Black, White, Red and Tabby Yellow

I think you can’t go wrong with stripes. When Catherine of Not Dressed Like Lamb decided to feature stripes this week, I knew I was in. This outfit was already in the works for a unit meeting of my retired teachers association. The timing was prefect.

Also, Sylvia of 40+ Style discussed how to wear white accessories and wanted to know our opinion on the matter. I think my look today makes my opinion clear. I grew up with white for the summer and never stopped appreciating its crisp look. I know some of the younger ladies have a hard time dealing with white (I did get some feedback on the 40+ community) but my attitude is if you like and feel comfortable in something, do it. If you don’t, that’s OK too.

I think you can see where the Tabby Yellow comes into play. We have quite a photo bomber!

My top is a 100 % cotton black and white stripped knit by Liz Claiborne. This top has been a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe for at least eight years. I have worn it with everything from blue jeans, black pants, white capris, and now bright red jeans.

These jeans are Skinnys Skinnys by Madewell and I found them on eBay. I bought my first pair from Madewell, but once I figured out my size, I was confident in purchasing a pair without trying them on. This intense red is a new color for me and I love it, at least in jeans.

Now to the white. My white wedge sandals are Clarks’ Artesian (eBay). There’s scallops, studs and an interesting configuration of the straps. They were a pair of shoes that I really didn’t need but really needed. I already had white sandals, but nothing as neat as these. 
Next up for discussion is my Yves St. Laurent Downtown bag. This bag was a pretty big step for me. I had always wanted a better, or I guess you could say a luxury, bag. I went to Yoogi’s Closet and started investigating different designers last fall. I picked an online consignment shop with a good reputation that backs up their items. Even used, these bags are not cheap and I just don’t feel knowledgeable enough to spot a fake (as on eBay). I would rather save my money up a tad longer and take the safer route. Yoogi’s Closet usually has a 15% sale at the end of the month on all of their “Sale” category items. That’s where my bag was.
Why YSL and why white (the color is more of a winter white)?

Around 1966, I saw my first Yves St. Laurent sketch in the Sunday style section of the Kansas City Star. His lines were so simple but so beautiful. I immediately fell in love with fashion, YSL and, of course, wanted to be a fashion designer. As far as the white, I just wanted a white bag and felt it was right for me.

White does take extra care, but I know I am willing to take the time, and make sure my bag gets tender loving care. This bag makes me happy and I finally get to have something of my designing hero. Yves St. Laurent passed away June 1, 2008 and the company now has dropped the Yves and just goes by St. Laurent.


I added a modern necklace for this look.
More stripes with my bangle. I just thrifted this one about a couple of weeks ago. I also added a simple silver bangle (from my local drug store’s gift shop) and a white ring that I picked up at Act II, a Kansas City consignment shop.

The Polish Story

What you see with this look is OPI’s Lunch At the Delhi from their 2008 India collection, which I think is one of their more stellar efforts. I didn’t even do my nails back then and certainly had never heard of OPI. I carefully scan eBay and Amazon for what I think are authentic OPI polishes and slowly add them. There is one from this collection that I will probably never have. Royal Raja Ruby is running about $45-50 dollars; a bit to rich for my blood. 

I think this wraps up this one-look post. Do you wear strips? And does anyone else accent their color palette with nail polish? And then there is the big question: Do you feel comfortable wearing white as an accessory, such as shoes or a bag? 

Next week will be more white, because I am going to blog about a summer fete where we had to wear white. It was so much fun! So until then, take care. 



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Just for fun, one of Yves St. Laurent’s 1966 sketches.


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