Poodle Time!-Vintage Poodle Posters

Today, I am finally getting back to something I wanted to do last summer, vintage posters. I hope you enjoy them.

I believe this was the first poster I ever put on Pinterest. The plaid bow 
on the black Poodle just caught my eye.  This poster was printed during 
WW I, and patriotism is very evident. Most of the words 
I can’t make out. “Paris Day” seems to be the title.

Maybe some type of circus act poster

A very dapper guy at the Seattle World’s Fair

Another circus poster

I have loved the use of color in this poster.  It’s using the three primaries,

red, yellow and blue. 

I can vouch for Mom’s love of blue and pink. Hope you have
enjoyed our posters 

So until next week,  


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