What I’m Wearing For Valentine’s Day (Something New + Thrifted + Made by Yours Truly.)

Today’s post is a one hit wonder: just one styling idea for a Valentine’s Day dinner date. When I was blogging full time, I never wrote a Galentine/Valentine post. Now, that I’ve come back part-time, why not? Michael and I are meeting up with friends on Valentine’s Day this year and I’ve decided what to wear.

The main focal point is my new En Crème kimono from my good friend Debby’s shop What To Wear, which is on the town square in Butler, Missouri (about 50 miles south of Kansas City).

The black in this kimono is flocked velvet which is off-set by a floral pattern in hues of purple, rose and magenta. I’m styling it semi-dressy (pants and flats). However, I’ve been thinking about styling it casually (maybe another post?).
I’m using my “black column” for this look. The blacks in the top and pants don’t match perfectly so I separated them with a black belt. I made the black stretch knit pants a few years ago and the black shell was thrifted. Today, I have something new, something used and something made by me.

 Personalizing with  Accessories

I love accessories for making a personal statement and picked purple and black to coordinate with the top. The bag is one of Rebecca Minkoff’s  Love Bags and the metallic flats are by Marc Fisher. The Geode and bead necklace is by Kansas City artist Rita Uridge but the black bangles are thrifted. My Kate Spade bow belt was found used on eBay. The chunky amethyst ring is from Gemsporium, a jewelry designer out of Thailand that has a shop on eBay.

As I mentioned earlier, I found the Kimono at What To Wear. Debby doesn’t have any at the boutique at this very moment but she is expecting some for Spring. If you live in our area, keep watch (and I’ll let you know). Meanwhile, I went to Amazon and found a few that I like.


#1 Made By Johnny Women’s Short Sleeve Open Front Loose Kimono

#2 Hibluco Women’s Casual Printed Kimono Cardigan Sheer Tops Loose Blouse

#3 ECOWISH Womens Boho Irregular Long Sleeve Wrap Kimono

Are you up for some DIY? I always thought that this type of garment would be a great beginner’s sewing project; it is just rectangles. Googling “how to make kimonos” turns up many tutorials. I like this one for its clear illustrations and easy to follow instructions: Easy Sewing Kimono Tutorial by Lolly Jane.

Nailing It

Zoya is my go to “main stream” polish. How could I resist purple and blue metallic polish with the name “Gardner”-couldn’t and didn’t!

That’s it for today. See you Valentine’s Day on Instagram where I post my day to day outfits and other things going on.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a sweet Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day. And may you stay creative.

Until next time, Style on!




22 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing For Valentine’s Day (Something New + Thrifted + Made by Yours Truly.)

  1. I just love this kimono Terri!! You and my mom would get along so fabulously considering how you two just make your own clothes so easily!! I think she’s made some pants just like that!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jodie, with an elastic waist, these pants are sooooo comfortable. I used a Mood fabric and a Vogue pattern, my favorite combination when it comes to sewing. Take care and Happy Valentine’s Day. Say hi to your Mom for me.


    1. Thanks, Brigid-it’s the first one I’ve ever had (always have had a traditional kimono). I just think it’s interesting that that got that name because they are nothing like the real ones. Have a nice week-& I didn’t tell you, but starting last summer, I started getting back in my flower garden….it had been so neglected

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    1. Thank you Michelle. It is so nice that you dropped. Yes, I really like the pattern and colors in this particular kimono. And I think Zoya makes some great colors and trust their quality. Needless to say, I have way more Zoya colors than I need.


  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love that kimono and have a similar one that appears (sort of) on my blog today. It is covered by my coat though. I need to restyle the outfit with it and take some proper photos! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Valentine’s look and linking up with me!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Shelbee-I’ve worn that Kimono so much, I need to give it a rest. Well, no, I have to try it with some jeans and heeled sandals! Take care and thank you for dropping by and leaving a note. XOXO Terri


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