Covered Perfectly With the Perfect Top

Everyone needs at least one perfect black top; a top that will go from work to play. Even though I am retired, I am busier than ever and love a piece that can take me to a variety of meetings and functions. The Peek-A-Boo by Covered Perfectly fits the bill.

Pauline Durban founded Covered Perfectly four years ago out of shopping frustration. At 57, she just couldn’t find tops that flattered her shape. Today she has a successful company that designs for classically aged ladies in sizes S-1X. Did you know that women between the ages of 45-65 spend the most money of any age group on fashion and style?


It’s hard not to love these glorious sleeves. With so much focus being on sleeves and arms this year, they are right on trend. Plus for me, The Peek-A-Boo’s neckline is not too high or low. I’m a bit tired of necklines being so low, but that is not a problem with this top.

I like the length and bottom flair of the Peek-A-Boo. It ends where my hips end and legs begin and in my book that is a perfectly flattering length. As far as the bottom flair, I don’t have any other top that does this and it did inspire some of my styling.

Covered Perfectly tops are made out of MicroModal, an extremely soft fabric that feels great against my skin. Over the years, my skin has dried out a bit and I appreciate the fact that Pauline addressed that problem with her fabric choice.

Remember when I said, this top could take me anywhere? Well, that became quite a nice problem when I styled it. Which way to go? In the beginning I had  four definite ideas which would have been approaching visual overload (and asking a bit much from my hubby/photographer), so I cut it down to just 2 1/2. But believe me when I say there are plenty more ideas floating around in my head. So be warned, this top will pop up here again! So let’s get this styling journey started……….


This top is perfect with jeans. I added neutral accessories and a longer pendant necklace. This is a casual look that could go comfortably shopping, to a movie, or gallery hopping on a Friday night.

Below is my 1/2 styling. I kept everything but added some slightly distressed pair of jeans and topped it off with one of my favorite summer fedoras.

some extras-jeans by Almost Famous (thrifted) and fedora by Steve Madden

I think the Peek-A-Boo’s flared bottom edge plays great against a pencil skirt and you can’t go wrong with your basic black and white combo for this easy day look. Just a pop of color makes it sing. Blue was my choice today but coral would look great too. I think so many colors would look great against this skirt and top. I added a chiffon type chevron printed scarf for extra interest, using it as a necklace by tying it into a Celtic heart knot.

This is a more polished day look. I styled this to wear to a woman’s networking luncheon later this month.

Some extras: Bag by Coach,sandals by Tod’s and skirt by Alice Hope NYC (thrifted)



Quite Honestly Now

This top was sent to me by Covered Perfectly to see how I liked it and to give an honest review. When I received the initial email, I just didn’t say yes but researched every review I could find and read up about the company. Honestly, I liked what I saw and read. When I saw the black Peek-A-Boo, I knew this was a company I could work with.

Making Shopping Sweet

MeadowTree Style readers get a 20% OFF on up to two items! Use the discount code MTS20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special. This special applies to any combination of items store wide. Just add 3 items to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Only one of the discounts will work.

So to end, I think I can say Covered Perfectly has me covered from daytime to fun-time! To check out Peek-A-Boo out for yourself, just click HERE.


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If you want to try the Celtic Heart Knot

That wraps it up for this  style adventure. So adieu until the next time …….

Happy Styling!


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30 thoughts on “Covered Perfectly With the Perfect Top

  1. That’s a top that will take you in so many directions. And even though I tend to be a bit of a jeans-with-everything these days, I really like it with the skirt.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s s great way of putting it. I am going to do one more blog about this top and think I need to use this in my title. I will mention you for giving me the idea…..Thanks!


  2. “At least one” LBT? My closet is *full* of them – sleeveless, short-sleeved, 3/4 and long – in fabrics from wool to rayon to cotton – mostly jerseys or knits of some type! They are SO versatile and get worn all the time.

    So it is high praise to say that, except for one important detail, I would add this top to my collection in a heartbeat! It is *almost* the perfect top. I LOVE the sleeves, the shape, the length, the fabric and agree with you on the neckline.

    So WHY am I not buying? I’m sorely tempted, but I have promised myself that I will no longer purchase *anything* besides leggings, underclothes and camisoles that does not have POCKETS! Some women may be willing to carry a purse to bed and bath and all points in between, but I need functional pockets — at least deep enough to secure a cell, lip gloss and a debit card – and perhaps a second for keys.

    So Pauline, if you’re reading – keep that in mind, pretty please. I’m nowhere near alone in my lack of pockets irritation. My boomer buds and I complain about it all the time! We want the functional ease the guys have always enjoyed – even in our pajama tops and bottoms.

    Marla Wynne is another Boomer designer you’d probably love, Terri, if you haven’t already found her on HSN – and thanks for the heads up on Pauline. Above comment is for both of them (and designers in general).

    Loved the post and the pics – you look great in all of them, Terri. My fav look is the one with the hat – but the intro look is pretty swell too. Thanks for posting to this Wednesday’s Senior Salon. I’m looking forward to your other styling ideas for this great top.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  3. Of course your straw fedora pairs wonderfully with your top, but I also think the scarf makes a marvelous shift in the overall look of those great peekaboo sleeves! Great styling Terri; thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

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