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My very nice financial advisor, Paige, sent me an invitation earlier this spring for a women only networking luncheon. Unbeknownst to me, Paige followed my style blog and thought this event would be a perfect fit for me.

Oh, she was right. Sponsored by Edward Jones, about seventy-five of us met at the Brio Tuscan Grille on the Kansas City Plaza. With lunch came a presentation by networking specialist Alana Muller along with a copy of Alana’s book, The Practical Field Guide For Master Networking–plus a bottle of Kate Spade’s Walking on Air perfume.

I had such a good time visiting with interesting people that I forgot to take pictures!


Alana’s presentation and the visiting afterwards inspired me to do more of what I’ve only just barely started.

As a teacher for thirty years in the same building–walking the same halls, teaching the children of children that I had taught in years’ past–networking and collaboration happened all the time. Everyone knew who I was. After a while, it seemed I came with the building.

Then came retirement and this adventure of style/fashion blogging. Admittedly, I could sit here on my farm, style outfits, blog away, and life would not change much. However, I’ve wanted to be a little more involved in the larger world and try to make some contribution to the Kansas City fashion community.

I’ve thought about why that is so important to me. Probably, it has something to do with being “always a teacher.” Plus I’ve long been interested in the history of the garment industry in Kansas City. I know that through grass-root groups, efforts are being made to revive some of the stature and creativity.

These efforts intrigued me and I wanted to help, even if it was small. There was one problem: I didn’t know a soul in the Kansas City fashion design community.

In her book, Alana suggests three questions to judge if you are well-networked:

  • Do you know many people in my own city, industry and/or interest groups?
  • Do those people know you too?
  • Do you find it easy to meet new people, gather information and seek to connect with others?
I didn’t take photos of our networking luncheon so went through my files and came up with some photos that I just like. This was taken a year ago last spring at when I just walked in to find out about the non-profit Rightfully Sewn. In the center is Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer.

My answers would be no, especially on point three. I had never needed to know anyone outside my own sphere of education. Further, it was somewhat uncomfortable for me to walk into a large room and not know anyone.

However, on March 12th, 2016 (and terribly under-dressed, I might add) that is what I did. I attended a Kansas City Fashion Week charity event for Rightfully Sewn. Fortunately, Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer, the force behind Rightfully Sewn greeted me. Jennifer demonstrated perfect networking skills. She was gracious, kind, and could deliver a concise, clear message about her organization. I came home with only two contacts that night, but that was a start.

Again, last spring-the open studio event of my two of my favorite Kansas City ladies: milliner, Amina Wyrick Hood and weaver Debbie Barrett Jones.

Networking will probably always be hard for me, but Alana Muller’s lunch/workshop was encouraging. Also, on our tables were flyers with some great tips on how to network, which I want to share. Alana states that these tips are from her friend and mentor Eric Morgenstern, President and CEO of Morningstar Communications.

  1. Name tag on the right
  2. Restate their name
  3. Share/Get
  4. “Questions are the Creative Acts of Intelligence.”-Albert Einstein
  5. The Early Bird Catches the Connections
  6. Stand by the Food/Bar
  7. Think Quality vs. Quantity
  8. Write on the Business Cards
  9. It’s Not Who You Know…It’s Who Knows You
  10. Don’t say “Fine”

Another useful tool, and one that Jennifer aptly know how to do, is to have a thirty second “elevator speech”. To quote Alana’s book, “Create a succinct description of who you are, your background, strengths and objectives. Include just enough to intrigue the other party-their continued interest and follow up questions will let you know whether you have done a good job of presenting yourself.”

I am working on that one.

In May, I was able to attend the monthly networking event for the Fashion Group International-Kansas City’s Resources and Referrals. It just stirs the creative juices for designers, stylists, bloggers, makeup and hair artists to connect.  Yours truly is in the very back. Photo courteously of FGI-KC.


Sometimes just visiting a bit leads to collaborations. Very soon I will be writing about the ingenuity of Jeanette Knitel of Alvorue (Helping Hot Women Become Cooler). Photo courteously of FGI-KC
This pic is from the Women to Watch event in June, 2017 at the Kemper Museum of Modern Art in Kansas City. I’ve found that once I forget to be self-conscious, it really is a lot of fun to visit with creative type people!

With my abilities and interests, I’ve been wanting to make a difference. Alana Muller’s workshop and her book, The Practical Field Guide For Master Networking, were most encouraging to me. Especially if you are not comfortable about networking, I would like to hear back from some of you on some of your experiences. If you are a blogger, have you ever needed to network to promote your blog?

OK, for the Women to Watch event, daughter Rachelle and I were escorted by our handsome grandson, William. He survived……..


Links to Places and Things Mentioned in This Story

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A Practical Field Guide For Master Networking by Alana Muller

Brio Tuscan Grill, Kansas City 

Edward Jones, Financial Advisors   

Paige Fowler, (my Edward Jones financial advisor in the Waldo area of Kansas City)

This was an extra post and the usual Sunday fashion post will publish at its usual time.

In the mean time, thank you for reading this and take care.

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6 thoughts on “Lunch & Networking

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this interesting blog, it’s good to learn a little of your interests too. I must say I have never promoted my blog either but I so agree that starting on a new path is exciting and does require a change of perspective.
    I find I look forward to reading your blog and I came across it by a keyword search of my interesets, I think you will be a great addition to the Kansas fashion community.
    You look stunning at the Women to Watch event, the black dress with belt and accessories really suits you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for all these great tips. I am just starting to promote my book in public and I am rather shy. However I seem to come into my own when I do a talk on anything I am passionate about. I still find it hard to network in public though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does get a little easier but still it’s intimidating. I found that doing something like this is a lot different than talking in front of a class of students and I still don’t have a concise elevator spiel down yet.
      Good luck with your book. Writing a blog is hard enough for me, but a whole book, that is impressive!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Terri. It took me four years to write ! I am rather a slow coach compared to some of the writers I meet through my blog and social media. You always look amazing and confident. I love reading your posts and learning from your fashion tips. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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