Joan Miró Inspired Fabric

Women and Birds printed cotton dress fabric, after Joan Miró , produced by Fuller fabric-c. 1955-56

I have been researching fabric lately. Having decided to create my own drapes or Roman Shades for my living room, I’ve been looking for inspirations.  I love Mid-Cen stuff so that is what I have zeroed in on. In the process I have found so many beautiful and creative cloths that has been produced during the last 60 years. From time to time I am going to share my findings.

The Spanish Surrealist artist Joan Miró (April 20,1893 – December 25,1983) inspired the  fabric for this blog edition. Below is an example of Miró’s work for those not familiar with it . He has always been one of my favorites.  I have used his work to illustrate the use of color and line with some of my younger students. Plus, having six cats I am just a tad drawn to this one below!

A second article that I have put together with another great fabric design based on  Joan Miró can  be found here. 

For a third article concentrating on  Joan Miró’s bird paintings can be found here


Cat Encircled by the Flight of  a Bird


4 thoughts on “Joan Miró Inspired Fabric

  1. Hi, I found you via a google search as I am looking for some Miro inspired fabric to re-upholster a chair. Any ideas where I might find some? I'm in Australia (can't see any clues as to where you are), but will consider importing the right fabric at the right price.


  2. Hello Australia, I live in the US Midwest-one hour south of Kansas City Missouri. I have never found any current Miro inspired upholstery fabric. The sample I used in my blog was for dressmakers and came from Lesley Jackson's book “20th Century Pattern Design”.

    I have found garments that are Miro inspired but that is about it. But I have not been that persistent in my research.

    This is going to sound crazy, but if you didn't need to much fabric, you might could get an artist to actually paint the yardage with whatever Miro pattern you liked (but then this is an Art teacher talking).

    Wish I could help more. If I ever find something, I will put it up with a where and how much.


  3. Hi! Also found you via google search the same way. I´m a textile designer and my current work is to make a Miro inspired print for a swedish kids brand 🙂 Unfortunately not upholstery. But you might want to try spoonflower, loads of designs and you can create your own print as well.


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