Then & Now-My Printed ASOS Vest

When I find a garment I really like, it stays in my closet for a long time. The creative in me, likes to view these much-liked pieces with a fresh perspective each season and find different ways to style them.

Today’s example is the ASOS long vest that I bought last summer. This vest can be a strong three-season player, but here I’ll show how I wear it during the warm months.



What has stayed the same?

The black column (black top and pants) has stayed the same. However, the two pieces that make up the black column have changed dramatically. Last summer’s column was a tee-shirt and my Mango tapered pants, a not very polished look in my opinion.

This year, the black column is sleeker and more sophisticated. I went with a sleeveless top because I feel a bit better about how my arms look. (Some light weight exercising since February is finally paying off).

The fun change for me in the Now pic is the black loose leggings. During spring, I made these from 100% bamboo knit. With an elastic waist, they are so comfy. I think they look fantastic with any number of looks (see May 4th).

I used Vogue 1440, a Donna Karan pattern that is no longer in print, although it can still be found on ETSY and eBay.  Loose leggings are such an easy beginner-sewing project. What I like about this style is how they fall around the ankles. It’s such a great look, especially with heels.


The Ever Changing Accessories

Last summer, I went with beaded jewelry for a Boho vibe. This summer, I used a textured silver/blue necklace and earring set that I’ve had for years. The silver cuff and my Cheryl Eve Acosta Mer de Verre ring just fell into place. I also added cinch belt that I found at Target last month. Last winter, I started doing a low impact muscle toning exercise and have wittled  about 1 1/2″ off my waist and feel like wearing belts again.

Shoes and Bag

Every summer, I usually try to pick up a new pair of sandals. This year it was Franco Sarto’s Natalie’s from DSW which are blue suede espadrilles. I was determined to style them with this vest and think they were one of my major inspirations towards going blue.

The bag is still Eric Javit’s, this time my much worn blue Squishee with brown reptile embossed trim. You just can’t beat the look of his bags for summer. They are just summer perfect in my book.


I have two different looks with two very different vibes, one Boho and one decidedly more modern. Last year I worked with the black in the pattern and this year the color navy.

Then or Now: which do you prefer? I have to say I really like the navy Now. Next year? Hmmm….that light dusty blue color looks interesting to create around.

Out and about with friends.

I was a bit surprised to only find three longer vests online:

Neman Marcus Last Call-$59-neat graphic here and would go with so much



Vince Camuto-Amazon $11.45-$58 (depends on the color)-this reminds me of wearing a tablecloth-but you know what, I almost did that one time!


Lord & Taylor-$54.50 (sizes 14 & 16 only)

Links to Things and Places Mentioned Today

Vogue 1440 on ETSY (multi sized 8-14)

Nataly by Franco Sarto (DSW)

Merona Cinch belt-Target

Eric Javet bags on eBay

Cheryl Eve Acosta Mer de Verre ring

I sure had a good time sharing with you how I take one piece and restyle it to make it new and different with passing seasons. I leave you with a challenge to go to your closet and re-look at something you haven’t worn for a while and just try something different with it. I guarantee it will be fun!

That wraps it up for today. I love hearing from readers. Please let me know if you would like more Now and Then posts.

Thank you for stopping by. Take care……..



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Husband Michael gets credit for the blog fashion photos today (he likes last year’s photo better!)

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17 thoughts on “Then & Now-My Printed ASOS Vest

  1. I think this vest is a wonderful piece to play with Terri!!
    I have to admit, those blue shoes just give this year’s twist such style & charm!!
    Now I want to see it with a column of white—that’d be perfect for the summer, too? Don’t you think??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely look. I guess the shoes make the now look seem more slick and sassy. But I think the biggest difference is that you seem to ooze confidence, maybe that’s what arm-work does to a gal!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Huh, maybe you are right. I never really thought of it like that, but I have to say I do like the extra muscle in my arm. I also think the look looks longer because those short choppy tee-shirt sleeves aren’t there. I came back and looked at those shoes so many times online that I finally bought them-I hadn’t ordered anything from DSW for 5 years and they finally gave me a deal of $20 off anything I wanted to just make an order-that was enough!


    1. Thanks Jacqui, yea, this vest was sort of a no brainier for me last year. I had actually had it on my blog as a research item for a post about digital prints and then decided I had better get one for my self before everyone else did. I also wear it in the fall with 3/4 sleeves, heavier tapered pants and I think flats.


  3. Thank you. And thank you for liking the ‘now and then’ idea because i really want to do more but if I didn’t get any good feedback I probably would just let the idea drop. I have fun taking just one thing and doing something different with it but that’s just me. I like the idea, that ‘old is new again’.


    1. I am in complete agreement. My vest wasn’t thrifted buy I do have a closet full of 2nd Loved clothing (as I call them). The black knitted topp I am wearing on this post was thrifted. We sound of like mind!

      Liked by 1 person

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