My Sew Sew Life-2 Botched Linings=1 Scarf

There has been a hard and time consuming lesson this week. It is that the silk that I purchased shrinks. I decided to line a scarf that I had knitted for one of my daughters. After dying and doing Shibori resist on lining #1 it came up a good 4” to short. I chalked this up to me just not paying attention and cutting it too short.
So I start lining #2. I knew it was the right length so I go crazy on it with the Shibori. Started to pin it and again to short! OK, they say the third time is the charm. I cut the new lining way longer than I need and am still working on it.
So one of my commandments is. “Thou shall not waste silk.“ So one can always use more scarfs, right? I sewed the pieces together and decided to gather the ends. I can loop one end through the other and come with something that looks like the old fashioned quilting yoyo. I’m happy and no wasted silk. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed when I pin on the new lining!
                             Another way that I like to wear this scarf

How To Make Your Own Scarf
1. Cut two rather thin pieces of material of pattern of your choice. They need to beat least 10 ½” by 61”. * I used ½” seams for a finished scarf of 9 ½ “ x 60”.
2. Sew the rectangles together, leaving a small area un-sewn to turn the fabric.
3. Turn fabric and press.
4. Using a hand needle and thread gather each end of the scarf.
5. Then sew the corners of each end together. (See picture below)
6. Push one end through the other to create a rosette.
7. Your scarf is finished.

Want to dye some silk yourself? Dharma Trading is a great place to get silk and dyes. Dharma also has  an endless supply of dyable fabric and clothing.

My second lining was wider than my first. Rather than cut it down and lose some of my pattern, I gathered it every 3 ½ “. I really like the effect, but it is not necessary.
Examples of the gathers. I used black elastic thread, just as a experiment. However, it is not necessary. A gathered stitch should work fine.

This is a quick and easy project. Have Fun!


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