Spinning a Yarn-Borrowing From Vintage (again)

Close up of the finished scarf with it’s silk Shibori lining

I have always been drawn to the below shawl in my book Vogue Knitting’s Vintage Collection. The pattern combines knitting and sewing, which probably explains the attraction.
Halfway into the “Purple Scarf”, I decided it was a good candidate for the lined option. There were two reasons. The yarn (Shetland that I hand painted) was in my opinion a tad bit scratchy. Choosing the pattern that I did, also contributed. I used the “Mock Cable Rib”* that is found on page 42 of Barbara G. Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (this is her 1st Volume).
My first swatch was wonderful. But as the scarf progressed, it was obvious that it was going to be very heavy (especially at the length that my daughter wanted). I thought it could double as a small shawl if needed.
Out came the silk, dye, cut wood pieces, and clamps. It was Shibori time. I had a few lessons to learn about “off the bolt silk”. It shrinks big time. I ruined two linings because they were to short when I got finished. ** Finally, with the third try I got it right.

Cut wood pattern (wrapped in plastic to keep dye from soaking in) clamped to folded dyed silk
The Shibori piece that lines the scarf is a simple dye,resist, and over dye. I used the same dyes that I painted the yarn with. Now it is a double duty piece with some visual interest that it would not have had if I had just left it as a knitted piece.
*Mock Cable Rib
Multiple of 5 sts plus 2
Rows 1 and 3 (Wrong side)-K2, *p3, k2, rep from *
Row 2-P2* k3, p2, rep from*
Row 4-P2 * skip 2 sts and insert needle knit wise into front of 3rd st then taking point of needle in front of the 2 skipped sts,past these sts and around to the right, catch yarn and knit; then sl the 3rdst off left-hand needle over the 2 skipped sts, taking care not to let the skippedsts come off with it; k2, p2; rep from *.
**Sometimes mistakes turn into good things. I turned the botched linings into a scarf that I love wearing. A picture of it can be found here.


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