My Sew Sew Life-Plaid, Suede and Faux Fur. An Easy No Sew Shawl!

Back in August I had a hankering for a brown plaid wool shawl. Probably reading far too much of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, but I also just wanted a good piece of wool. Hunting in the usual places  (Vogue Fabrics, Mood Fabrics and Joann’s) left me empty handed. Finally I went to my favorite haunt. After typing in eBay “Brown Wool Plaid fabric”, this piece of Italian wool popped up. Not only did I love the large plaid but also admired the natural dyed look of the colors (which it probably isn’t). Also it interested me that one side had a printed floral pattern with gold details.


After spending time playing with some yardage at home, I decided that I wanted a piece of about  1 1/2 yards by 2 1/2 yards. This shawl was almost a zero waste garment but my Italian wool was 60″ wide, as most is. I had to cut some off to make the fabric narrower. My shawl was a no-sew project but it was a fringe, fringe and let’s fringe some more. I fringed through a lot of Netflix!

onefootonthebridgeI have found that I can wear this as a cape, shawl, coat and I keep it on my chair at home in case I just want to throw it over my legs when I am reading. A simple piece of cloth can be incredibly versatile.


The Boots

If you remember my last post, I mentioned that after purchasing my Modern Vice Maxines, I went on a shoe hiatus for a bit. Nine West’s Josephines drew me out of that. Being a rich brown toned suede and just a bit of detail (I love the tassels in the back), they were me to a tee! Suede is a little harder to maintain, but that has never quelled  my enthusiasm for it.

The Faux Fur Vest and Pendleton Turtleneck

My vest and turtleneck are “new to me” but not new and came from eBay this past Fall. Don’t ask me why I craved a fur vest. At first thought, it wouldn’t seem to be something I would wear but I just wanted to take a chance. When I showed its eBay listing to my girlfriends, they said YES, go for it (love these ladies) and I love my vest! It’s by Sanctuary, a Los Angeles clothing firm. I checked them out this past Summer for something else and decided they had quality garments and their label could be trusted.

I didn’t really get the Pendleton oatmeal-colored turtleneck specifically for this vest but it works. Its length is a bit shorter than I thought it would be. However,  I am only going to wear it under things so that wasn’t a big point. For a Pendleton item at $12.95, I can be flexible.


The Difference in Berets

The brown Beret I am wearing today is one of my wider ones and I think a bit more dramatic than smaller Berets (such as the one I had one last week). I’ve been collecting and wearing Berets since my 20’s. They are so classic and more versatile than knitted Beanies.

Usually, a Beret is 10 inches in diameter, but I have found an eBay store that offers them a little wider (only by 1/2 inch but that can make a difference). The wider Beret is a bit softer, slouchier, and even can be worn as a Beanie. I think I could do a whole post on just how to wear Berets!

armsoutThe Vintage

I always try to sneak in a little vintage and today is no different. Rather than jewelry, which would have been completely lost with all the fur and plaid, I tied a silk scarf around my neck. This scarf is one of my vintage Poodle scarfs that I have collected. If you didn’t know, we have three Poodles  and I can’t resist a pretty Poodle scarf.

My cross body bag is the first Rodo I ever bought. Although, at the time,  I had never heard of Rodo, the color combo and details blew me away and I snatched it up. This one bag has led to many others and Rodo now is my largest collection. They pop up here quite regularly.

Rachelle and I were in the Byzantine section of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art earlier this week and I remarked how I had always admired the  Chasse Reliquary from the 12th century. She just grinned and quipped, “Its because it reminds you of a Rodo“. My daughter knows me well.

Adding Pins To Hats

Occasionally, I make my hats more individual by adding a pin or brooch. Today’s pin is a one that I bought in the Summer of 1968 before my Freshman year in college. Its the only stick pin I have ever owned and poor little snake guy  has lost both of his ruby eyes but he lives on.


A nice little square waiting on my chair

The Painted Accessory

I am wearing another beautiful holographic by Literary Lacquers. Its Jack Rose and is based on the Jack Rose cocktail from Earnest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I happen to know the Jack Rose cocktail is pink so this color seems more based on the sun.

Amy Milder, the creative behind LL, is currently studying for her CPA exams. For that reason, she is only taking special orders once a month (starting in February). I think those exams can be grueling so I am amazed she is even trying to keep the polish making side of her life going. But Amy does amazing work and I am grateful she is willing and able. To find out her schedule and to get on her email list, go to LL’s Facebook page.


I rarely give a preview of what is going on next week but expect to see my brown suede boots with a more formal look.

That’s all I have for today. So adieu until next time, and in the meantime

Happy Styling!



Michael gets the photo credits for the outdoor photos. I will take credit for the two still lifes and nail pic.

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18 thoughts on “My Sew Sew Life-Plaid, Suede and Faux Fur. An Easy No Sew Shawl!

  1. I’m so glad you showed a close up of the plaid shawl—I didn’t realize from a distance, that beautiful pattern on it!! What a treasure!
    If you’re anything like me, Terri, you will find that fur vest to be much more versatile than you originally imagined!! In fact, I have the hardest time, not buying another one!!
    You look terrific!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Patti, it gave me something to do while watching television. I think that is the only time I would work on it. Yes, I love mt Literary Lacquer. Thanks for being such a great link up host and you are one of the best.


    1. Hi Mary, thanks. And i will think more about the Beret post. I am going to try out this new ETSY shop from Poland who makes 29 different colors of Berets and then I will play. I would love to match each of my hats to a different scarf and add pins and stuff. I think that would be fun.


    1. Thank you Jessica. I think texture and points of interests (and trying not to overwhelm) is one of the things I try to do. I was worried how people would receive it and thank you for your positive comments. And thank you for saying something about my new site design. Last week was just something to get me through until we did something more permanent and i am not even sure if it will stay like this-only time will tell.Take care and see you a little later tonight!, Your link up is one of my favorites. Terri


  2. I also love the slightly different drape of a wider beret. Along with your boots, it beautifully accents your lovely wool shawl. Thank you for participating Hat Attack!

    Liked by 1 person

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