Repeat and Variation

For decades, Gloria Everhart’s Act II consignment shop offered high end fashion to women and men in the Kansas City area. At age 90, Gloria retired and Act II closed its doors. I am sad (like a host of others) to see this iconic boutique go and will miss it. At my last visit, I was able to  picked up a wonderful Frank Agostino belted tweed shift–a nicely designed, well made dress in a classic fabric.

I usually stay away from belted items these days, but this was a tweed, a classic weave. Tweed, herringbone, houndstooth, plaid–and all the classic weaves just seduce me. The longer, dropped-shoulder sleeves also attracted me. Further, I just really like brown, for me one of the richest of colors. While teaching, I would never order brown refill pans of watercolor. I asked the kids to make their own by mixing orange and blue. Brown really is a mixture of all three primary colors. Beautiful hues can be created by just mixing your own. So when I see brown, I see all the colors in nature mixed into one.

Anyway, what follows is a sort of walk-through of a few thoughts on what one can do with such a versatile piece.

First, what’s the setting, the environment that I need to dress for? But of course: in a few days, Michael and I are going to a Kansas City Symphony weekday concert. Weekday concerts are much less formal than weekends so I am thinking this dress would be perfect.

I could see this piece used as an American Jumper for a sportier look or just by itself for  a dressier look. There are a few other ways I could have gone with this dress, but you have to stop somewhere. Three was enough for one day.


It was so cold and windy this past Wednesday, picture day. We decided just to have interior shots. I love outdoor shoots because I can walk around and interact with the landscape. When inside, I try not to feel just as a clothes hanger. But you do get some photo bombers with the interiors–which is fun for me.

With look #1, I used my brown suede boots from last week. These boots have been on my legs quite a bit the past two months, the cold and windy time of the year. I layered my brown cashmere turtle neck under the lined dress.

Rather than jewelry, I went with a long narrow silk scarf that I dyed dark brown a few years ago. Not very visible is a vintage brown suede Rodo bag.



Look #2 is an in-between, not too dressy and something I could work in (as a substitute teacher). I have worn black leggings with black booties quite a bit and wanted to see how it would work in brown. I’m not sure how I feel this works here and think I will later try dark brown hose with brown flats.Yes, I am probably one of the few who still wear hose. When it is 30 degrees outside, I can’t stand necked legs and I just like the look of nylons.

The brown silk scarf is still in the picture and I added my tortoiseshell watch.  I’ve changed to a Sacha brown suede clutch that I bought in the early days of collecting.


With look #3, I wanted to try heels but the only brown tone heels I have are caramel brown. To just add them on the bottom and keep everything the same on the top didn’t work for me. Things needed to be mixed up more. Off with the dark brown scarf and I replaced it with a color-block, silk scarf (held in place with a vintage pin). Next, I added texture with a faux alligator texture clutch and replaced the dark brown belt with a textured Liz Claiborne belt (from the 80s). In the end, this is my favorite of the three looks and will be the one that I wear. The symphony is one of the best places to wear heels. You’re setting down most of the time!


My fringe wool plaid will probably be my wrap and this is how I have been wearing it lately. In my last post, I was too busy swinging and flinging it to secure it with a pin but this is my favorite look with it.



Side By Side
Ever get the notion to wear a fossil on you finger? I saw this Ammonite ring at Gemsporium and well, its on my finger now.

Closeup of some of my babies

The Painted Accessory

Today, I have the color Overdrive by Emily de Molly. There are some great Australian Boutique polish companies and Emily de Molly is one of the best. I love duochromes and this red to orange to pink with multichrome flake glitter is outstanding. I’ll be wearing this one a lot.


The design may still be tweaked a tad before the concert. It is time to say good by. Michael and I are hungry and I we are on our way to eat lunch out.

Have a great week and I will see you later! And I promise, as much as I love brown, next week will be a different color-I promise!

That’s all I have for today. So adieu until next time, and in the meantime

Happy Styling!



Michael gets the photo credits for the outdoor photos. I will take credit for the  nail pic.

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32 thoughts on “Repeat and Variation

  1. It’s so nice to see so many ways to style the same item!! Of course, I could be biased since that’s basically the theme for my blog, LOL!!
    I really like all these variations, although that orange scarf is so stunning—I know I’m usually drawn to the bright colors when pairing with brown!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love to see your variations on your look!!! Would you consider a lace sleeve and perhaps replace the brown silk scarf with a colourful patterned scarf? I do like the brown tights as well as the nylons. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sheryl, I am always up for trying new ideas and i will keep those in mind. I shopped my closet for all of these and what you see is probably the best I had for last week. I do have a black stretch lace top but now will probably add a brown one to my items to scout for next time i go thrifting. Thanks for the suggestions because I think this dress has endless possibilities.


    1. Out these three, that one is my favorite too. I have that scarf for such a long time and have worn it with so many things. It just makes a statement, that is just the bottom line and it is what I am wearing this Wednesday to the concert.


  3. I am looking for a perfect tweed skirt every winter but I never find one! Your dress is beautiful and I love it with the brown boots. Also adore that ring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m wondering if tweed just isn’t as popular: I really don’t know. I don’t have a tweed skirt either. This dress is one of the first tweed things I have found in a while. Good luck on your hunt because tweeds are so rich in texture and color.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Such classy looks, Terri. I adore your handbag collection, thanks for the shot showing their beauty. I love brown and have quite a few brown tops but only dressy bottoms, so I wear little brown. Must do something about that. Your little brown boots are gorgeous.


    1. Mary, I tell you I wear brown a lot with jeans 👖. I have dress bottoms that I rarely wear too. Thanks for liking my “old ladies”-I doubt if any of them are less than 40 years old.😊


    1. It was the second one we lost in three years and i don’t think there is anything in KC now that has the quality line that Act II had, so yes-very sad. Thank you for stopping by-I just saw you in IG-so Hello!


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