[ˈpäp ˌəp/]


  1. A group of designers who set up shop for a limited time in an event space.

             Terri rarely misses a chance to go to a pop-up event.

  1. A chance to meet area designers one-on-one and get a better understanding of their creative process.

            Terri loves going to pop-ups because there is always a new designer that she                 hasn’t had a chance meet and talk to yet.

  1. A  special retail event by area designers.

              You will love the experience and know you are supporting your area’s designers                and creatives.

     4 One of the best ways to support the local fashion culture.

           Go to one and just inhale the creative energy!

 From TG’s Fashionista’s Dictionary (OK, there’s not really a TG Fashionista’s Dictionary, but it sounds pretty cool).

You may get the picture: Pop-Ups are among my favorite of happenings. These events tend to organically emerge from local talent, not large national event organizers who may spend three days in a community and then travel on.

If your part of the world has room for entrepreneurs and designers, there is a good chance Pop-Ups will be happening around you. It just takes a bit of investigation to find out the whens and wheres. Pop-Ups are usually just one evening or day events and are sort of like a party.

I love this kind of party.

Typically, I find out about Kansas City’s pop-up events via Facebook. Here’s report on a recent event I really enjoyed:

#1- The announcement on Facebook.

26757155_763400233865690_8994987302659878813_o#2-The date & price

February 13th, 2018; $12 which included food drink. That was a win-win in my book: munchies, cocktails, and fashion!


#3-The Venue

This event location was Lifted Spirit’s 2nd floor event space, The Hayloft.

Lifted Spirits is a craft distillery that distills, ages, and bottles their spirits in Kansas City. The distillery building served originally as a stable for the Smith Brothers Steam Bakery. In the late 1800’s, the Smith Brothers used horses to help deliver bread all around Kansas City. I’m guessing the reason their event space is called The Hayloft is because, well, it really was a hayloft.

#4-Finally, the Evening

Paranoid that parking was going to be challenging, I arrived thirty minutes before doors opened. Surprise! Lifted Spirits has a huge parking lot in front so all that worry was for nothing (which I often do as Michael gently reminds–he has his own peculiarities, believe me). Daughter Rachelle, who can parallel park with her eyes closed, came at a more normal time.

Arriving so early wasn’t that big of a problem. In fact, it was a wonderful kind of  problem. I just settled down in Lifted Spirit’s rustic, charming tasting room and tried one of their specialty cocktails. Before the evening was over, I took home one of their bottles of Barrel Reserve Gin. Just one.


I would like to share with you bits about seven talented ladies and a gentleman who were at this event. Over a dozen vendors and designers were there as well, and I hope someday I can share their stories. For today, it’s these seven. So allow me to introduce…

The Designers

Christie Nelson of AnnMann Designs


Christie has been inspired by architecture, patterns, and nature. With an art degree focusing on metalsmithing from the University of Kansas, she creates wearable art pieces. Her shop added some extra fun with a black picture frame to pose with her head pieces.


Is this a hat or is this jewelry for the head? Reminding me of the hat in Dior’s famous Bar Suit, I love this piece. I’ve seen this piece before but this is the first time I’ve tried it on. What do you think? Could you or would you wear something like this. There’s no question in my mind that I would.

I hope you jump over to her website and view her runway pieces. Her fantasy power women pieces are stunning.

Christie designs and creates smaller, but no less dramatic pieces (shown below).

photo by Danny Bourne
Whitney Manney

A Kansas City, Missouri native, Whitney Manney graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 with a BFA in Fibers. She turns bold graphic designs into wearable garments.

Rachelle is wearing a dress that went home with her (her second Whitney Manney piece). As far as myself, I usually don’t wear T-Shirts but make an exception for Whitney’s designs. Go HERE and HERE to see what Whitney Manney is in my closet.


Ngan Vuong by EnVe Jewelry Designs

Like Christie of AnnMann Designs, Ngan’s Enve Design has more than one jewelry story. Her everyday wear is clean and modern (I have one of her necklaces on in this photo) and then she has her amazing visions for the runway. I’m not even going to try to describe the world she created during KCFW’s show earlier this fall. I encourage you to go HERE.

Ngan is willing to rent her major pieces for special occasions. If you live around Kansas City and want to be a stand out at a special event, get in touch with her.


J. Manning

I’m just getting to know and learn about Jamesia of J. Manning. Jamesia is a relatively new designer compared to others I’m featuring today.

She designs for both women and men. For spring, she used bold florals with clean modern black and white pieces. I am going to keep my eye on this delightful, young lady.


One of Jamesia’s models was wearing a J. Manning Asian inspired wrap during the event (below). It’s gorgeous!



April Madden Studio

April of April Madden Studio restyles vintage Indian saris and vintage fabric into beautiful wearable things. There are always stories behind April’s designs. Below I’m admiring one of her gorgeous silk creations. Another gorgeous silk up-styled sari may be seen HERE.

So, did I take anything home?


Because, of course, it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer, I settled on a top created from two cotton saris. This top is due for its own post. Even though the front and back are different patterns, they mesh perfectly. It is as though I have two tops. I’m pretty sure this piece is going to bring out the Bohemian in me.


Andrea Marie Long Designs

Andrea of Andrea Marie Long Designs is Kansas City’s queen of sexy velvet. Someday I will find a piece of hers that fits me.


This dress! This photo does not do it justice.


Below, Rachelle tries on one of Andrea’s caped tops.


christian MICHAEL

I’m saving my one gentleman to the end.

Christian Michael Shuster of christian MICHAEL was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Starting on menswear, he spent the past 8 years teaching himself the arts of tailoring and designing.

His designs are are very tailored (even when he throws in florals) and clean-lined. Christian Michael has an interest in Civil War reenactments and I love it when this passion sneaks into his street-wear. This past year he introduced a line for women: sHE by cM.

I have a story about him. Rachelle and I were at the KCFW show where he was showing  his Fall / Winter 2016 Menswear Collection. There were some things in the collection that we were grinning and nudging each other over because WE LIKED THEM FOR OURSELVES. We didn’t care if they were for men. We thought these would look great on anyone.

Sitting next to me was a couple about my age. After the demonstration, the gentleman leaned over and asked me what I thought of the collection. Well, of course, you know my reply! He broke out in a proud smile and said, “He’s our son!”

So, I met the parents before I met the designer…and why do I have such a dorky grin on my face (below)?


Well, it’s because I have a piece from the christian MICHAEL  Fall/ Winter 2015 Collection. The shoulders are a bit wide but I can easily fix that. It’s one of those pieces that will easily go with about everything in my closet. I’m not sure when I’m going to wear it and may even keep it back for next fall but you will be the first to know when I do.

Photo by Jennifer Claar

Please consider doing a little investigating to find one of these special events in your community. I hope you can attend. Even, if you don’t make a purchase, the local designers will appreciate that you found them and were interested.

But…you never know, you may find that one thing that you just have to have.

Links to these designers:

Andrea Marie Long Designs

AnnMann Designs

April Madden Studio

christian MICHAEL

EnVe Jewelry Designs

J. Manning

Whitney Manney


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With the exception of two  photos  (Danny Bourne and Jennifer Claar), Rachelle and I took photos for today’s post. Michael edited. For food.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


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12 thoughts on “Pop-Up!

  1. Adore the saris and velvet. And that stand up collar jacket is going to be a stunner. Loved your choice of outfit for the event too. Great post. Hugs, x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I can see that and there a few individuals who have quite a few pieces of hers in their closet. What was nice about mine was that It had been hanging around for a bit. I think my discount was about 65%. I knew she was having a sale and that is one of the reasons I went.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your bohemian look.
    It looks like you and Rachelle had a wonderful time. There were lots if talented designers, I think my favourite is probably the gorgeous embellished, wine coloured evening dress. xxx


  3. : Pop-Up events can be so much fun, and this looks like a great one. Your hat is marvelous; I love how function, art, and fashion blend together so beautifully in hats! Thank you for sharing such a fun piece with Hat Attack!


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