A Crafting We Will Go

It was hot, sunny and miserable, but our Kansas City Blog Guild was invited to media night for the opening of a new Sprout’s Farmer’s Market. There was going to be fun food crafting and I was game, heat and all. I’ve mentioned before that it takes me an hour to get to the city, but with good music and NPR I really don’t mind the drive.

When it gets hot, I grab my linen and when it get sunny I go for my ever faithful (as in twenty five years) straw hat. I’ve had all these pieces for a while, but only started combining them together lately. When I first walked out wearing this, Michael said, “Now, all you need is your Patchouli.” He wasn’t kidding, he knows I still have some. Of course, I wear either pure Patchouli or a mixture that has some Patchouli in it. My favorite is Earth by Perfect Scents, a Kansas City base fragrance shop.

My loose linen trousers have a tie waist which makes them easy wearing. They are by Carol Little and have been in my closet since the early 2000s. The Indian print top is rayon but it has always been cool, probably because of it being sleeveless. I picked this up at a thrift shop in Florida and used to think that only Florida had the good thrift shops. When I would visit my sister, I would take an extra collapsible suitcase with me! But now that I have found some wonderful stores in Missouri, my sister Donna and I will have more free time.  She won’t have to take me to every thrift in the three county area (but you know thrifting, we will have to visit some)!

Does anyone remember the old Nature Company? We used to love that store. It was one of our favorite places to take the girls. I got this hat in the early summer of ’91 at Union Station in Saint Louis. Isn’t it crazy the little stuff you remember?

The bag has been on here many times. It’s my Michael Kors Straw. It has been my go to straw bag for the last three seasons, and many more, I would predict. Of all places, I picked it up at Zappos. 

The sandals are Tod’s They came from eBay a couple of years ago. I got them from a lady who was selling a three-pair deal of her old Tod’s so she could get new ones. The heeled loafers have been on my blog twice during the Winter and Spring. The third pair in the deal will show up pretty soon. 

And Now To the Crafts-Fun Times with the Kansas City Blog Guild at Sprouts-Rather than a make and take it was mostly made it and ate it! 

The first project was painting a jelly jar with milk paint and then distressing it with sand paper. Then decorating it with yarn, cording or jute.  You don’t see my lid in this photo, but it has one and is sitting on my kitchen counter, empty, of course. Sprouts has good granola but I have my own granola recipe that I’ve been making for years so I will fill them next time with my own concoction.

Have you done flavored water yet? It is one of my family’s favorites. For Memorial Day, we had watermelon and mint. At Sprouts we used strawberries and mint. I can’t say blackberries because they were only in there for decoration. I love the perforated lids for the jelly jars with straws. The cheapest I could find was at Oriental Trading at 12 for $10

The cupcake station was my favorite. We had pre-made red velvet chocolate cupcakes and all kinds of fun stuff to put on them. I liked the fresh fruit. At least some of what you are eating is healthy! I’ve done this at home with the family but we never used fresh fruit. I think this is what I want for my Birthday, which is July 3rd. We always celebrate it during our families’ 4th get together.


The yogurt station was great. What a fantastic morning after the big holiday dinner idea. Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and three different types of honey. We used Siggi’s which is in my fridge at the moment. My daughter, Michelle, always plans the morning after breakfast. I need to run this idea by her to see what she thinks because this idea I love.

So, a little fashion styling and a little food crafting for today and that is that. This is an extra post because of the 4th and The Style Crone’s Hat Attack. I will still have my regular post on Sunday. And with that, it’s goodbye until Sunday. Take care and I will see you then. Happy Styling!

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Again, the photos of me were taken by my grandson William.


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