Covered Perfectly’s Long and Lean Vest-Part 2

Hello everyone!

I’m back today with part two of my style inspirations based on Covered Perfectly’s long and lean vest. If you didn’t get a chance to read Part One, it’s HERE.

Before we start, I’m going to give a bit of history of Covered Perfectly and my vest.

Pauline designs for all women but especially thinks about us ladies over 50.  Covered Perfectly’s made in the USA clothes come in sizes S-2X so she has us all covered! For reference, I am about 5’5″ and am wearing a size large.

I honestly feel that Covered Perfectly’s new vest makes me look slimmer. This is achieved by the vest’s length and a strategically placed bronze button. The vest’s finishing features also include one inch bands along the edge and armholes.

The fiber content is 94% Micro-Model and 6% Spandex. Coming in the colors black or blue, this vest is easily a three season layering garment.

A little more about the fiber that Pauline uses for her garments. MicroModal® is one of my favorite fabrics to wear because it is luxuriously soft and feels great against my skin. Also, it is a truly sustainable fabric.

MicroModal® is derived from the inner pulp of beech trees. All processing is done in accordance with strict environmental standards including chemical free spinning and dying, rainwater for growth, and produces no toxic discharge. This sounds pretty good for Mother Earth.

On With the Styling

Today’s three looks have a completely different vibe than those last time. My three previous styles could be the beginning of a Capsule Wardrobe. I feel anything I published in that post could be interchanged between the three looks; a mix and match dream.

Today, things are a tad more eclectic. Still working from my closet, my new looks are very unique from each other and each has its own aestheticism.

A Tad Boho

I’ve had so much fun wearing this one! It has been perfect for going out with my girlfriends.


I layered black over black with my choice of a black top. This works for me because of the contrast of textures.

My green maxi skirt has never been too happy with any pairing before, but this look has been the answer.

Other things I added to carry out the Boho theme were a long pendent of Agate stones and a very colorful straw bag from my vintage Rodo collection. The lacy looking open toed booties team up with the lace top for that romance I was after.

My  Covered Perfectly’s vest works perfectly tying together all these different elements together. I’ll add that my friends loved this one.

This style has been perfect for those causal get togethers with friends.

Some ideas for romantic boho.


From left to right

My Squad Olive Green Maxi Skirt by Pistola from Lulu’s $80

Guess Drea Sheer Flocked Lace Top from Bloomingdale’s $37.92

Kate Landry Wicker Shoulder Bag from Poshmark $76 (for as long as it lasts)

Unisa Sayvi booties (also in red)-DSW $49.00

Everyday Metallic


Everyday Metallic

How do you feel about wearing metallic for casual wear? A lot of us, I am sure,  already wear metallic shoes and bags for day-wear.

A couple of  years ago I picked up a dark gold metallic stretch top from Kansas City designer Laura McGrew (Tomboy Designs). The problem was that, being metallic, I thought I should only wear for more dressy occasions. Having more than enough clothes that fall into that category, it wasn’t getting out of the closet very often.

Finally, I decided I needed to think outside the mental box that I had put myself into. If I could dress the top down a bit, why couldn’t I wear it for everyday? When I got my Covered Perfectly vest, I thought it was just the right thing to bring the metallic top into the realm of everyday wear.

It was back in March when I first came up with this idea and Mother Nature was still doing her cold bit. Back then, the Cheetah boots made sense. Now that it’s warmer, out with the boots and in with the flats!

I’ve worn this out a few times and enjoyed this little bit of day-wear glamour. How do you feel? Does it work or is this over the top for you?

I took deep violet Calla Lilly home (along with another color).

A Few Finds For the Everyday Metallic Look


A.  Stretchy Hampshire Bootcut Pants from Boden $98

B. Jack by BB Dakota Gold Dust Metallic Knit Wide Sleeve Top from Amazon $32.40-$57.50

C. Brighter Gold Cindaisy Women Metallic Long Sleeve T-Shirt Nightclub Shiny Stretchy Tank Top Blouse $21.99

D. Mix No. 6 Cadaoria Bootie from DSW $44.98

E. Lexa Pebbled Rose Gold Leather Tote from Nordstrom $159.00

F. Steve Madden Talent-L Animal Flats $89.95

Workin’ It


My third idea includes some old staples from my closet. Honestly, this outfit would work without the wide belt but I love this belt (thrifted) so I immediately grabbed it for a focal point.

The pants, I did make and used a grey plaid linen with a now discontinued Vogue pattern. Linen is a lovely natural fabric which, I love to sew and wear.

Again, mainly a black (or grey) and white look but then I can slip on my red patent creepers and have some footwear fun! And like all Covered Perfectly garments, these shoes are made in the USA!

I decided to match my hair to my grey/black look the day I was librarian. Old teachers never die, they just come back as substitutes.

My suggestions for some basics  for this style are:

American Vice has 1/2 price sales on their shoes about three times a year. Get on their mailing list and wait for one of those sales if you like their shoes.

Kasper Plaid Straight Leg Pants Black/White -Nordstrom Rack $35.97

White ¾ Sleeve White Cotton Top-L.L. Bean $22.95

Red Patent Creepers by Modern Vice $349.00

Audrey Bucket Crossbody by Lodis-Travel Smith $148.00

Ralph Lauren Wide Patent Stretch Belt-Lord and Taylor $38.00

That wraps it up for this time around.  Covered Perfectly’s  Vest With Pocketsis reasonably priced and so versatile it is well worth the investment. Again, Pauline does makes her garments in the USA and I’m all about bring it home. And another plug for this fabric. MicroModal® is so soft and easy wearing.

Just one little extra thing. MeadowTree Style readers receive a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code MTS20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. The discount will apply on up to two items. Or you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free, any combination.

Thanks to Covered Perfectly for collaborating on this post. This post does contains affiliate links which generates a few pennies for MeadowTree Style.

I had a great time putting these last two posts together. There is nothing like having a great basic piece to work around.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review and ideas for wearing  this vest. Take care, everyone and until next time…stay creative.




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    1. Hi Brigid, Thanks for dropping by. The red does make it stand out. But, truthfully, that first one is probably the real me-wore that combo to quite a few places this spring. So nice to hear from you. I don’t publish very often anymore so I know I’m hard to catch.

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