One Sunday Afternoon-Hats & Wraps

This is one of those special posts for me Because it is with my daughter, Michelle. This is the third time we have gotten together for something on the blog. The first post, Coffee in Joplin,  wasn’t really planned but we ended up having so much fun we knew that this idea of “Hats and Wraps” was going to be something we wanted to do more.

We both love head coverings. I go for hats and she goes for wraps and Michelle has an astounding collection of scarfs that she picks up everywhere. Today, she is wearing a grey silver studded scarf that she thrifted. I am balancing it out with a billed cloche by Calvin Klein. Is it just me, or does this hat have a  60’s vibe going on?  These two choices pretty much called for a grey palette with a bit of color.


Michelle is pretty much a Boho girl. Today she is modeling Insta, a style she picked up from Linear Collection by Rachel Riss. She chose to layer it with a black Lone sleeve strench top and Merlot toned pants (both thrifted).

Grey and taupe booties were the answer for our feet. My suede and heel studded Rebecca Minkoff and have been on here before. Michelle’s booties were  picked up at Shoe Carnival in Joplin. Her rule is, “get shoes for each of the boys and then I can get one pair for myself at half price”.  That’s a pretty good rule.

She did borrow a few of my things for the shoot. The Lilly Dawson necklace, the Coach bag, and drop earrings are from my collection.

To answer Michelle’s soft flowing look, I went the opposite direction. About a month ago, I hit Kohl’s clearance racks and picked up a long-line vest from Apt 9 which has that menswear look that attracts me. I’ve already worn it a few times and each time I’ve styled it a bit differently. For our mother/daughter outing, I went with a basic black Pendleton merino turtleneck and dark grey patterned stretch jeans that I picked up at a local boutique.

For a pop of color, I added a vintage silk Vera scarf. These colors maybe say it’s from the 70’s.  With my love of things orange, I quickly snatched it up when I saw it on eBay. This Vera has the lady bug logo on it.  Vera’s blog about dating your scarfs and the appearance and disappearance of the Ladybug was fascinating. If you collect Vera scarfs, I recommend their blog out.

It was the attention to detail that drew me in to these booties.

I decided to keep the bag simple and added my Tom Thomas Spiral . Tom Thomas bags are hand made in Texas. The Thomas are regularly invited to attend the Smithsonian’s  national craft show. This is my only Tom Thomas but I tell you, I lust for more. His architectural bags are incredible constructions. I highly recommend going to his (and his sons’) site to ogle at their beautiful handiwork. Getting a Tom Thomas is like investing in a sculpture.  I’ve just grabbed one of his paper-fold designs from eBay and will let you know what I think as soon as it arrives.

I never get tired of black and grey and I’ve been wearing it for over a half century. I just add a bit of color and I am set to go!

What would a MeadowTree post be without a few four legged photo bombers? This time its Michelle’s Sarah (hound mix and all around great girl) and Jimmy, a Mountain Fiest. Our girls were raised with a large amount of critters and Michelle decided to make a career of it. She and her husband Mike own Academy Veterinary Hospital in Joplin. Michelle dishes out the veterinarian expertise (she’s a ’99 graduate of Mizzou’s school of veterinary medicine) and Mike, the “Chief Officer” makes the clinic run smoothly and efficiently. Being a proud mom, I would have to say, I think she is the most stylish vet around!


As I probably have hit home in a few posts, I want a piece to work in at least three different ways.  On a teaching day (I substitute teach in my retirement), I paired a Pendleton denim blue Merino turtleneck, a vintage Bill Blass silk scarf, simple black flats and my Bella Beat Leaf step tracker with the vest.  I kept the patterned stretch jeans for this look.


I first wore my Apt 9 vest to a Fashion Group International-Kansas City meeting with a pair of grey skinny Madewell jeans and a white french cuffed shirt and grey suede Rebecca Minkoff smoker suede  flats to achieve dark on light take. I wasn’t 100% happy with the look in the end, but you have to experiment. There’s going to be good ones and bad ones but you keep exploring and trying new things.


The Vera is such a cool abstract work within itself. That is the trouble I find with scarfs; when they are tied their designs and patterns can sometimes be lost.


That’s all I have for today. So adieu until next time, and in the meantime

Happy Styling!



My grandson William  gets the photo credits for the outdoor photos and me for the scarf photo. Thank you Kim for putting up with me at school when I asked you to snap me before we went to get the students. The FGI-KC photo was taken by Ngan Vuong, our groups’ secretary.

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19 thoughts on “One Sunday Afternoon-Hats & Wraps

  1. This is great post! How fun to share time with your daughter this way. I have two amazing sons (no daughters) and although one of them is Mr. GQ I am not sure I could get him to do a shoot with me. But you put a seed in my mind. I am going to visit him, his wife (my daughter) and my grandson in April in Kansas. I think I will see if he wants to do a shoot! That would be so fun! Have a great week. I am from Missouri so it is fun to see the country side in your post. Peace!


  2. How fabulous to include your daughter, Terri!! It’s definitely more fun with more women involved, I think!!
    I’ve never tried a wrap like this, although it would be the perfect answer to my bad hair days! I’ll have to google how to tie it!
    And I love that vest—I now have 3 in my possession because I think they can add so much to an outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Headwraps are definitely addictive! Check out Wrapunzel on Facebook and YouTube for tutorials, awesome scarves and other essential tools. The next time we do a Hats and Wraps post I’ll wear a more elaborate wrap so you can see the possibilities.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You and Michelle look beautiful; what a very special mother-daughter post! Subtle details make all the difference and I really like the chained band on your cloche and the studs on Michelle’s scarf. Isn’t it wonderful how adding a pop of colors such as your scarf or Michelle’s pants can really add depth to all the different tones of gray and black? Thank you, Terri (and Michelle) for sharing your style with Hat Attack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicole, anad a big thank you for picking me this week and I am so looking forward to when I get to co-host the linkup with you. Michelle isn’t really a blogger, I just con her into doing something with me occasionally. She does have an Instagram account where she shows all that she does with her head wraps.


    1. Thank you Jessica-I have a soft place for colorful scarfs (and those with Poodles on them!) and we both wear a lot of grey so it was just a no-brainer to what our main pallette was going to be.


  4. Terri,
    First of all, I always learn something new when I visit you. Who knew the Smithsonian does an annual national craft show? Second, Tom Thomas bags handmade in Texas, love the original style. Third, you know how to work your accessories especially hats and scarves, that’s your forte. Last, but not least, I agree your daughter is the most stylish vet I’ve ever seen. The head wrap, one day I plan to learn how to master wearing one.

    Liked by 1 person

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