Joan Miró Inspired Fabric 2

Espace, sceen printed rayon fabric, designed by Elsbeth Kupferoth for Pausa, 1954

My research has led me to this wonderful fabric. Designed by Elsbeth Kupferoth in 1954, I see a connection between its design and Spanish Surrealist artist Joan Miró’s  (April 20,1893–December 25,1983) ConstellationPaintings. 

I am attracted to the Constellation paintings because of the toned backgrounds and the mix of color with black.  As mentioned in my previous article about Miró, the use of line is just wonderful.  I think that Kumferoth used these ideas as a jumping off point for her design. 

Constellation: The Morning Star“-1940


Constellation Awakening At Dawn“-1941
“Figures and Constellations in Love With a Woman”

I was thrilled to discover that Elsbeth Kpferoth is still creating art.  She resides in Munich and has a  website with examples of  current work.  She mainly paints large format acrylic paintings.  I am drawn in my her smaller collage type work. I was very excited to discover this artist. I hope to do more research and writing about her.

Example of Elsbeth Kpferoth’s current work



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