Covered Perfectly’s Long and Lean Vest-Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve had a long vest in my closet. That changed when Pauline of Covered Perfectly asked me to review something from her new spring line. I was immediately drawn to the Vest With Pockets”.

Pauline does design for all women but especially thinks about us ladies over 50.  Covered Perfectly’s made in the USA clothes come in sizes S-2X so she has us all covered! For reference, I am about 5’5″ and am wearing a size large.

I honestly feel that Covered Perfectly’s new vest makes me look slimmer. This is achieved by the vest’s length and a strategically placed bronze button. The vest’s finishing features also include one inch bands along the edge and armholes.

The fiber content is 94% Micro-Model and 6% Spandex. Coming in the colors black or blue, this vest is easily a three season layering garment.

A little more about the fiber that Pauline uses for her garments. MicroModal®  is one of my favorite fabrics to wear because it is luxuriously soft and feels great against my skin. Also, it is a truly sustainable fabric.

MicroModal® is derived from the inner pulp of beech trees. All processing is done in accordance with strict environmental standards including chemical free spinning and dying, rainwater for growth, and produces no toxic discharge. This sounds pretty good for Mother Earth.

On With The Styling

After coming up with six ideas, I decided this review was going to be in two parts; there’s just too much this vest can do.

Today’s styles are casual and very wearable for all women. Sourcing items from my closet, these weren’t done just for the today’s post. I’ve worn all three out and about (see the collage at the very end). This vest has been working hard.

With Black Stretch Side Striped Pants


I like color blocking and it shows in my first idea. As it still can be a tad cool around my part of the world, I teamed my vest up with a Merino V-neck sweater and a pair of black slim stretch pants with hounds-tooth side stripes.

Shoes are Vince Camutto slip-ons but I also like the idea of metallic or colored sneakers to give a little color punch.

Long pendants complement this vest perfectly. This one by eNVe Design by Ngan is one of my favorite.

I finished the look off with a black and cream Rebecca Minkoff Love bag to carry out the color block theme.

A few ideas out there for this style:


White Caslon Ivory Sweater (poly/acrylic)-Nordstrom’s $59.00

Vince Camuto Sneakers=DSW $69.99

Side stripped joggers-Kohls $39.99

Adding a Few Stripes


For my second idea,  I’m still in black and white but added stripes. This round I’ve paired my vest with a black and white cotton knit top and black slim jeans. Striped Tees are just one of those basic things that should be in everyone’s closet (IMO). And ditto for a good pair of black jeans.

I think open toes booties are going to be around for a while and the ones here are  Unisa’s Sayvi.

Here are some things I thought would work for this style:


Black & White Stripped Tee Shirt-Nordstrom’s The Rack $22.97

WIT & WISDOM Ab-solution Black Stretch Skinny Jeans-Nordstrom’s $68.00

Rebecca Minkoff’s Small Jean Saddle Bag-Rebecca Minkoff-on sale for $149

Unisa Sayvi booties (also in red)-DSW $49.00

Going Towards the Grey


Grey comes into play for my third and last style for today’s post. I chose a grey marled cotton top and a pair of washed out black jeans that from a distance look gray.

I still wear suede boots in early spring and added some by Rebecca Minkoff. Neutrals are a perfect palette to feature a dramatic pop of color and I sometime like to do that with a bag. This is another Love bag in patent reptile texture by Rebeca Minkoff.

Again, another long pendant. This one is a DIY affair because it’s was quick project to find something(s) cool and put it or them  on a chain.

Here’s some items to check out:



Heather grey long sleeve Tee-Target-$18.99

Lee Platinum Gwen Straight-Leg Jeans-Macys-Macy’s $56.00

Journey Collection Vally Bootie-DSW $54.99

Michael Kors Cross Body Snake Skin Bag-Mercardi $116.00

That wraps the style ideas up for today.  Covered Perfectly’s  Vest With Pocketsis reasonably priced and so versatile it is well worth the investment. Again, Pauline does makes her garments in the USA and I’m all about bring it home. And another plug for this fabric. MicroModal® is so soft and easy wearing.

Do you think this vest would help out in your spring styles and would you pick the black or blue?

Just one little extra thing. MeadowTree Style readers receive a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code MTS20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. The discount will apply on up to two items. Or you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free, any combination.

Thanks to Covered Perfectly for collaborating on this post. This post does contains affiliate links which generates a few pennies for MeadowTree Style.

From my small town’s new wine bar, St. Patty’s Day celebration with friends or visiting my daughter’s art studio, Covered Perfectly’s long and lean vest has been working hard. This also shows you don’t have to button it to still have it work its magic. My grandson William gets credit for Rachelle’s studio photo (I made a promise that I would let you all know). As most of the time, Michael took all other photos.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review and ideas for wearing  this vest. Take care, everyone and until next time…stay creative.





19 thoughts on “Covered Perfectly’s Long and Lean Vest-Part 1

    1. Hi Jodie, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I use to wear long vest frequently but somehow got out of the habit. I’ve been very happy how this one fits so easily with everything I already have and I always like how Pauline’s garments feel on.


    1. I think that anything that is sleeveless and opens in the front we lump into one large category called “the vest”. I the British vest only the fitted waistcoat that men wear over their shirts and under their suit jackets? Thank you for dropping by.
      Take care,


      1. In the UK, a vest is worn under a blouse or shirt. It’s underwear! Sometimes they’re called camisoles. In France, une veste is a jacket. Isn’t language fascinating? I forgot to say how much I liked the way you styled your sleeveless jacket – haha!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Terry,
    this vest is quite a multi talent! Especially when it comes along in black. I like all your looks, but my favourite one is the one with the stripes. I think such a vest is an essential in every woman’s closet. I have also got one.
    Btw, I can’t believe that you’re wearing size L. You look much slimmer (I really mean it!!!).
    Have a lovely week
    XOXO Reni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI Reni, thank you for dropping by. The reason for the large is my bust line. I first have to buy for than and many times, if its a dress, I need to alter the hips. Fortunately, a large in Covered Perfectly seems to fit me fine everywhere.

      Take care Reni
      XOXO Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. HI, Brigid-I thought that was probably the term for this type of garment. We don’t use the term waistcoat to much here. I remember black isn’t one of your best colors. And I would imagine that it is the same for a lot of ladies which is why this one is offered in blue also.
      Take care, good gardenia!
      xox Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Jackie nice to see you! Grey any-kind of shoe is pretty important to me. These boots have seen a lot of duty during the last four years. So I will agree, grey boots (or any gray shoe) is a biggie.


  2. Hello Mireille, Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. There was one small alternation that I did on my vest also and that was because of the wide arm bands. They flared out under my arms and I just tucked up the excess width and slip stitched it down.

    Yes, it is super versatile isn’t it. I’m sure once you get it right, you will being wearing it a lot.


    1. Hi, Jess-Thanks for having the linkup. I don’t publish very much anymore but its always fun to see what you are doing when I do. Yea, I love those shoes-a little bit high, but I don’t care. They are super fun to wear. Take care



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