The Alphabet Of Sheep

I was reviewing my Amazon wish list yesterday, and came to the last book. I added it August 29th, 2004. The book is The Alphabet Of Sheepby Patty Yoder. Patty Yoder died in 2005 at age 61. The book soon went out of print and cannot be found. Once I saw a copy of it for $200. I think I am left wishing.
Patty Yoder was a rug artist, which I am not. But her work was so wonderful, that I wanted her book in my collection. Galleries still have retrospect shows for her. A show closes tomorrow (10-28-12) at the Shelburn Museum in Vermont.
In the twelve years that she hooked rungs, she created 44 masterpieces. Her subjects were her animals and family. A quote from Patty Yoder:
I am in love with wool. I love to bury my hands in the living wool of our beloved Border Leicester sheep. I love the feel and smell of new sheared wool when I gather it into bags as our shearer does his work. I love the yarn produced from each individual fleece. But most of all I love the glorious pieces of dyed wool fabric stacked by color waiting for the perfect spot in a hooked rug that I will create. —Patty Yoder
In my research, I found that there is a book that has some of her work in it, but for now, I have to be happy with Internet images. 


3 thoughts on “The Alphabet Of Sheep

  1. I see that you wrote this nearly a year ago, but I hope that you know that the Shelburne Museum has a permanent gallery dedicated to Patty Yoder. Following her passing, her family dedicated a large amount of rugs in her family to the museum. You can visit the Patty Yoder Gallery in the Hat and Fragrance Gallery until the museum closes seasonally this October.


  2. My goodness, what I get for not proof-reading. (*…large amount of rugs in her memory…* *Hat and Fragrance Building*)


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