My Sew Sew Life-Hanging With Pirates and Drinking Rum, Arrrr…

My Sew Sew Life-Hanging With Pirates and Drinking Rum, Arrrr…

Happy 4th of July! This 4th, I am celebrating with my family, eating and drinking well (more about that later), and hanging with a certain little pirate (among other four legged members of the family). I will admit that he is much higher on the cuteness scale than the ferocity one.  I'm wearing a new [...]

Poodle Time! Christmas Greetings

I am about to send out a few Christmas cards. In reflection of this, I have rounded up a few vintage cards. Some can't be found anywhere. Some can be bought on Ebay for a price and a few vintage looking cards can be  purchase from a couple of Internet companies.Vintage (which means even if you love it, [...]

Poodle Time!-Miscellany

Wonderful Vintage wallpaperWe have made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and I know that all of our minds are on Christmas and Hanukah. We have holiday posts planned, but for today I am going to just put up a collection of images that just don't really fit into any category. I just really like them. So without [...]

Poodle Time! The Colorful Abstract Poodles

It is time for another "Art Wednesday".I have wanted to do a collection of modern abstract art inspired by Poodles for a while. My criteria for selection was that an artist made a personal statement which was inspired by Poodles.  Use of design and color was also considered    Links have been added if pieces are available for [...]

Poodle Time!-Vintage Poodle Posters

Today, I am finally getting back to something I wanted to do last summer, vintage posters. I hope you enjoy them.I believe this was the first poster I ever put on Pinterest. The plaid bow on the black Poodle just caught my eye.  This poster was printed during WW I, and patriotism is very evident. Most of the [...]

Poodle Time!-Happy Halloween

Poodle Time!-Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Poodle Time. We had a previous post on getting ready for Halloween and I hope everyone is ready. Today's blog is short. Here is one of the cutest little Poodles I have ever seen........... And Sophia wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween....................... How time flies. It's now time to start planning [...]