Too Much Wool & Not Enough Rain=HOSTA COZIES!

I keep sheep.  Sheep make wool and lots of it.  At the moment, I have WAY more wool that one human could possible use. 
Starting this summer, I have renewed an interest in my flower garden.  The Hostas for the most part have hung in there through two summers of neglect and now deserve to be pampered.
We live in the Midwest United States (Missouri), and it is very, very hot and dry this June.  
So I was thinking how I could combine my two interests. I now have Hosta Cozies around my plants.  I use white or off white wool in hope of white doing what it is theoretically suppose to; reflect heat away from surfaces and help keep the moisture in the ground.  It will eventually decompose and put nutrients back into the dirt.
Hostas are not the only plants that get Cozies


We will see how it works.  Michael (my husband) has seen seminars about using wool as mulch, so I know this is not an original idea.  I will keep you updated on how I think it works. 
Some of my gardening partners,  during the nice cool winter.


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