Can’t See The Forest For The Trees-Craft National 2012 & Thought Splatter

Can’t see the Forest For the Trees. Rachelle Gardner-2012

Two years ago, I gave my youngest daughter a $99 sewing machine so she could sew, mend, and what not. The what not has turned into some incredible stitched visions.  One of them is Can’t See The Forest For the Trees. A link for the process of this technique is:

This piece was accepted into the Crafts National 2012 at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, Kansas.  The exhibition opened May 5th and will run until August 19th. 


Rachelle with The Forest. It is  3′ x 9′


Details of work-100% Gütermann thread


New Gallery Work Accepted In this Technique
Earlier this year The Next Gallery in Denver, CO put out a call for artists for its Mind Pool show.  The premise was, “Where streams of consciousness collect. An exhibit of artwork in any medium that was created relying heavily on intuition. When artists allow the element of risk into their creative process, the opportunity for surprise is increased. Sometimes these surprises are called happy accidents.”
Rachelle summited  Thought Splatter
Thought Splatter, Rachelle Gardner-2012


Rachelle comments: “Thought Splatter  is a spontaneous work created from intuition, which contrasts from my usual process of careful planning. The pattern of threads is a result of stitching stream-of-conscious writing. Once the stabilizer is dissolved in water, the thoughts becomes unintelligible, forgotten, reflecting the intangible nature of the ever-fleeting thought.” 
Based on my research and as objective as I can be, Rachelle is taking an innovative approach to a traditional craft (lace making).  Hopefully, more installation sized pieces will be created, along with some three dimensional work.
I have the inside skinny that a new “super machine” is on the horizon that will make these ideas a possibility. More on that later…………… 


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