Red, Tan & Brown

In September, I when shopping at Savers (a for-profit thrift store), a red oversized wool blend sweater made a flying leap off its rack into my cart! OK, I know you don’t believe that. It was more like I made a flying leap towards it, grabbed and headed for the dressing rooms. And that is the truth.


This sweater just looked too comfy and perfect for those cold days. The trendsetters are pushing red this year but I didn’t have to be pushed that hard. I had a few red pieces already and just needed a little encouragement to wear them. My sweater is just the last red added to my closet.

After wearing my “new to me” sweater a couple of times around the house, I decided I needed to find a way to wear it out and about. Pairing it with black, gray, white or denim was out because for most of my life that has always been my usual solution.

Taking my clue for the trees with their colorful fall leaves outside, I decided to go with browns and tans. I  Googled “red and brown” to get a few ideas and then hit my closet.


My closet shopping came up with this combination. Three of seven pieces are 2nd Loved. Others were previously bought new by me and one belongs to Michael, but I keep borrowing it (can you guess which one?).


The GAP sweater is a 55% Nylon/15% Merino Wool/15% Polyester combination. I was surprised that so little wool is actually in the sweater because it looks as if it could be 100% wool. For cleaning, I will still air it out outdoors and spot clean it like wool. If it needs washing, I will try my silk cycle but still dry it flat (no dryer).

In these photos, you can’t see the sweater’s V-neck but you can see the longer length in back which gives it a tad more character.

My velour stretch pants are by Dear John, picked up on clearance at Sophie’s, a locally owned boutique in Joplin. When in Joplin, I occasionally hit the clearance rack there.  Hopefully, Michelle is with me because shopping with either of the girls is a lot more fun than going by myself.

The camel boyfriend jacket was a Salvation Army find with two tags. One says Augustus (which I found no relevant information about) and another that states,” Made in the USA by American Craftsman“. Along with my Nanette Lepore satchel (she doesn’t sell bags online anymore), it was what I wore in my very first style post HERE that was almost two years ago.

Another thrifty bargain is the brown and copper metallic large scarf. It added the balance of brown that I wanted.

My Nine West Oxfords are old and have been on here a few times.

If you guessed that my hat was Michael’s, you’re right. I picked this Ascot Ivy hat by Epoch for him at our favorite hat store in Kansas City. I really think it has been on my head more than his.

I still wear red with black and just wore it (below) to our first symphony concert. I feel it’s a very classy color combination but just wanted something different for day wear.

This look is perfectly at home in this 2nd Loved post. Only the bag and necklace were bought new. Everything else came from either eBay, Poshmark or thrift shops.

You can tell by this post that I shop a lot of neutrals. I know when it comes to a big purchase, I will more than likely stay with classics and keep them neutral. This is why I so appreciate charity and consignment shops. They let me experiment, play around and wear different colors and patterns. They liberate me.

Now to the 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup. For inspiration, I’m am again kicking it off with a collage of the wonderful slow fashion stylists that linked up last month. Our little community is growing. This month eleven bloggers linked up at least once, sometimes more than once. I now give you…

Last Months Slow Fashion Stylists from the 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup


I would like to thank everyone who participated in last month’s linkup. To be in the collage, the link title or in the blog, you have to mention what was pre-loved (second hand), even if it’s a friend’s hat.  I hope to see you at the November Linkup!

The link up button is now on every post that I publish to make it easy for you to link up.

That wraps it up for this week. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll may or may not have a post next week. We are taking off Tuesday for the Grand Canyon and I think that might get in the way.  You are certainly welcome to leave a comment or two or three. I love to hear from you.

I link up with some great blogs every week. To see who they are go HERE.

Husband Michael gets credit for the photos of me and does a bit of editing from time to time.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care……..


It’s time for the November 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup which stays open until November 30th.

Any post on a blog, Instagram, Facebook or the like can linkup to this style celebration. If you can copy and paste the URL in the Linky box, you are good to go!

One item is quite OK—a hat, skirt, pants, shoes, purse, or a piece of jewelry.  That item (or items) can be from a thrift shop, eBay, consignment shop, vintage boutique, one of the online consignment shops such as RealReal–or even something a friend gave you because they didn’t want it anymore.

When you do post, I would appreciate a description about your 2nd Loved item (or items), what type of shop you found it and what drew you to it. Tell as much or as little as you want. To be featured in my collage, which I will put on Instagram along with your links, you have to say what item is second loved. That is a “have to”.


If you have never participated in a linkup before, no fear. Go to Linkup 101 guide that is found on my 2nd Loved 1st Friday linkup page (also found at the top in the tab section).

Just click the frog below to link up and join the fun!

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15 thoughts on “Red, Tan & Brown

  1. I am loving this color palette for fall and it looks so great on you! Red is such a brilliant and beautiful color and I think it looks amazing on most people. Paired with the browns and other neutrals, it creates such a rich and beautiful combination! I have lots of second loved pieces in my wardrobe, but I don’t know if I have shared any recently. I have to go dig through some posts and see what I can find to link up! Have a great weekend.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shelbee. I started this linkup last April. Sort of my bit for Mother Earth and I just love thrifting along with thrift shops, consignment shops, Poshmark, eBay-well, you get the picture. Please link up, the more the merrier. It stays open all month,


  2. Such perfect autumn combinations of colors, Terri!!! Isn’t it amazing the fabulous finds we come up with from thrifting?? It’s always such a fun treasure hunt!!
    I included my photo with my “purse” that I thrifted (although I should have chosen the closeup photo of it instead of my face—sorry). The purse is actually a wine carrier, but it works fabulously for my things!!!
    Thanks for hosting this!!
    And can I add another photo with thrifted items later??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jodie, please add at will. I have no limitations on how many posts you linkup with. That just gives me more photo choices to put in my collage at the end of the month. It’s funny, I really didn’t thrift until I retired and now absolutely love it.


  3. As you know red is one if my favourites, so I love this look. Teaming it with browns looks lovely and Michael’s cap is a nice finishing touch.
    I love red shoes too, the ones in the last photo caught my eye!
    The 2nd loved 1st Friday collage looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

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