still be part of this months Slow Fashion Walk. Cross your fingers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, this is my first one. Even on Poshmark and eBay they tend to be expensive. But this was an auction that sort of backfired. It’s pretty usual for some of these things to start out at 99¢ because they know it will attract folks and the price will quickly bid up. Well, people were bidding but only by 50¢ at a time so the piece didn’t go what it was worth. I got it for $10.79 and that included shipping. This very rarely happens but I love it when it does.

      I am so intrigued on what you are doing with your site. It is a big surprise or can you give me a hit on what platform or if your are going to be self-hosted or anything? Sorry, I’m just nosy like that 🙂

      If you don’t get it done in time, just link up an Instagram pic-that will get you in the collage too…

      xoxo Terri


      1. Wow, that WAS a great buy for the top! What a deal, Terri! ThredUp just doesn’t seem to bring her down that low. I DID however just get some major deals from there that should be on their way – $685 worth of pieces (4 pieces) for $9.65! One is a $395 St. John top. Can’t wait until they get here!

        I absolutely can tell you what’s going on with my site – not a big secret. I just decided to “downsize”, so to speak. I was paying to have that site hosted by BlueHost and I wasn’t making money from it – not that I ever attempted to. But, with running that site, my writing site and now I’m working on getting my business site up and running, I just didn’t want to put the money into it any more. It’s just simplifying my life a little. I’m almost finished with it. 95% is transferred – just some of my pics didn’t transfer over so I have to do that individually. A little tedious, but not a big deal. But, technically, it’s up and out there – in fact, several new people have already stumbled across it and started following, so that’s nice. So, hoping to very soon have a new post. Just crazy busy right now. My heads in about 100 different places! I’m sure there’s not a woman out there who doesn’t know that feeling! 🙂


  4. Terri, these colors are so amazing on you! And that front ruffle detail is so amazing! It is a perfect summer outfit. I have heard of Trina Turk but have never shopped her styles. I do see a lot of her styles on Patti, too! I am going to link up two slow fashion posts. One is a beautiful red floral kimono robe that I purchased on Poshmark recently…one of my favorite places to shop previously loved items! And the second is a cropped tee shirt that I made from an ill fitting tee shirt that was in my pile of items to go on Poshmark. But I recently got empowered enough to show my midriff…I don’t know how long this will last for me so rather than buying up new pieces, I made my own with an old shirt and a pair of scissors! That counts as slow fashion, right?


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Terri and thanks so much for hosting and the mention of my blog 🙂 No, haven’t heard of Trina Turk, not sure she’s known in the UK but what a lovely top – seems quite late 60s and possibly early 70s when we all went very colourful indeed! With that top you can pick out any colour to accessorise – just lovely. And it suits you so well. Thanks again for hosting – such a good idea xxx


    1. If it hadn’t been for Patti of No Dead Yet Style, I would not have heard of her either, well, at least until the heard her interview on the podcast.

      I haven’t worn a print this colorful since, you know when. It was nice to have a small dose of it balanced out with a lot of white!

      As far as my idea, I hope it grows and folks just become more aware-we’ll see what the future brings. xox Terri


  6. Hi Terri!
    I know I am a little late to the party! Maybe I could use a reminder? I ;like Trina Turk and the top is lovely! the bright colors and light fabric look perfect on you for summer. Its so hot here, we all need cool and light clothing. Your RM bag is pretty too, love the laser cut design.
    I have begun shopping on Poshmark for some Fall clothes myself. Checking out Thred Up and the Real Real as well.
    Enjoy your day and thanks for linking!
    jess xx


  7. Thank you for hosting SLOW FASHION WALK!! I have not heard of Trina Turk. Your pretty multicoloured top is best worn with white, good choice!

    My shiny summer jacket is from a clothing exchange. And I’m wearing white too! 🙂



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