The Installation Art Of Jennifer Steinkamp

The Wreck of the Dumaru, 2004

 Note: All links will take you to an index page on Jennifer Steinkamp’s website.  Find the image and click on it.  This will take you to an animation.
I have wanted to write about Jennifer Steinkamp for a while but was perplexed on how to present this dynamic digital artist in a blog format.  My introduction to her work came in 2007 at an exhibition at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.  I was so blown away by the show I made my husband see it, which is something I rarely do.  
Wikipedia states that, “Jennifer Steinkamp is an American installation artist who works with video and new media in order to explore ideas about architectural space, motion, and perception.”
Moth, In collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum2012
Steinkamp can overwhelm long gallery walls–sometimes the entire gallery room–with wondrous, hypnotic movement of images. When accompanied by sound or music, the stunning works may inspire recall of one’s place in the world: small. Some of the installations use three computers.  
Eye Catching. 2003

For this blog, I can only show a still with a link to a video. Some of the videos might give an indication of the scale of these installations. 

When I shared her work with my art students, I used a multimedia projector and projected the animations on the wall of my classroom.  Doing that,  I was able to give my students a sense of Steinkamp’s scale.  

Cultured, 2011-2012

Perhaps more so than for any other artist that I’ve written about, this blog is hopelessly inadequate. Even viewing her website will not give you a very accurate impression of her work. I invite you to see for yourself what I mean. If you have the chance to experience her installations in person, DON’T MISS IT. 

Today’s article is co-written by Terri & Michael Gardner.


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