The Perfect Summer Dress For A Retired Art Teacher

That retired art teacher would be me. When I saw this dress on the ASOS-US website about three years ago, my heart went pitter patter. I love digital prints and this prismatic abstract had every hue in the color wheel represented. How could I resist? It was also on clearance, which made it even sweeter. 

Originally, the hem of the dress hit the floor. I guess ASOS thinks we are all as tall as supermodels. I just took my scissors, needle and thread and cut and hemmed. I think I mentioned before how handy it is to know a few things about sewing. Hemming is one the easier ones to master and probably one of the most used by me. 

The slits up the side are one of my favorite features because they let a little breeze in. The dress is 100% Polyester jersey so this helps. Polyester is not my favorite summer fabric, but it takes that sheen to made this print pop. It wouldn’t be the same on a 100% cotton. 

It’s hot here in the Heartland. The past week we have been having 95 degrees plus days, so I decided to keep my jewelry at a minimum. The shoes and bag have appeared here before. The bag is a MAC bag by Rebecca Minkoff and my shoes are Clark Artesians. 

My MAC bag is laser cut. A laser cut bag and a digital print just seems to be a perfect match to me.

One of my favorite activities when it comes to mixing colors is using a kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope takes life and breaks it down into abstract patterns. Its a good tool for color mixing materials in crafting, knitting and sewing. I have used kaleidoscopes when I teach my class Simply Color, a color theory for fiber lovers. My personal kaleidoscope is a porcelain beauty that I found a few years ago.

There’s my chunky acrylic bracelet again. Ever since I retied the elastic to fix it, I can’t stop wearing the thing.

The Polish Story

The polish I am wearing for this post is a special one indeed. It is Tonight’s Adventure by Literary Lacquers. Literary Lacquers is one of my favorite Indie brands. Its creator and color magician is Amy Milder. This color was a limited edition with five dollars of each bottle going to The International OCD Foundation. 

As all of Amy’s lacquers, this name was inspired by a book. Tonight’s Adventure was taken from Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern. It’s a coral orange/pink with copper and orange shimmer along with a really pretty linear holo. You can’t find beauties like this one in the drug stores. The quality of Literary Lacquers is Five Stars. I can’t say enough about what this lady comes up with. 

I am going to do something today that I have never done before. It is probably because of my love of digital prints. I did some Online window shopping and found a few beauties. These are just a drop in the bucket. There were so many, but I had to stop somewhere………

From RealReal-Clover Canyon in a small-$85

From Neiman Marcus-On sale for $130-was $450

From ASOS-Onsale for $36-was $130
I am thinking pretty seriously about this one. I think it is very much me. Well, not the midriff baring top, but the rest of it is. What do you think about it?

From ASOS-on sale for $41-was $94

So, there’s just a few digital prints of a lot that are out there.
And with that, it’s goodbye until next week. Take care and I will see you then. Happy Styling!



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I need to give credit to a new photographer for this post. My oldest grandson, William took this photos. He was basically told if he going to spend time in the Summer with us on the farm he gets to learn the Nikon. I think he did a great job!  

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