Yellow Cropped Jumpsuit

Did you notice that yellow seemed to appear frequently on the runways this spring? However, I don’t believe I thought about that when I saw this Le Lis saffron yellow jumpsuit at one of my favorite Kansas City boutiques, Anaphora. I just saw a bright, happy, unique garment and kept my fingers crossed that it looked good on me. I tried it on. The verdict was favorable. The jumpsuit came home with me.



Blue and white pin stripes, cropped, faux wrap front, and that wonderful yellow was a winning combination. When I saw the “Made in the USA”, I was sold. Owning only one other pantsuit, I decided this was a perfect choice for spring and summer seasons.



What is an outfit without accessories for that individual statement? For this bright jumpsuit, I decided a pick up the navy in the pin stripes for the shoes and bag. Yellow and gold, for me, is a given and went with all gold jewelry.

My Reverie Gold Rectangle Pendant (I found the gold neckwire to put it on at JoAnn’s Fabric) and animal print cuff are by Georgina Herrera of MCK Designs.


I am using my Rebecca Minkoff’s Leo Clutch today. This  clutch design comes in so many colors and designs that it can meld with just about any look you want. These clutches are just handy when you just need something to stash your important things for a night out. You can also find Leo’s on about every online consignment site. Just search “Leo Clutch” on eBay or Poshmark and you’ll see what I mean!

Again, I am wearing my  Candie’s® Kraizin Women’s Lace-Up Flats. These suede flats are super versatile  and are a perfect match for my Le Lis jumpsuit. One can still find these handy little shoes at Kohls.


My Own Small Twist

Thursday night I decided to wear my new jumpsuit to the Kansas City Ballet’s presentation of Peter Pan (just delightful!). For this setting, I added an Anna Sui navy suede belt with an amazing buckle I found on Poshmark. Never sure what the temperature is going to be like at The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, I also took my silk ribbed and ever faithful (going on seventeen years now) Pendleton cardigan.

My convertible navy patent leather clutch/handle bag is by Hobo and I found it on eBay. It has a very long body and I can get everything in it.


Yellow on the Fall ’18 Runways

There were so many gorgeous yellow looks shown on the runways this spring. It was hard to pick just four to show. Starting at the top left corner and going clockwise: Michelle Smity of Milly, Carolina Herera (retiring, her last collection), Raf Simons for Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.


Similar Styling But Different Color

I couldn’t find my jumpsuit anywhere online but I love the faux wrap style so much, I found a couple for your consideration.


Here’s a couple that present similar styling. The left is from American Eagle –$59 and on the right, American Apparel-$33.

Two Patterns For Home Sewers

Do you sew like me? I had to check the patterns, of course.

The left is Vogue 1580, really a two piece, but it looks like a smart jumpsuit and it has pockets. The right is McCall 7662.


Not So Mellow Yellow

Back in 1967, Donovan sang that sweet song but yellow is anything but mellow. It is the  high energy color. Sitting on top of the color wheel, yellow reflects the largest amount of light of all the twelve colors. Here’s a few facts about yellow. 

Yellow is a happy color. I’ve read that it stimulates mental processes, stimulates the nervous system, activates memory and encourages communication.

But yellow also has a dark side to it: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness. Furthermore, yellow is the color of caution and physical illness (jaundice, malaria, and pestilence).

Yellow, along with blue and red is one of the primary colors of the subtractive color model of color theory. In this color model, yellow is needed to create green and orange.

There are many plants out in the world that will give you a beautiful yellow for natural dyes. Among the best are: Weld, Dyers’ Coreopsis, Camomile, Goldenrod, and onion skins.

How Do You Feel About Yellow?

How do you feel about wearing yellow? I will admit that it has been a while since I’ve picked such a bright hue.

To find if the color really suites your skin tone, I think trying on some bright yellow is necessary. Then you can get an idea if you are comfortable with how you look. Start out with a butter yellow and then work your way up the brightness scale.

Since I still enjoy sewing and making my own, when in a fabric store, I take a swath of fabric, find a mirror and see how it just looks against my skin.

I knew I could handle butter yellow, but never dreamed that saffron yellow would be my cup of tea. You know what? It makes me happy!

That’s it for today.

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Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


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I would like to have your opinion of something. This linkup is to encourage Slow Fashion and this can take many forms. I am considering adding two other categories to the linkup. The two I want to add are: I made it myself” and “it’s been in my closet for ten years or longer”. I’ve haven’t made a decision but I believe sustainable fashion can take many different forms and wanted to see if all of you would be receptive of this idea. What do you think? I welcome opinions to help me make this decision.


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21 thoughts on “Yellow Cropped Jumpsuit

  1. I happen to love yellow in every way, shape and form, Terri!! And a jumpsuit is so easy…I just bought one too, and I’ve worn it a couple of times!!
    I added to the link party with my blue & white striped shoes that were bought at a local consignment shop!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who knew. Trina. If you listen to all the “those who know” they all say that someone with my skin tone couldn’t handle yellow; it would just wash me out. I’m so glad I tried it on in the shop because I was very surprised….and thrilled.


    1. Thank you, Brigid,

      Amal was a stand out, wasn’t she? As for me, I had no idea that that bright of yellow would work on me until I tried that on and looked into the mirror. Quite honestly, I’ve haven’t worn anything this bright in years but it feels good. Yellow is just a god color isn’t it, the color of Daisies.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really adore jumpsuits and have only a few in my collection – I’m no wondering whether I should buy another on now! Yours is so lovely, I love the colours. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do like them,this one is a bit bothersome for those “certain times” but nothing like those horrors we tried to wear a few decades ago. I know I am going to have a least one more but I’m going to make it…they will probably be out of style by the time I get it done 🙂


  3. Your jumpsuit is very stylish and a lovely colour, I like the leg length.
    I love yellow, so many people tell me they can wear it but with hues varying from mustard to citrus, acid yellow; I think there’s a shade for everyone. I like the soft mellow yellows best. I agree, it’s a stimulating happy colour, I have several walls in my house painted in various shades of it.
    I also love saffron in cooking, I’m just wild about saffron 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yellow is such a cheerful colour and goes with everything! Your jumpsuit is fabulous, love how you’ve styled it! I have some yellow tops and pants in my wardrobe that I’ve shown on my blog. Our living and dining room are painted yellow, so it always feels like the sun is shining. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Carmen….I’m finding more and more people who have yellow walls. Like you, every yellow thing I have has now been on the blog. I might restyle this jumper for the summer and actually use it on the blog again….maybe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is just a fabulous jumpsuit, Terri! You’ve styled it so beautifully! Navy always looks so wonderful with yellow – no matter what the shade. I have been having an absolute love affair with yellow lately, though I’ve been leaning toward a brighter lemon yellow. It’s just been drawing my eye wherever I go. Before you pointed it out, I hadn’t noticed it’s prevalence on the runaway. Good to know my tastes are on trend! Ha ha!


    1. I like the strong contrast with yellow and blue. Reminds me of French Provincial prints. And there was so much yellow on the runway and it trickled down pretty fast.


  6. Personally I love yellow. It’s a bright and happy color that is hard to disregard. The shade of yellow on your jumpsuit is perfect – not too bright and not dull. It is beautiful with the stripes print and love how you paired it with your blue lace up sandals.

    Maureen |


  7. I absolutely adore the colour yellow and you look so good in that jumpsuit. Great accessories for your night out at the ballet. it’s definitely a colour for the summer and what about how Amal Clooney rocked that colour at that wedding! You’re so on trend, Terri!


  8. Inspired by your style statement ❤ Never tried yellow despite of it being the runway trend, because I thought it looks too bright 😦 but this time I swear I would go for a yellow top or will search for a jumpsuit like you 😀
    Even I'm thinking to collab with you in future for my upcoming business of hand-painted clothes! Thanks for sharing the amazing posts! Do follow back and be in touch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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