Long Kimono Dressy/Causal-Silver/Gold

How many modern kimonos do you have? I’ll have to admit that until this past January, I had zero. When these easy to wear pieces (and I think just a little Boho) first started showing up about three years ago, I decided to let the trend pass. But now, I’m wondering if this trend is starting to be a closet staple. They are fun to wear, easy to style and can add a little panache to your style.

My New Kimono

My kimono today, is perfect for summer. Although it’s full length, it is also very light (almost a chiffon) and seems to float in the breeze.

My friend and What to Wear boutique owner Debby gave it to me to see if I liked it and how I would style it. On my own, I don’t know if I would have picked this particular piece. I guess Debby knows something that I don’t, because I absolutely love it!

I’ve divided the styling into two parts; casual and dressy. With both, I’m using one of my favorite techniques when I want something to really stand out and that is solid column dressing. With my casual look, I went with a white column and for dressy it was black.

Silver and Gold

I wonder if most people have a preference for silver or gold jewelry? I really don’t and it depends on what I’m wearing. I was once told that with my  skin tone, I should  wear silver. Sorry, I like my gold too. Today, I’m playing around  with both silver and gold accessories to see what kind of vibe they each give my look. With the variations, I have four inspirations.

Taking It Casual With White

A pair of white American Eagle jeggings (they are new this summer) anchors my white casual look.  I added a thrifted knitted white camisole on top.

Adding Silver
 I originally bought my silver sandals five years ago for my daughter Rachelle’s wedding reception. I just couldn’t see myself dancing in tall heels!

My Karen Scott silver sandals were pulled out this spring from hibernation. Since their rediscovery, I have been wearing them quite a lot. I had forgotten how comfy they are and everyone needs a pair of super-comfortable sandals!

My other silver accessories are second hand. I love chain belts and I found this vintage silver one on eBay. My Stella and Dot necklace and Brighton bracelet (were also found on eBay).

I discovered with Brighton that you have to look carefully, because there’s also a brand called Brighton Beach that looks like the real thing but isn’t. Some things just come with copy cats.

My silver Michael Kors bag is from The RealReal.  I found large bags (and I did try a few) just didn’t look proportionally right with the longer Kimono length. So I decided, long Kimono-smaller bag.

Adding Gold
I just love the color coral and decided to take a chance using it with the pink (coral does have a bit of orange in it). The coral and gold necklace worked much better when I put it against white fabric rather than my skin tone. As far as the sandals, they are a dusty tone of coral which lets them blend better with the pink in the komono. Sometimes you just have to experiment with color.

For my second casual variation, I am exchanging the silver for gold as well as a little coral color and straw. I also exchanged my camisole for a white polyester shell that is a good twenty years old (it’s been a staple under suits).

Nothing says summer better than straw and wicker and I sneak them in whenever I can. This vintage Rodo straw has been on here many times during the last four years.

My sources for my accessories are; the Stella and Dot necklace is again from eBay as is my vintage straw Rodo bag. The Elizabeth Cole ram head bracelet is from Poshmark and my thin gold belt was thrifted. The Enzo Angiolini sandals are very  old but bought new once upon a time.

Going Dressy With Black

My black jumpsuit, which I am using for my black column today was found on Poshmark. It  has been a closet staple for these past three years and even  got its own post. And I have to admit, although I will probably wear the white column styling more, this one is my favorite.

It seems I had a bit of luck when I found my jumpsuit on Poshmark because there don’t seem to be to many on there at the moment. However, Macy’s has some fantastic samples in black.

Fabric Makes a Difference

This particular jumpsuit is made from a polyester crêpe, a slightly textured matte fabric.

“Crêpe, commonly spelled crepe, is a luxurious fabric that was traditionally made from silk, but can now can be made from almost any fiber. Crepe types vary from thin and lightweight to thick and heavyweight. Most crepe fabrics have a beautiful drape and are popular for evening gowns and suiting.”

Yes, it likes it dressy.

Adding Silver
Oh these shoes! They were my first pair of really high heels. I got them right after I retired because I figured that I finally had enough time to practice walking in them. I also wore them as the Mother of the Bride. Now you can understand why I needed the silver Karen Scott sandals to dance in. Walking and dancing are two different things in my book!

All silver accessories used were sourced second hand. The Stella & Dot Alexandria Bib necklace was found on eBay (exact one here) as was my vintage Koret bag and Badgley & Mischka heels. My little silver mesh and metal belt was thrifted.

Adding Gold


With the change to gold, I am featuring two pieces of jewelry by Kansas
City designer Ngan Vuong. Her pieces feature semi-precious stones and are standouts. My necklace and ring are no different.

My white semi-circle wicker bag is one of my vintage Rodos. The raw silk gold Ralph Lauren wedges were picked up, of all places, Tuesday Morning a few years ago. They have made a rare appearance here and there over the years.

Lastly, is my brass/old gold chain link belt. Around ten years ago, I became nostalgic about a chain link belt that I had as a teenager in the 60’s. Of course, it had been long lost but I wanted one again. I remember that it took me about a month of hunting, but finally this one popped up on eBay and I grabbed it. By the Limited, it reminds me of something you would see in a Pre-Raphaelite painting. I use to wear it a lot but seem to have let it languish in the closet for a few years. It’s time to rediscover it and see how I can style it with some of my current clothes.

Wrapping it up

And I think that’s it up for this lady and her kimono. So to sum it up…

I’ve finally have started using modern kimonos and hope they stick around for a while because they are really fun. Are you like, me quite a late comer or got on the kimono trend early on? Do you just not like them and have no desire to wear one? I would really like to know.

I know that most of you can’t run down to Debby’s, What to Wear, on the central square in county seat Butler, Missouri (about 50 miles south of Kansas City). The good news is that you can find kimonos everywhere, especially on line; eBay, Amazon and department stores all have selections and you can find about any style you want.

Also, this post, as most of mine do, drives home that I just don’t have a problem buying second hand. It’s just the way I operate and I so love a good hunt!

Take care and stay safe.

Michael and I are still having to be very careful here in Missouri and I think we will have to continue doing so for a very long time. I’m about to make us some more masks (waiting for my fabric from ETSY) because I now consider them an essential wardrobe accessory.



Just a few extra photos…

                                              close up of my three vintage bags that I used today
That ring! It does make a statement-definitely a power ring.
                                                              And dance we did!

OK, this is really it-Bye for now

Stay creative, Terri



19 thoughts on “Long Kimono Dressy/Causal-Silver/Gold

    1. Hi, Jodie, I’ve become a fan now. It didn’t really happen until last January but will this one I became a believer. I hope they stay for a good long while because they are so much fun to wear.


    1. Hello Brigid and I hope you are doing well! I guess I do have my favorite of the batch. I am sure glad I didn’t get rid of any of my gold tone jewelry when silver was the thing. I think a kimono is a fast way to look dressed up. Thanks for coming by and seeing me. I hope you are getting enough rain. We had a dry spell there for a while but finally got some rain Friday,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Mireille, I have to admit that I have three too. There’s one that I got of of eBay that I’m saving back. What I’m saving it for, I’m not sure but it’s hanging out in the open so I can see it. Thank you for dropping by and I hope everything finds you and your family well. Terri


    2. Love the kimono. My favorite is with the white, but it looks good with both. Love thrifting, just don’t have many good ones here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, Iris-yes, Kimonos are pretty and I hope they stay around a bit. I haven’t been thrifting since Covid-I’m surviving without it 😏
        Thanks for coming by and seeing me.


  1. I’m like you. I only have one kimono that I made and don’t reach for it. I do enjoy seeing them on other ladies, though. I really like the white underneath with the matching beads, so pretty! I’m a proponent of buying previously loved items, but have had a couple of missteps lately. (Not from the seller’s perspective, just didn’t work for me.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Kim!
      I have to admit that I now have three different kimonos, none of which I made. When I finally post about my third one, I think you are going to find it fascinated. I got it off of eBay and when it came, i discovered it was constructed of geometrical pieces and not just rectangles; triangles, diamonds and squares.
      Missteps happen to all of us, especially when getting something preloved on line. It’s part of the adventure, I guess. Take care, and sew on!


  2. I love kimonos and have some of varying lengths. I do like a boho look! I’ve always worn silver or white- gold jewellery and my sister is exactly the same. We’re both dark haired, with olive skin and it seems to work for our colouring. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! So happy to hear from you. Quite honestly, I probably have more silver than gold. For a few years, there wasn’t really any gold tone jewelry out there, it seemed. Take care, Terri


    1. Hello, Ada
      How are you. Thank you for coming by. I will certainly put this on your link up. I am working on a newer post but it won’t be ready for a while yet. Take Care, Terri


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