Coffee With Michelle In Joplin Wearing Dad’s Hat-Hats & Wraps #1

My favorite posts are the ones that includes my family. Today’s post is one of those. We are lucky to have to beautiful daughters (yes, I am prejudice) and two pretty neat grandsons. Today, I’m joined by my daughter Michelle and our photographer, my youngest grandson.

I originally went down to Joplin the weekend of February 27th to attend a special event, Two Men And Junk. Driving by the Joplin Expo Center we spied a line the length of a football field. Michelle and I looked at each other, laughed and decided to go for coffee (Joplin Avenue Coffee Company) and hit our favorite thrift shops instead! The weather was gorgeous and it was a great day to walk downtown with the bonus of a great graffiti filled ally behind the coffee shop.

This is a Style Blog so let’s get to it. The star of the show, for me, is my hat which belonged to my Dad. When he passed in ’95, I got his hats. This particular black Fedora sat in a closet because it had an ugly grey vinyl band and the same thick vinyl interior band which made it too small for my head. FINALLY after twenty odd years, I decided to do something about it. I replaced the band with grey silk that I edge stitched with light grey silk thread. The finishing touch was a vintage mother of pearl buckle, all which was from my stash. The interior band was replaced with a band of grosgrain ribbon and it then fit perfectly! I also made a cheetah band for it, but that can be for another time.

This jacket is from a local thrift shop. I thought the stripes and the color way were amazing. The label says “City Girl” and “Made in California, U.S.A. so I would place it in the late 70s-early 80s? The pant is a high waisted knit (Marshalls) with some serious zipper action going on in the front.

The top is silk by Pendleton. I have a life long love of Pendleton. In fact, the first gift my husband gave me when we were dating was a yardage of Pendleton wool so I could make a pair of slacks. My Mother for some reason got pretty upset about it. I guess she figured if a man was going to give me material, it had to be pretty serious. I remember the wool being around $18 a yard and that was in the early 70s; definitely before the days of “cheap fashion”.

My bag is Coach (got to love that online sales outlet) and my shoes are pewter colored smoking flats by Nine West. As usual, I am a mix of name brand, thrifted and DYI fashion. That’s just the way I have always done it. I will probably never have one of those “shop this look” because of how I shop. So it goes.

I talked Michelle into some shots with me. She describes her style as Boho. She is a knitter (her scarf) and readily Refashions thrifty finds. The black jumper she is wearing was too small so she found the perfect cobalt blue dress (the dress was pretty hideous), cut panels for her jumper from it and now has this mod chic dress. 

During the past year, Michelle has also gotten interested in head wraps. Her scarf collection is amazing and she adds jewelry, ornaments and sometimes more than one scarf. I love the drama that it creates!

I am always very happy when I find some architectural gem anywhere (the old art teacher is always there!). On the way to coffee I noticed this 3-D cement block wall. I ran my hand across it and had to have a picture with it. 

 I am coming off a three year spree of polish buying and have quite of few of red to orange shades. I thought Boudicca by Illamasqua matched this outfit. This polish glows on it’s own. This is intense red orange with orange and pink micro-flakes. lllamasqua makes a very high quality product and I find it on Hautelook when Illamasqua is a featured sale and that is quite often.

When Harrison is the photographer, I always reciprocate and take some skateboard pics of him. I guess the one is his “official” portrait of the post. I will add that his Gramps and I  gave him this Revive board for Christmas. I about had a fit when I saw the bottom of it this weekend. I guess they get their war wounds.

Sequence shots using the sport speed on my Nikon 5100D.

This has been a long rambling post and it’s  time to wrap things up. It has been a while since my last style post and I probably went a little crazy. Take care until next time.     


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