Poodle Time!-Poodle Up Your Home and Garden

Preface: this post was written quite a few years ago. I’m sure these exact items will not be available. However, they could be a start in exploring new and different Poodle home and garden items.
Today’s Poodle post in about adding a little Poodle to your life style.  
A Poodle Topiary is one of my favorites.  This one is with the moss. They can be found
over the Internet, with or without moss. Some come with lights.  This one is from
This Felt Poodle Pillow Cover can found at ETSY.
Vintage poodle lamps abound on Ebay. However, this is a modern edition that
can be found at Zara Living.
I love this mug. It is from a vintage poster for a French Martini Bar. You can find
this cup on Amazon.
And finally, one of my favorites.  I have this game and we have so much fun playing it.
Again, you can find this at Amazon


Sophia and Niko thinks it time to take a walk-so until next week. 


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