Earth Tones + a Dash of Orange

Earth tones are like old friends. I’ve worn earth colors for most of my life and when a great looking natural colored item gets in my closet, it’s going to reside there for a long time.

Earth tones appear when fibers are dyed with things like leaves, bark, flower petals and even fungi. Or some animals like our Shetland sheep just naturally produce earthy shades of brown and gray.

There is a saying in the fiber community (yarn making and knitting) that goes something like: no matter what the shade, any natural colored fiber can peacefully coexist with any other naturally colored fiber. Tan, khaki, taupe, green, and brown remind me of natural dyed yarns and fabric. They just seem to always go together no matter what color or tone.

Oh look, behind me is a walking fluff-ball of natural colored fiber!

And then I just really like orange.

Orange is a perfect accent for all those natural tones. Brown and all its shades are just a mixture of orange and blue. When mixed together, these two complementary colors cancel each other out and–voila–you have brown.

During the sometime dreary and cool spring days we have in Missouri, I mix a lot of orange with my neutrals. Now, I don’t mind dreary days because, well lately, we’ve needed rain for our pastures. The outfit I’m showing today was my uniform a couple of weeks ago. I even wore it to an early evening, casual concert by the Kansas City Symphony. Afterwards, a lady stopped me at the grocery store and thanked me for wearing some orange on such a dull day.

I’ve mentioned before that items can stay in my closet for a while. My taupe Ramie cabled sweater was purchased back in the late 80’s. I really liked it but didn’t quite know what to do with it. Keeping things so long can have some advantages. When I come across a piece that I’ve forgotten about, it’s “Well hello old friend, let’s go out for a spin”…and I see it with fresh eyes.

Far from forgotten, my Ann Klein trench jacket I’ve had for years. It is one of my all time favorite pieces and wear it spring and fall. I remember spotting it at an outlet mall during a teacher workshop weekend.


The patterned Van sneakers are new but I’ve mentioned them earlier this year. They just add so much fun to an outfit. Though, I will admit I traded them out for some tan oxfords when we went to the concert.

The Talbot olive green chinos were scored a couple of weeks ago at Goodwill. As most pants I find, they were too wide in the hips and I had to alter them. It’s just a way of life for me. They were sized petite and a little on the short side so I decided to embrace that feature and rolled them up shorter.


Where would I be without a scarf? This textured one is deceiving. From a distance, it signals orange and it is mainly. But if you look closely, every color of the spectrum seems included. I found it a few years ago at a popup event featuring African handicrafts.

The brass and shell bangle was a flea market find. This booth had big bowls of jewelry. One had to dig and dig to find pieces. I felt like a kid on a treasure hunt!


I was introduced to Pour La Victor through Jacqueline Wayne Guite’s blog Style Files. Quite unfortunately, Jacqueline doesn’t publish anymore; I miss her. This purse is a Pour La Victor found on an online hunt at Nostrum’s Rack.


Here are other orange pick-me ups that worn in the past month.

From Instagram

My Nanette Lepore trench coat was on clearance last fall and I had to wait all winter to finally wear it. This coat makes me happy!
I found my white rayon tunic in St. Augustine, FL years ago and it always makes a few appearances each spring. The orange dash of color is supplied by Vivian Westwood for Melissa shoes along with an old friend, my orange Vera Bradley bowler bag. There is something about Vera Bradley and teachers in the Midwest. I remember going to workshops and seeing a sea of her tote bags sitting next to chairs!

2nd Loved 1st Friday Blogger Spotlight


Welcome to my new feature highlighting a participant of my 2nd Loved 1st Friday linkup. Remember, you can still link up until the next 1st Friday. To be featured, your contribution must tell us what you have used that is bought “not new” such as finding things at thrift shops or on-line consignment shops, etc.

My spotlighted blogger today is Penny of Frugal Fashion Shopper. Penny is also retired and made an impression when I discovered her. A very savvy fashion shopper who makes wise decisions at charity shops, Penny puts together a very chic wardrobe on a budget. Her take on fashion never ceases to inspire me.

Links To Places and Designers Mentioned in This Article

Frugal Fashion Shopper

Melissa Shoes

Nanette Lepore

Nordstrom’s Rack

Pour La Victiore


Vera Bradley

Don’t forget, the 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup is all month-so if you have found that second hand gem, get it on, snap a picture, post on social media and linkup HERE with us!

That wraps it up for this style adventure So adieu until next time and in the meantime….

Happy Styling!


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Michael gets credit for the blog photos today. Thank you to a couple of friends who snapped some Instagram shots for me.

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21 thoughts on “Earth Tones + a Dash of Orange

  1. I love a dash of strong color to chase the clouds away. Your post is filled to the brim with beautiful styling hints. I would invite you to share your creativity at the Senior Salon on Wednesday.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. And I am so glad you did, Terri – because that’s how I got here! I loved the neutral with orange photo you posted there. I got my B.A. at the University of Tennessee, so I was a more than a bit overexposed to “Go Vol Orange” during my time in school as well as a couple of years I lived there subsequently after 20 years in New York City.

        I used to say at every home football game that all we needed was a mix of NYC black and we’d look like we were costumed for a Halloween movie shoot – and Knoxville might be one of the few places on earth where any sized man could easily purchase an orange blazer – in cashmere!

        I avoided the color for a few decades and went to red – a color rarely seen in Knoxville because it indicated support for some other football team. I was about to comment that I rarely wear orange even now, until I realized that I was typing in black leggings and a long pullover sweater in – you guessed it – ORANGE!

        Great post – love your style and will be back!
        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
        ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
        “It takes a village to transform a world!”

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jacqui, I think I have always been more at home with mixing textures rather than patterns. I’m not a hoarder but do think long and hard before I give something up.


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