White Jeans-6 Different Ways

Styling My New Pair of American Eagle Jeans

White denim jeans are, for me, one of the quintessential harbingers of warm weather ahead and winter in the rear view mirror. I usually have a least one pair of white jeans lying around somewhere and tend to keep them for a very long time. This spring, realizing that my current pair is ten years old, it was time to look for something new.

I headed over to my favorite jean brand, American Eagle (more about why this is so later), and snapped up a pair of white high-rise skinnies on sale.

Why I Like White Jeans

Why do I like white jeans (or white pants for that matter) so much? White is such a clean and modern color. I don’t care for pure white in a room setting, but love the spark in combination with other colors. White can take something older and make it look new and modern.

My Self Challenge

I settled on three different styling ideas; floral, color block and geometric prints to combine with my white jeans. Each print (or solid) was tried out with a color idea and then answered with a neutral idea (mainly blacks), which means I have six different ideas to share today.

With the exception of an older cardigan, all the tops used today have been sourced second hand either at thrift shops or online resale stores. So let’s get started…


Floral in Violet


When I spied this semi-sheer Liz Claiborne blouse at Goodwill I was attracted to its floral pattern and color. I thought the blouse style itself, was rather old lady looking and decided, if nothing else, I could cut it up and use it in some restyle. I’m rather fond of doing that (HERE). A year later, the blouse was still hanging around unused in my closet!

I solved “my old lady look” by adding a cami under the shirt and leaving it unbuttoned. This gave me room to add an statement piece necklace.

Tucking the blouse in the front also helps give it a new vibe too. I recommend trying different ways to tuck things in; you can take something a little dated look modern.

Besides the necklace, I dded a white Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag and a pair of silver sandals. Have you tried silver with white?  I am attracted to how silver looks with white and plan to combine more of it together this summer.

Floral in Black and Grey


It was love at first sight when I saw this sheer Cabi blouse on Poshmark (there’s plenty of cool Cabi stuff there). The large abstract cabbage rose pattern is just my stylistic cup of tea. And the ruffles (see the next photo)!

Again, I used a cami with my blouse; this time in black. I think the layered look is more interesting than the blouse by itself. I also created a high/low look by tying the shirt in front and letting it hang long in the back.

Finishing off this casual look is silver jewelry, a black woven Eric Javit’s bag (same on the RealReal)) and my trusty pair of Moda black peep-toe wedges. Mine are eight years old but I found the exact same pair in a size 10 on eBay!

Had to add a close-up of this blouse-there’s also soft pleats on the collar.
Color Block

The color block styles are a bit dressier than the others. Solid colors can look casual, it just depends on what style type is chosen for the top.


First up is an older coral cardigan with small rhinestone buttons. I always think they are crying to have pearls with them and I happily oblige. Finishing out the look are a pair of blush sling-back shoes (very old) and a floral bag that I picked up on Poshmark last summer.

I usually wear this cardi with my black linen pants. I love the way the color pops against the white.


When I saw this vintage Ann Klein blouse at the thrift shop, I snapped it up. Its only problem was a worst for wear gold button on the top band. After I found a new button, it looks brand new. And I like hanging it out straight.

I do have new shoes on. My favorite black wedge sandals from ’05 finally fell apart last summer and I replaced them with these Marc Fisher’s from DSW just last month. The second hand black patent clutch was from eBay.



Now, I’m going to a total dressed down look. I made this tunic in 2016 from Burda Style’s June magazine for July the 4th . However, for today, I left out the blue accessories. My sneakers are Keds triple wall. I have loved Keds since I was a child and am so happy that they are adding so many cool looks to their modern line. Also, I added my vacation staple “horse feed bag” by Coach.


Lastly, is my newest top, which I featured on my last post with my striped cardi. It is second hand and I found it on eBay. I pulled a little of the top through a front belt loop to give it a asymmetrical look. This answers the back, which is two curved pieces.

I’m finishing like I started, with silver accessories. My bag is a vintage Koret (also eBay).

The pretty back
Why American Eagle For Me?

I probably have a few things in common with my youngest Grandson Harrison and I know that one of them is shopping at American Eagle!

Harrison, would dress head to toe in American Eagle (all he wanted for Christmas was American Eagle gift cards). For me though, it’s the jeans. They fit me better than any other brand.

I will admit, most of American Eagle is geared toward the very young. But a good fitting jean is a good fitting jean and for my money American Eagle is the one. Their jeans regularly sell for $50, but I get them on sale for  $30. My daughter Michelle also wears them, so American Eagle is definitely a multi generational thing in this family.

Another reason that Michelle and I like American Eagle is an ethical one. Do you remember the Rana Plaza disaster? It happened on April 24th, 2013. One of the outcomes of that terrible event was the Bangladesh Accord.

“The Accord is an independent, legally binding agreement between brands and trade unions to work towards a safe and healthy garment and textile industry in Bangladesh. The Accord covers factories producing Ready-Made Garments (RMG) and at the option of signatory companies, home textiles and fabric & knit accessories.”

American Eagle was one of the few American Retail businesses to sign the original 2013 accord. This has always meant something to us.

I think that pretty much wraps up today’s ideas for white jeans. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Are you familiar with American Eagle? Have you always thought they were just for the younger set? What brand of jeans fits you the best? I always love to hear from all of you.

I hope my playing around with my white jeans will inspire you to take a look inside your closet and see what you can combine for a refreshing new look. I love the feeling when I find a great combination that was always there but I just never thought about it; so much fun!

It was a long post, I know but white jeans are that versatile! Thanks for reading it.

Well, take care everyone, especially in these trying times.




piratecover shot
Here’s to better days. This was taken on the 4th, 2016


18 thoughts on “White Jeans-6 Different Ways

  1. I love white jeans and I love all the ways you have styled them. French women can frequently be seen wearing white jeans which they have usually styled in a very classic manner, often (but not always!) with navy. Great post!


    1. Hello, June and thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Yes, blue is a very good choice for white and I wear navy blue tops with white slacks many times. This time around, I wanted to explore other possible color/pattern options that I had in my closet. Thanks again, XOXO Terri

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Terry,
    we’ve had awesome weather since lockdown started. So of course my white jeans and trousers have already come into action this spring. Though not very often as I’m not going out a lot. (At home I wear more comfortable material). I love how you styled your white jeans, and I think the possible styling variations are endless. Almost everything goes with white jeans. I’m not familiar with American Eagle, but I will keep that brand in mind!
    Hope you’re doing well,
    XOXO Reni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Reni, I doubt if you will ever run across a pair of American Eagle jeans. They are probably only here in the US. You’re right, endless things can go with them, not just traditional navy. Do you see a lot of navy with white there? Yes, Michael and I are being pretty careful and try to stay at home as much as possible and will continue to do so for the month of May. Take care, XOXO Terri

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Eva, I was a nice surprise to me now nicely that turned out because that blouse is the one true vintage piece in today’s post. I just had to change the button to make it workable. Thank you, for dropping by. I really appreciate it. Terri


  3. Oh my goodness, what great ideas you’ve given me. I do have white jeans – not that I’ve worn them much. I’m such a klutz and am always spilling something so I have to be extra careful when I do wear them. I’d forgotten I had them and re-discovered them just a couple of days ago. But your tops – I love all of them and so many good ideas for wearing them. I’m not real creative in the clothes department, so these helped. I was going to pick a favorite idea, but that was too difficult as I read on. Know I’ll be trying some of these.
    Grace & Peace,Iris

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Iris-yes, white jeans can be a problem child in the stain department. I totally understand be careful where and how often you wear them. I am happy that I could help out. White jeans do just about go with everything! Take care, Terri


  4. I think white kicks off summer for me, too. I haven’t quite gotten into wearing white bottoms in winter, though I will do off-white. I have a white skorts and off-white skinnies but no white white pants. I think I need to remedy that. I, too, am an American Eagle jeans girl. They’re my go-tos. I love the ways you’ve styled them and the tucking-in trick you used to make the top asymmetrical in the front to match the back – how clever! My favorite of all of the looks is the thrifted Anne Klein top with the black clutch and black wedges – what a great dressy look!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, and thank you for dropping by and commenting. Don’t American Eagles fit great. I am so glad I finally changed that button on the Anne Klein. I now think that blouse will see some time rather than sitting in back of the closet. Take care, Terri

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great style post, Terri! White jeans are such a great staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I love pairing my white jeans with either a dark contrasting color or a more subtle softer almost monochromatic neutral shade. I am loving all of your outfits in particular the black and white ones. The stark contrast always creates such beautiful drama in an outfit. Thanks for linking up with me!


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great looks with white jeans! I have three pairs now and love how versatile they are. I’ve bought several things at American Eagle. Your Liz Claiborne blouse was a great find at Goodwill.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Carmen and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to run into another American Eagle enthusiast. I’ve ordered a pair of white jeggings and have been patiently waiting for their arrival. Take care and stay safe, Terri

      Liked by 1 person

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