My Sew Sew Life-My Seamstress Heritage

I published this post quite a while back, long before I was comfortable being in front of the camera. At that point in time, my blog was solely about art, design , sewing, kntting and poodles.

The fitted blouse that I created from one of my mother’s patterns has continued through the years to be one of my favorites.

I’ve worn this top constantly thought out the years and never tire of it. This photo was taken  just this Fall (probably around October, 2019), when the Kansas City Symphony was still having concerts.


My Mother was a knowledgeable, technique driven sewing teacher when it came to her oldest daughter.  She held every project up to the highest expectations. Many a seam would be ripped out if it didn’t meet approval. I was that daughter.  She always wanted my garments to be the best I could sew and always said, “and don’t forget that the inside needs to look as good as the outside”.

I inherited her patterns. Sometimes I go through them just to look.

My green Asian blouse was created from one of these patterns.  Pictured is the blouse and pattern.  I kept the neckline, which I thought was wonderful.  The sleeves are the same.  However, I re-cut the bodice into a blouse shape, added darts around and am very happy with the results.

The material showed a tendency to fray.  So remembering Mom’s words, I bound all my interior seams, for a very finished look.

 Happy sewing and always take a re-look at those old patterns. You never know what inspirations you will find.

Take Care Everyone


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