Wearing The Summer Whites

I’ve submitted this style and blog post for the Style Imitates Art challenge.  This was a fun post to revisit and I have updated my story a bit.
Mada Primavesi by Gustav Klimt
The challenge was Mada Primivesi by Gustav Klimt. My first reaction to the painting was her white dress, the lightness and the airiness of the painting. I immediately thought of this blog post with my all white style. 

Have you been to a summer white party? Last weekend I attended my first as the +1 with my daughter Michelle. The occasion marked the 15th year celebration of Oasis Salon and Day Spa, one of the premier spas in Joplin and the “four state area.” 

Another first for me was styling an all white look. Admittedly, not totally white, because I used metallic accessories. Rather than a dress, I opted for pants, cami and this wonderful floating white over top. Could you call it a summer poncho?

My pants are 95% Cotton/5% Spandex bi-stretch Meronas from Target and they are new. I’ve been hunting from some slim line white pants and I liked the look of these. However (and this is nothing new), I had to take them in through the thighs. 

My thrifted under knit top is 65% Viscose and 35% nylon. It is my Cami substitute. It has wider shoulder straps so my bra straps won’t show and goes well under jackets and my topper.

I am saving the best for last. What do you think of my topper?  I feel as if I am floating when I wear it. It is designed by Rachel Anne Gottlieb who at one time lived in Kansas City.  I first saw it on her IG feed. The original styling for it wasn’t anywhere near how I could or would wear it, but I immediately saw its possibilities. 

The designer moved back to New York and seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. I’m happy that I have this one piece. It’s so simple in design but at the same time very effective in how it moves.

Wrapping up my look will be the accessories I chose. My strappy silver metallic sandals are Bandolinos (eBay) and the clutch is a vintage Koret (eBay). I am guessing that it may be from the eighties. It does have a strap which I can use or remove. Originally, I wanted to collect vintage Koret bags, but then discovered Rodo of Italy, and they have been my vintage bag of choice for the last seven years. 

Close of the my vintage Koret bag, second hand acrylic cuff and my second hand ring. As always, I love my vintage and second hand finds.

As far as the jewelry, the chunky acrylic bracelet was a find on Ruby Lane. I haven’t gotten a lot from the shops there but loved this bracelet. I did have to re-tighten the elastic and probably will have to replace it someday. The rest of my jewelry are here and there things.

Michelle’s Interpretation for the White Party
Michelle drafted her dress pattern based on her Crafty class “The Ultimate T-shirt.” It has a slight asymmetrical cut to it.


Closeup Time-Michelle is wearing
Milani Powder Blush 01 Romantic Rose, Everyday Eyeshadow Collection 04 Plum Basics and Amore Mattallics Lip Creme 08 Raving Matte

I was happy when I learned she was wearing Milani. That has always been one of my favorite brands. They have the Leaping Bunny certification (definitely cruelty free) and I can get it at my CVS.


Another view of my three piece



Another photo demonstrating the lightness of this piece
Toasting 15 years with blue sparkly


Michelle with her Message Therapist, Feriyal. I loved Feriyal’s peekaboo chiffon midriff.

I love good stories and this has to be one. Fifteen years ago, the three ladies below; two sisters and their grandmother, decided to go into business with each other. From seeing what Oasis has turned into, these three make an incredible team.

From left to right: Adrian Petticrew, Darlene Shepherd, and Aubree Templeman the visionaries and owners of Oasis
The evening finally came to an end and we had to say goodbye, but what a fun evening! That’s a very nice looking car but it isn’t ours.

And one more view of my topper. It just floats when you move and the only way to show it was to do a little “cat walk”.

The link to my video on YouTube.

 I’ve updated this post because things can change in four years. What hasn’t changed is that I still have my floating top, and still wear those Merona pants-they were just in a post this summer (2020). I’ve already mentioned that the designer has vanished from social media. Oasis seems to be doing great with a gorgeous web presence.

It’s hard to believe that this event was four years ago. It seems like yesterday and Michelle and I had so much fun.

This post was transferred over from my Blogger site when I set up my new WordPress account. There’s some visual technical problems that I just can’t seem to edit out. Please forgive for that. Now, for something new…

A Year Later and Another Interpretation
For this time around, I chose a black tank top, black stretch pants that were made by me, a pair of vintage Olivia Rose Tal wedges, a vintage Rodo bag and a lace pin created for me by my daughter Rachelle.
During the summer of 2017, for an art show of my daughter Rachelle, I  found a different way to wear my top.
This photo shows how transparent and light the top is. Being a knit, the edge isn’t even hemmed. Knits don’t ravel like woven  fabrics do. Whatever Rachelle had on her phone, we were sure interested in!

I’ll have to admit, three years ago was the last time I had this top on……maybe someday in the future I will find a special event and take it for another spin.

That’s all and I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.




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